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When he says "Decisive, Large-Scale Action", we here at The Water Movement wholeheartedly agree, because we know that our project could potentially be the largest agricultural and habitat restoration project our planet quite possibly may ever see, and we believe it is an idea which our planet, our people and our future desperately needs.

We can make history, or we can be vilified by our inaction. We urge people who have resources to contribute, whether it be time and energy, money, connections, skills, et cetera, to make the move it takes within their souls to do so, and to do so without hesitation or fear.

Contact us through the Global Community Network email outreach,, and let us know how you want to get involved. It's that easy to get started! While the problem may seem huge, the solution is bigger than the problem,

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CBC News

Leonardo DiCaprio addressed the UN Climate Summit this morning in his new role as U.N. Messenger of Peace. Watch this raw video excerpt from his speech.

800,000 People Attempt To Plant 50 Million Trees To Break Guinness World Record...

More than 800,000 people turned out Monday in India to plant trees in hopes of breaking a world record. Uttar Pradesh officials distributed 50 million tree saplings across the state to help India increase its forest cover and to break the Guinness World record for the number of trees planted in 24�...

Here is an example of a better way

The plan calls for terraced buildings with almost a million plants.

If anyone out there thinks this is about liberal vs conservative... News for you: this is life vs death.

Science is real, kids... this process of fueling vehicles and heating homes is killing people and our planet.
There is a better way.

President Trump revived the Keystone XL pipeline canceled by President Obama in 2015, allowing state regulators on Monday to approve the huge oil project.
A timely example: Persistent Western ridge, Eastern trough next 2+ weeks In the coming days, a remarkably persistent weather pattern will begin to develop across North America and adjacent ocean regions. Characterized by strong high pressure near the West Coast and low pressure over the Easte
The greatest threat to any government, corporation, or bank, is an independent, self sufficient human being; and central to this independence, is the...|By Gavin Nascimento

Old Military Planes Repurposed To Drop 900,000 Tree Bombs A Day...

Deforestation has become a major issue that’s accelerating climate change and rapidly affecting human, plant, insect, and animal lives every single day. It’s incredible that some can constantly deny that climate change is real and, moreover, that humans are to blame for its quick progression whe...

We've got a better choice than coal.

A retired coal miner traveled 1,300 miles to the EPA's hearing on the Clean Power Plan to oppose its repeal. He warned the Trump administration about the deadly health risks brought on by the coal mining industry—which he has to live with now.

The Trump administration held the only hearing on its proposed Clean Power Plan repeal.|By Alexander Charles Kaufman
Mikayla has raised $100 for We Advocate Thorough Environmental Review.

Mikayla Sophia Lev is asking for donations to We Advocate Thorough Environmental Review — with Roslyn McCoy and 4 others.

For those of you that love Mt.Shasta water, here are the people and their supporters who are working with remarkable diligence and commitment for the past four ...years to protect this sacred water from Crystal Geyser. Today, Giving Tuesday, is a great opportunity to make a contribution, to express your support and gratitude for W.A.T.E.R. so that they can continue their efforts to keep the water free from corporate control. Please go to to donate! Thank you for caring!

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Large-scale, decisive action...

Still fairly sure we can get this issue under control by utilizing concentrated sunlight to simultaneously generate power and desalinate massive amounts of seawater which we then pipeline up mountains and far inland in order to irrigate massive tracts of strategically-planted desert land which will simultaneously sequester carbon, slow global wind patterns and provide high-quality organic produce and natural building materials. Sure, the entire plan we have been suggesting is a bit more complicated than what one can manage to fit into one run-on sentence, however it is all possible and scientifically viable. Sure would love the opportunity to make it happen.

Unfortunately, California isn’t the only place that’s been inundated by deadly fires. This is the human face of climate change — and we must act.

At least 35 people have been killed and dozens more injured by wildfires in Portugal and northern Spain
Open Source Ecology, an organization that promotes free and open source technology throughout the farming world, has successfully crowd sourced the prototype for their solar concentrator, a device that can absorb sunlight and turn water into steam to produce electricity. In particular, it is the Fr…

In case you missed it:

The word is out against deforestation, but the Norwegian government has become the very first to take things to the very next level by placing a total ban on the menace. The government stated that the country will not permit


China has announced, via a United Nations report, that it will be covering nearly a quarter of the country with forests by 2020.  The plan is to turn China into an "ecological civilization" and function as a model for future building projects. “The outdated view that man can conquer nature and ig

We as a people can make the difference... We just have to want to.

The protected designation for the rusty patched bumblebee is also the first of its kind for a bee species in the continental U.S. It has seen a dramatic decline in numbers and territory.

Here at The Water Movement, we know there is a better option.

Be better.

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Common Vision

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.*”

Join the team this season: ...

Common Vision is once again gathering 18 educators and artists to inspire thousands of kids with planting fruit trees, making art, and growing living classrooms in California public schools. January 24-March 11: Hone your skills in pruning and irrigation, make art with students about growing a more just society, and work and laugh with a group of dedicated change-makers.

* So this quote is often falsely attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr. This confusion happens because it was (falsely) attributed to Martin Luther (16th Century Protestant Reformation) when it was being used by German churches to inspire hope and perseverance during opposition to the Nazi dictatorship.

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The common good, it's a good idea

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Common Vision

21 #Sacramento public school orchards are currently unfunded. Help us convert food deserts into orchards and plant the seeds for a healthy generation.