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Wave Launcher review at http://andronavi.com

『Wave Launcher』は、どんなタイミングでも、使用中のアプリとは違う他のアプリを立ち上げられるようになるランチャー。設定したポイントをスワイプすることでランチャーが表示されます。アプリだけでなくウィジェットも設定でき、独特で非常に有用なアプリです。

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Wave Launcher - Anything on your phone, just a swipe away!

Hi everyone! We're already working on a great update for Wave Launcher, but we're slowing down with the rate of updates since we're already working on an amazing new app for you! It's called Awesome! Notifier. So give us a like there if you want to know what's going on before everyone else. We will soon start looking for beta testers soon, so if might be interested (you should be!), press that 'like' button to be notified!

A great and unique Wave Launcher review by Grant Barker: http://grantbarker.com/wave-launcher.html
You should definitely check our his great site!

You can choose where you would like Wave Launcher to start from. Maybe you prefer to swipe up from the bottom or swipe from the left or right side. You can also adjust that gesture area's size and location. I'm quite fussy I suppose because I like my home screen icons exactly where I can quickly...

Well, I don't know a word in Spanish, but this looks like one of best Wave Launcher walk-through videos out there.

Wave Launcher, un lanzador de aplicaciones con forma de onda.Compatible con Android 2.1 y superior. Caracteristicas: -Hasta 12 accesos directos. -Soporte de ...

Custom Icons with BuuF Icon Pack. @Nina, this is for you

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The improved context menu displayed when long-pressing an app in the app-drawer. Other than quickly uninstalling and showing the market page, you can now share the app with your friends, and hide it. If you want to hide a lot of apps, go to menu -> Exclude list. This option is also available via the main Settings screen -> App Drawer

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A new update is available! v1.8.1 is now on the Android market, and was submitted to Amazon for review. The update includes an exclude-list for the app-drawer, sharing apps with your friends via the app-drawer, and translation to Hebrew, Spanish (Thanks to Antonio Zacarias) and Serbian (Thanks to Srdjan Njegruc!).


Wave Launcher reviewed by PocketNow!

Wave Launcher for Android is a launcher-style app, though it's not a true launcher. This is an app that essentially sits on top of your screen,

Hi guys, while we're working hard on the next update, please give us a hand as well. Vote for Wave Launcher in this link. It's an Israeli Android app-contest on a tech-news site called Newsgeek. We really need your votes!

The of the Israeli tech community

Wave Launcher 1.8 reviewed by AndroidCentral! Why don't you drop in and leave a comment? That would be awesome

Wave Launcher With Widgets If you're a long-time reader of Android Central, you might remember when Phil reviewed Wave Launcher back in March. Recently, the developer updated the application to version 1.8 which added a lot of new functionality, enough that we wanted to revisit the application as ...

We have released a small patch for Android bug: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=4272
which caused a crash on certain devices (specifically X10 mini) when trying to add a widget. Those of you who encountered a problem should download the patch. For those who can add widgets without a problem, you can wait for the next update.

So, guys, we really hope you like the new widgets concept. It's completely new as we try to innovate, but as always, we listen to your feedback and requests. So let us know what you think, what you like, and you you'd like to be different.

An exclusive review of Wave Launcher 1.8 by AndroidSPIN!

Not that long ago, Wave Launcher hit the Amazon App Store as the free app of the day. I know that many of you may have picked it up when you had the chance to snag it for free. It offers you a very un

Wave Launcher v1.8 is on the market and it's super-hot, super-awesome!
Here's a short demo: http://youtu.be/HmF5OXAwOuM

Wave Launcher v1.8 introduces widgets. Access any widget directly from the wave, making your home screens almost useless! Widgets are fully functional and ac...