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Rosa McCann
· March 15, 2018
Just finished your tub of dairy-free nacho cheddar non-GMO vegan it was absolutely delicious awesome awesome product I highly recommend it I live in a little town in northern California that doesn't h...ave it so I drive an hour to get your product and it's well worth it keep it coming I'll be trying your other products as soon as I can get to the store again See More
Allyson Keyser
· February 14, 2018
Every store should carry your products. I found several at my local co op. The ranch dip, vanilla and chocolate pudding, cream cheese, and sour cream are the best dairy free products ever made. I want... to try so much more, but our store doesn't carry anything else. Tonight I made homemade tzatziki for the first time using the sour cream. It's to die for!! See More
Angi Grosso
· January 18, 2018
I just found WayFare online a couple months ago when I searched for soy-free vegan sour cream. We’ve been vegan for quite a few years, and recently found out that my husband, and youngest son are alle...rgic to soy.
I ordered the sour cream, and at least one of almost all the rest of your products. They are all AMAZING!! The puddings are everyone’s favorite. The cream cheese was probably the least favorite, but still way better than anything I’ve found at the store, including Tofutti, and especially Daiya, which is not a favorite in my house. The sour cream was also really good, the only complaint was that it was too thick. I think my people are just used to sour cream being thinner since I usually make it myself. � Thank you for offering these amazing products that have a good list of whole ingredients without all the junk! It’s really rare to be able to find that these days. I will definitely be ordering again!! �
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Lisa Robinson-Redd
· January 10, 2018
These products are amazing!! I was afraid to read the ingredients after I tried the cheeze because it tasted so great and junk-foody......then saw non GMO butter beans and oats were what I was tasting...?! And the pudding....haven't had butterscotch in years as a vegan and don't ever remember it tasting this great. Can't wait to try the rest of the line of products! Thank you !! See More
Catherine Bywaters
· January 2, 2018
The hardest thing for me to give up when choosing a vegan lifestyle was butter, sour cream and cheese. Over the years I’ve tried many substitutes for these products but never found any I really liked.... I settled for what was available but I didn’t really LIKE any of them. Until a few months ago when I discovered your products at my local natural foods co-op. First I tried your cream cheese spreads, ranch dip and sour cream. Holy Cow!!!! Unbelievably delicious and so close to the original. Today I bought your whipped “butter”. Oh my goodness!!!! I mean, this is as close to dairy butter as you’re going to get. It truly is amazing! My co-op only carries a limited selection of your products so I’m ordering some puddings, French onion and nacho cheese dips and garlic butter from your web site. Can’t wait to try them too! You guys are truly ‘DA BOMB!!!!! See More
Alina Ramona Ilie
· January 21, 2018
I couldn’t believe that these people use butter beans and oats to make such white and delicious products! I make a lot of non dairy substitutes: butters, cheeses of all kinds and milks but non of them... come out so white! See More
Julianna Campbell
· February 4, 2018
It's been hard finding a good tasting vegan cheese or dip. A friend recommended their Nacho Dip and it was amazing! I also tried the ranch, also amazing! Can't wait to try their other products. I'm re...commending you to everyone. See More
Spencer Henderson
· February 28, 2018
Our family loves the chocolate pudding, mixed with peanut butter �. We’ve had a sporadic few over the last 6 month end up spoiled, curdled, sour. I’m sure you’ve been aware of the issue as we can’t the only ones experiencing this. Can I ask what is being done about this? Our last purchase of two 4 packs just yesterday had 4 spoiled out of the 8... See More
Locust Acres
· December 13, 2017
The chocolate pudding is DELICIOUS!!! Most dairy free options of traditional dairy products are pretty gross. I was beyond pleasantly surprised to try and honestly love this pudding! Even my husban...d, who does not have a dairy allergy thought it was really good. Thanks for making this delicious pudding! And, the sour cream and cream cheese are also better than all the other brands that I've tried too!!!! See More
Michele Fellner Lowenthal
· October 28, 2017
I saw the whipped butter in our local health food store. I had never heard of the Wayfare brand and decided to give it a try. Wow, this is like eating real butter! Thank you Wayfare!
Ruth Slavin
· July 20, 2017
I have waited all year for our annual trip to New York so that I would be able to try this stuff and I am sooooo happy!!!! The nacho cheese is spectacular- best I've had since going vegan. The butter super yummy, French onion dip is addicting, and the cream cheese is the only good dairy free cream cheese I've found. I can't wait until this becomes available in the Midwest but for now I'm thankful for the opportunity to grab a few varieties while I'm here � See More
Jill Pottle
· October 12, 2017
The absolute best vegan cheese - ever! I have tried so many different products and this is out of the world, amazing!
Erica Taylor
· 9 hours ago
The cream cheese is amazing! I also love the dips and just wish more stores carried the whole line!
Renee Lee Talamantes
· September 10, 2017
I was able to try the nacho cheese dip from Nooch in Denver. It was delicious & would love to buy more products soon but I don't live close to a distribution center. Please come to Texas!��
Kiira Bauerle
· November 2, 2017
Wayfare has made my family's switch to dairy free so much easier! We love their "butter" and "nacho cheese"!
Michelle Oz
· October 17, 2017
ERMAGERDDD I mainly eat the cheese dips but my husband thinks the sour cream is the best non dairy sour cream
Kristie Woolbright Lewis
· January 15, 2018
Best butter, sour cream and cream cheese! This should be in every store!
Josh Meckel
· November 29, 2017
DELICIOUS FOODS! They are really disrupting the food industry by offering very economical vegan foods :)
Oswald Rondon
· September 18, 2017
Wonderful vegan food that is healthy and tastes yummy! Highly recommend it.
Lois Lewis
· October 10, 2017
I love all the products felt like I found buried treasure when I discovered these wonderful dairy alternatives.
Lunch time burrito!
Sweet Cinnamony Whipped Butter on Toast!
Dairy Free Irish Colcannon!
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WayFare butter has all of the taste, texture, and versatility of any dairy-based butter, but without any lactose or cholesterol. Find WayFare products by checking out our store locator at

