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Vanessa Pulido
· October 11, 2017
Home of the Spartans it has changed since I attended in 1997 owl house!
And I’m loving it � happy for my daughter first
Year so far it’s been great �.
Prince Thao
· October 26, 2014
Damn....idk where to start.....Will C. Wood is the home of Spartans.....this school really changed me as time went by....although it's a small school, everthing is very organized, everyone is friendly..., and it's a very outstanding place to be a student 2 years of going to Will C. Wood, has been the best thing that ever happened.....i never knew how and what the outside world could and would be like until i came to this school....Will C. Wood is a place where character is built and where dreams come true......but most importantly where the strongest word of all is recognized..."CHOICES"...... every human being lives on choices, and Will C. Wood is, that, place to make them......overall best school EVER!!!!!!!!! See More
Kathy Lockenour
· January 31, 2015
I like the school I went to school there in 84-86. My name is kathleen thorne back then. Looking for old class mates and others I hung out with. And any picks from middle school to. Or years books. Mr... Herd was my vice principal back then. See More
Tram N Feng
· March 16, 2016
Hello WCW! I was wondering if my old teachers were still there teaching? Their names are Mrs. Baer (history), Mr.Bustos (math), Mrs. Pharales (science), Mr. Onanion (English), and Mrs. Tanaka (P.E)? I... was in the mustang house! See More
Roxanne Torres
· May 3, 2015
Thanks to the Staff and all the family's that came out to support our Pancake Breakfast. .
Ra Samori Tore Champion
· May 1, 2014
The best days of my life next to high school
Juhán-Jody Alvarez
· September 2, 2014
I tremendously like this school and the staff
Charlz Abrugar
· June 29, 2015
Will C Wood is a Friendly School :) ..
This is my First School here in America . Good School :) #Spartans
Muhammad Hassan
· May 30, 2014
This school is really good all stuff are nice!!!!
Maurice Bellamy
· May 1, 2014
Good childhood memories.
Krystina Xiong
· June 11, 2014
A place where you face challenges
Brayan Hernandez Vargas
· June 11, 2015
One of the schools I liked
Jerry King
· May 10, 2014
Good times, good shet!! ::
Victor Martinez
August 22, 2013
i went to that school
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