A platypus plays at Queen Mary Falls
SOS: Save our schoolkids!
BREAKING: Firefighters are advising residents on the Sunshine Coast to enact bushfire survival plans:

Crack open a cold one and cheers to the Southern Downs farmer who is brewing up a plan to help the region be known for a beverage other than wine.

Masses of hairy caterpillars are invading homes with pet and horse owners warned to take care:

Need a break from the rides and fairy floss? A little retail therapy could be just the ticket and there are fifteen stores in the shopping centre to choose from.

It's a massive 28 metres high and will give you a stunning view of Warwick you've never seen before. Will you be giving it a go?

They're an iconic Australian animal but there are grave fears for their safety on the Southern Downs.

Where else but southern Queensland? Apparently there's been a 20% spike in international visitors, but a local tourism operator said we're not seeing our fair share but there is something businesses can do to draw more tourists.

A man was inside the truck when it rolled over on the Cunningham Highway.

The cyclone is expected to bring wind gusts up to 110km/h before intensifying further next week:

He’s already attempted the feat twice, and had to be rescued amid 40ft seas. Scott will set off on his third attempt to make history early next month.

She's one of just 200 people in the world diagnosed with a baffling growth syndrome. This Queensland teenager hopes the public can help her fund a new, safer bed.

JUST 200 cases of this rare syndrome have been diagnosed across the world.

Saying we want to stamp out violence is one thing, but not everyone puts their head down and does it. But in Warwick, some of our youngest citizens are setting an incredible example.

Thinking big is working for Warwick small business. They just scored a job for a huge iconic Australian brand that will potentially draw over a million eyes to their work.

He doesn't think twice about jumping in the car and driving to the Gold Coast to help out one of his boxers. It's that kind of generosity that makes us proud to call this coach our own.

#BREAKING: A vehicle has reportedly rolled over as a result of the crash.

The Middle Ages weren't all disease and dirt, this Warwick group is reviving the very best bits of the time and busting myths while they're at it.

Southern Downs residents have revealed one of the top reasons people in our community suffer drug and alcohol abuse, but there's a way for you to have your say.