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WayFare’s deliciously dairy free products are made only from whole nutritious plants. They’re full of wonderful ingredients like organic butter beans and organic oats. They’re completely cholesterol free and free of all major allergens. Check out all of our healthy butters, cheddars, cream cheeses, dips, puddings, and sour creams when you visit our store locator at

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Your heart works hard all day, every day. So, it’s important to feed it the best foods to keep it running smoothly. The key thing to avoid is cholesterol, which can start to clog the arteries that provide your heart with nutrition. All WayFare foods are cholesterol free and heart-healthy. See our store locator at
Learn more about cholesterol and heart disease at:…/cholesterol-and-heart-disease…

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There are a lot of good reasons to shop for groceries at Wegmans: they have great variety, friendly service, and reasonable prices. But these days, there’s an even better reason: nearly all Wegmans now offer the world’s greatest butter – WayFare. If you don’t have a Wegmans near you, you can see all of our great dairy-free products by checking out our store locator at

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Improve your taco with a deliciously creamy dollop of WayFare Dairy Free Sour Cream. Find our sour cream and other wonderful WayFare Foods products by checking out our store locator at

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John Salley has been a championship-winning NBA star, an actor, a producer, and a talk show host, so he's seen and done a lot of great things. Last week he stopped by our booth at Expo West and enjoyed another great thing - WayFare Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding. Now he's a fan of our pudding just as we are all fans of his. He also loved our Salted Whipped Butter, Cheddars, Sour Cream, and Cinnamony Butter. You could become a fan of our puddings as well by visiting our store locator at

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Whether you’re serving up appetizers, main courses, desserts or snacks, WayFare has healthy delicious products that will turn each one into a wonderful experience. Check out all of our deliciously dairy-free butters, cheddar cheeses, cream cheeses, dips, puddings, and sour creams when you visit our store locator at

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WarFare dairy free products are all so delicious that it’s hard to believe they’re made without any hormones, antibiotics, or artificial ingredients, nor any cholesterol, gluten, soy, palm oil, or genetically modified ingredients. So you can enjoy everything they are because of everything they are not. See our store locator at

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We're working to have our WayFare products in every store, but sometimes it helps to get a hand from our customers. If you shop at Sprouts Farmers Market, Mothers, or Gelson's Markets and you don't see WayFare products there, please stop by the customer service booth and ask for them. The more they hear from their customers, the more likely they'll start carrying your favorite dairy-free products. To find the stores that are carrying WayFare, check out our store locator at

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To help create a cleaner world, one of the best places to start is by eating cleaner food. WayFare products help promote cleaner water and air and also more open space and better soil than the dairy products they replace. They’re also cleaner for the world inside your body. Try WayFare Foods by checking out our store locator at

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WayFare Dairy Free Puddings take all the worries out of dessert. First, because they’re so easy. Just open and eat. Second, they’re delicious, so everybody loves them. And third, they’re healthy with no cholesterol, gluten, soy, or artificial anything. Find our store locator at
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We had hoped to reopen our WayFare web store by today, but it’s going to take just a little longer to make it perfect. We appreciate your patience, and we promise to send out a message as soon as it’s live. In the meantime, check out our store locator at
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WayFare Cheddar and tortilla chips make some pretty nachos all by themselves, but there are a million combinations of vegetables, peppers and other toppings to make them perfect for you. Find all of our great dairy-free products by checking out our store locator at

What are your favorite ingredients for perfect nachos? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Add a little zest to your morning routine with WayFare’s Dairy Free Jalapeño Cream Cheese. Bits of jalapeño pepper provide a spicy accent to the smooth cream cheese base. And it does all this with no cholesterol, soy, gluten, palm oil or GMO ingredients. Check out our store locator at

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