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Waves/KRW pair is now available on UPbit exchange. Earlier this month UPbit listed Waves/BTC.

The exchange is launched by internet giant Kakao, in partnership with Bittrex, and looks set to challenge the existing major players such as Bithumb for a slice of the market. This year Kakao has already launched its own internet bank and Kakao Pay, the second most popular mobile payment solution in the country. Kakao has been seeking to move into the cryptocurrency world, and its new venture is a promising step forward.

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대한민국 최다 가상화폐 거래소 #업비트 #베타오픈! #110+ 코인 #안전거래
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Humera Mottaleb
· November 8, 2017
Bought 7688 Waves at ICO. Over a year later & I still haven’t received them. Customer support unhelpful. Please help!

As the title says, I bought Waves during ...the ICO. I signed up on the ICO website with an email and password but did not create a wallet. When I tried to access my account after the ICO I found that the website was unavailable. I contacted support, explained the situation, and was told to create a Waves account with lite client on the new website, and that I would receive my Waves within 60 days.
I created an account and Waves address which I then provided to support. They confirmed that I would receive the Waves at that address once processed.
I checked back intermittently for 3 months with no word on the status of my Waves.

Finally, I received a reply from a different support representative saying that my account had already been credited 425 days prior, to an address that I never created. I explained repeatedly that I hadn’t created the address that had been credited, and that I had been told by support that the address I had created would be credited. They disabled comments on my ticket. I tried to open several others and they were disabled as well.

Last week I finally talked with support again and was told that somebody has been regularly accessing the address that was credited with my Waves. There was also a mention of my account being hacked while it was still on Waves site.

Again, I never created nor had access to that address. I am beginning to think someone in Waves support team has access to my wallet.

At this point the only hope I have of ever seeing the Waves I bought at the ICO is if I can get Waves Customer Support to take me seriously. This ordeal has been going on for over a year and I’m losing hope.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
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Weldon Stanford II
· August 22, 2017
I sold a little Wagerr to withdraw some BTC, it would not let me withdraw it for over 24 hours as their system was down "going thru Maintainance". Now today the...y let me withdraw it and take it from my account, about 9 hours later I am still waiting for it to show up in my BTC wallet. I hope no one is invested in that project, it's not going far with bugs like this. I am sort of in awe how crappy it's been. So as it sits now I have my BTC missing See More
Frank van Heerikhuize
· October 19, 2017
Great project, great team, great vision! Soon waves NG will be implemented, after that there will be the new dex and then smart contracts!

Also a lot of great ...projects on waves platform and there will be more in the future!

We will be better than ethereum!

Also check oceanlabs, its one of waves greatest projects!

My waves and Ocl bags are growing! Buy now before you are too late!
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Adam Yusfan Edwin
· August 29, 2017
I think waveplatform will change the game on smart contract, as ethereum get some issue on scalability , and for DEX it will become favorite exchanger as it work in decentralize system , more saver I think, looking forward to implement waveplatform on our business and for future projects
Tom Van Broeckhoven
· September 14, 2017
I love the Waves Platform. I have been using it for a while now. It's easy to use and gives you secure access to all your favorite coins & assets. ... The Waves Blockchain Platform outnumbers many other projects in the Blockchain Worldwide Collective in the number of Users and Market cap. Still, It is highly underrated in the Blockchain World. I say loud and clear Let's Ride The Waves. Let's get ready for the Future Of the Blockchain See More
Bob Robert Haya
· August 30, 2017
Creating a decentralized exchange is already revolutionary as early as they did it but to have the Russian government, stock markets, and billionaires fully backing wave's efforts is going to be huge for this company
Michael Eugene Koppenhaver
· September 7, 2017
Absolutely love Sasha their Leader and the team behind him. Waves is the future and you can hate all you want. But that won't stop the Wave from forming! �
Bye Tiamtiam
· October 3, 2017
Do this platform provide customer help,how do I buy bitcoin / etheruem using this Waves wallet, do I need to fund the platform first Using PayPal/bank TT, n whe...n after I sell tokens /crytor currency using this platform than how I going to get my fiat money back to my MALAYSIA bank acc ,while Waves don't have Malaysia under eligible n ID verification country?? See More
Monika Van Zyl
· October 5, 2017
My new favourite blockchain application. Best functionality, best user interface and can't wait for all the new features lined up.
Macx Nel Serious
· September 23, 2017
Staking minus running a computer plus all the airdrops Waves is going to take over real soon, easy to make tokens and a Dex smart contracts coming soon
Mykhailo Bondar
· September 21, 2017
We created Translation Tokens on Waves Platform (on behalf of International Translation Center Myvic Solutions LLC), now working on ICO and White Papers. Thank you to all Waves Team for support
Michael Q Todd
· August 27, 2017
Waves has been getting better and better the exchange runs quickly and smoothly. Launching SuperZU on it today ID is 7qreQU36YqfpycEBM4ZhPP8fB4aKfcvnwzS4PTTdzUcu
Tristan Mac
· May 25, 2017
That was a long year but this project is just plain interesting. I owe a 5/5, keep it up.
Mehmet Yasin Sariarslan
· June 2, 2017
Please fix your buying status in lite client. it gives false information to buyers.
Volodymyr Protsenko
· October 16, 2017
The blockchain platform of our time. Simple. Technologically advanced. Extremely promising. I'm in! ;)
Baba Bushe
· September 27, 2017
Great looking platform. We met a developer on a plane in Dallas, TX and seemed like an awesome guy.
Italo Cantalupo
· July 22, 2017
Thank you for creating a revolutionary platform. I leave here my suggestion, please add more coins in Dex Exchange.
Fernando Marques
· September 26, 2017
Waves brings the newest features... best platform nowadays, hope more people understand and join our community.
Darren Vick
· November 14, 2017
Waves is a must have for your portfolio. Buy a token sum.
Paul Grimshaw
· April 27, 2017
So easy to create tokens and you can be up and running on the block chain in minutes!
Blockchain Developers Meetup
Q&A session with Sasha Ivanov.
How to Lease Waves?

