So we meet again ! #PRHTeam
Thank you Mighty Sounds ! Thank you !!!
Italy, we have a message for you

The picture says it all !
We wish you all the best for 2018.
What do you wish for us ?

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Adversity remonte sur les planches pour la release party de nos potes de TARLD. C'est l'occasion ou jamais de nous voir sur Lyon et dans un super lieu en prime !

Viens fêter avec nous la sortie de leur album comme il se doit !!!


Tomorrow our music will be on played on the radio.
ALL infos in the picture. Make sure you Check it out !

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Adversity is with Gauthier Po-Ba and 3 others.

Man, Music is really an awesome world !
Last month, our friend Jaka from the Punk Rock Holiday team was on tour with Total Chaos. They happened to play in Lyon, so we had the chance spent some time together, share some beers and laugh about blurry memories from our past PRHs.
I'm always amazed to see how music links us all together and how passionate we all are.

I wish more of my music friends toured in france more often. ...
Ps : Yes Horst, Stefan, Vítek and Jordan, I'm talking specialy about you !

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Hey guys, Our label Krod Records is putting on a party for his third birthday. More info soon. Make sure you save the date

Fri 7:00 PM UTC+02
126 people interested

Hey guys,
Liom's speaking : I just moved out of this flat and i never hated our music video this much ^^ It tooks me hours to clean up the walls to get my caution money back !
But it was definity worth it, crazy party, I would do it again !!!

Here is our first music video "Living Now". Taken from our first EP "Figure out" available super soon. Stay connected : Facebook :

EN - Hey!!! Thanks to our label, Krod Records, we've just been added to the Spotify's playlist Skatepark Punks, along with awesome bands like, Propagandhi, MUTE, Rise Against, The Fullblast, Straight Line, ...…/…/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX3MU5XUozve7

Great selection of songs to go skateboarding !


FR - Salut!! Grace à notre label Krod Records, nous sommes sur la playlist de Spotify Skatepark Punks, avec de très bons groupes comme, Propagandhi, MUTE, Rise Against, The Fullblast, Straight Line, ...

Si tu cherches la motive pour déchirer le park, FONCE!

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A mix of new and classic melodic punk songs.

Hey guys,
A cool dude from Spain just put our song MOVING ON on an amazing Spotify Playlist. Check it out if you are into SKATE/FAST and CLASSIC PUNK ROCK.
Most of our favorite bands are in it

Here is the link :
Don't forget to put this in the "Artist`s Pick" of your spotify.

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WHY THE FUCK Youtube is putting an advert before our music video "Living now" when we search it from Google ?
We NEVER asked for advertising ! We don't want it !

We really don't want our fans/team to be bothered when they want to watch our videos ...
Any clue how to remove those add ?

A postcard from us for anyone that can translate/summarize this article
Thanks Let's Leave No Punks Unspoken

Adversity from Krod Records. They're mixing modern flavor into melodic hard core. Check'em out and share what you think!…/disk-reviewadversity-figu…

重厚かつ哀愁! Adversity "Figure Out" (2016) Facebook / bandcamp Figure out by Adversity

Living now
The best times of our lives somehow
Better live them at their fullest
Living now
Moments we will never feel...
Never feel the same again

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Here is our first music video "Living Now". Taken from our first EP "Figure out" available super soon. Stay connected : Facebook :

🎶 Liiiiiiiviiiiing noooooow, the best times of our lives somehow, better live them at there fullest ! 🎶 We made new German friends yesterday at PRH !

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It's already over !
Thank you very much PRH ! 😘

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Posted by Adversity

Hey punk rockers, we are playing at Punk Rock Holiday on the beach stage at 14:30. The stage is far from the camp site, we will only play 30 min make sure you'll be there on time 😊
we'd love to see your pretty faces and how you cope with yesterday's party 😊😊😊 #weareadversity

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We spotted one of our t-shirt "in the wild" in the Trash boat crowd ! Thanks for the support man !

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Adversity is with Charlotte-Laure De Guéret and 4 others.

TIC TAC TIC TAC ... The clock is ticking !

Punk Rock Holiday is about to happen ! We are so happy to part of this amazing festival and share the stage with so much amazing Bands.
Are you gonna be there ?

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