We want to ask the cryptocurrency community what their best investments of 2017 have been, why they are interested in crypto, and what they think the biggest stories of 2018 will be. Please take a moment to answer the survey. Thank you!

#WavesPlatform #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #WavesSurvey

There’s no question that 2017 has been a huge year for Waves and for crypto in general. We want to ask our community what they think 2018…

Miners rewards are about to rise substantially! The terms for miners are changing, making running a node or leasing your balance even more profitable. Projections are that miners will be able to earn up to 5% annually on their balances — not taking into account expected increases in transaction volumes, or the price of WAVES. Read more on our blog.
Please spend a moment to appreciate our official blog by holding the "applause" icon. Thank you!

#Blockchain #WavesPlatform #WavesGoesNG #MiningWaves

With Waves-NG just around the corner and rewards set to increase to around 5% per year, it’s a great time to start mining WAVES and…

Some pictures from the Blockchain Hackathon in Moscow, Russia. The winners received 1000 $WAVES and rewards from other partners.

#WavesPlatform #Blockchain #RideOnWaves

Tokens markets need a liquidity mechanism, which is not in place yet. Market making fund will be a crucial part of the nascent Waves ecosystem. Let's make every good token on waves liquid!

#Blockchain #WavesPlatform #WavesLiquidity #WavesGoesNG

The emerging crypto-economy closely resembles the old, traditional economy — in fact, it is a continuation of it, just on a new technical…

We're holding an online Q&A session with Waves Project Manager Alexey Kofman (aka alexkof) this Friday, November 17th 2 PM UTC. Read more on Waves Community Hub ->

#WavesPlatform #WavesGoesNG #Blockchain

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"Waves is one of those rare companies which have products that already work as well as ambitious plans for their development." - says DeCenter, by far the largest Russian blockchain and cryptocurrency-related community, with an astounding number of over 100,000 experts, developers, investors, and enthusiasts.
#WavesPlatform #Blockchain #WavesGoesNG

This week I'm investing in Waves.

The results of the Waves-NG stress test are in. The test ran from 8–10 November, with 30 nodes participating on TestNet. A total of 3,000 people submitted transactions to these over the course of the 48-hour test, and the outcome was pretty impressive.
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NG will go live on mainnet in mid-December, with an expected throughput of 6,000 transactions per minute.

The test is going very well so far, with the network regularly processing more than 5,000 transactions per minute, and we hope to be able to deploy Waves-NG on MainNet later this month.

#WavesPlatfrom #WavesGoesNG #NGStressTest #RideOnWaves

The Waves-NG stress test is successfully under way on the Waves testnet! You can view the progress of the test and see how many…

Waves-NG Stress Test is launched! Help us test the Waves-NG protocol, you don't even need a. node to do it. Follow the link below, click the "Run Test" button to generate transactions. You can watch how network speed and characteristics respond in real time!

#WavesPlatform #WavesGoesNG #NGStressTest #RideOnWaves #Blockchain

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During the live Q&A sessions last week Waves Platform CEO Alexander Ivanov announced the airdrop of Bitcoin Cash to Waves Community Token holders. The date of the airdrop is now fixed and confirmed - it's happening this Thursday, Nov 9th. More details on the day of the airdrop. #WavesPlatform #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency

Q&A session on Telegram
Q&A session on Slack

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We're glad to share the post-event report from BlockBali Conference - Bali Indonesia's 1st international conference was successfully concluded on the 27th of October' 17 at The Trans Resort Hotel in Bali. Waves Platform CEO Alexander Ivanov explained the perspectives for development and application in blockchain technology.
A short video summary ->
#WavesPlatform #WavesTeam #WavesEvents #BlockBali #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency

BLOCKBALI - Bali Indonesia's 1st international conference was successfully concluded on the 27th of October' 17 at The Trans Resort Hotel in Bali. Inspite of the ever-looming threat of a volcano...

Waves announces its listing on no fewer than three new exchange services today: Evercoin, UPbit and Cryptomate. The new additions to the Waves ecosystem include an instant exchange, an up-and-coming South Korean exchange and a peer-to-peer exchange based in the UK.
#WavesPlatform #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain

The new additions to the Waves ecosystem include an instant exchange, an up-and-coming South Korean exchange and a peer-to-peer exchange…

Waves Platform is implementing new technology, which will enable the network to process thousands of transactions per minute - making it the fastest decentralised blockchain platform in the world. The public stress test will begin on 8th of November!
#WavesPlatfrom #WavesGoesNG #NGStressTest #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #NextGen

Waves is implementing new technology, which will enable the network to process thousands of transactions per minute — making it the fastest…