Confessional (live, 4/20/2013)
intense songwriting session
"Let Me See That Ass" - by Nathan Hewitt

Bear with me, this is probably going to be long-winded, but it's really not written to be anything dramatic. This, and in a quite surreal way, is not as hard to say as I thought it would be. It is probably already understood by any of you who have been following the ups and downs of Exit's path in the last couple years. Once we lost our guitarist Adam to a senseless and tragic accident last May, it started to put things into perspective for me. When I learned that our keyboar...

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Ben is debuting his new project inseclude (which also features Brad from Ctrl) tomorrow night 11/29 at the Elysium in Austin, TX - opening for BESTIAL MOUTHS, which features Lisa Cuthbert who sang on Exit's last album "The Blind Alley" - come one, come all!


We miss you Bugaboo. ❤️ Happy birthday.

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It's really weird and sweet that we have more people like our page in the past month than in the last year. Thanks. Here's the big secret: there is none. We are as asleep as you are. The difference is.......... we have boring news very soon, while your news is astounding! We are way more interested in your news than our own. More soon...

Our friend, brother and bandmate Adam Jumper was taken from us last May, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I had wanted to do something in our city to honor him, as I didn't have the time to put together another Jumperfest this year. Adam wouldn't have cared for a roadside memorial...
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A few days late, but happy 43rd Alicia.

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We are heading to the BANK, cashing that check, finally able to buy that boat! Thank you music industry, I knew it was a great decision to leave!

Looks like a lot, huh?? Cash in those lucrative streams! BTW, what the hell is Deezer.

Exit royalty statement for March-April 2016...

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Surreal, one year since our last show with Adam. Last time Alex and I saw him as well. Time goes incredibly fast, like molasses.


heartfelt thanks to everyone for coming out last night - we were blown away by the support. thank you again to the red eyed fly, john wickham and ritch napierkowski for the invite and the hard work, and to Nite and DE/VISION for being incredible show-mates.

Sunday is our first show back without Adam, performing at 6:15 PM at Hotel Vegas in Austin as part of Jumperfest. We are very excited, nervous, everything you can think of. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Ben will be on Darkest Before Dawn KOOP radio 91.7 FM at 6pm tonight discussing JumperFest and Exit- listen online!

Darkest Before Dawn KOOP

This week on Darkest Before Dawn KOOP, we will be continuing with Darktober music!

Also, Benjamin Londa from the band Exit will be dropping by to talk about Ju...mperFest - a benefit show in memory of his friend and bandmate Adam Jumper who was killed by a drunk driver earlier this year. Proceeds from the benefit will be going to The National Motorcycle Safety Fund

Tune in this Saturday on KOOP Radio 91.7FM in Austin, or online at

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See ReverbNation Artist, live at Hotel Vegas at 3:00pm on November 1st

This is the year to end all years, for us as a band. At the start of the year, we didn't really have a future. Our drummer Nathan had taken a hiatus and we had just parted ways with our bassist. In April we were offered a show... unfortunately Nathan couldn't make the date, but we decided to perform in any case. We rehearsed for the first time in over a year. We were awful. We rehearsed again, we got better. After a few more rehearsals, we sounded better than we ever had. We ...fell in love with this all over again. We discussed the future, we talked about what comes after this show, writing a new record, more frequent performances. We played the show in April to a packed house and it was wonderful. We sounded great, it felt right. Everything was coming together.

Everything changed on May 15th when we lost our guitarist Adam to a drunk driver. The band was nothing in that moment and the weeks and months to follow. We didn't know if we should stop altogether, if we should just go our separate ways. But Adam would want us to soldier on, as a collective, as brothers. We love each other and we owe it to him and to us to continue.

November 1st will be our first show since losing Adam, and our first show with Nathan back on the drums in almost 2 years. We will be performing at the first-annual Jumperfest - a benefit festival in honor of Adam, at Hotel Vegas/Volstead Lounge in Austin, TX. See you then, friends.

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Just made a donation that recurs every year for the rest of my life to in the memory of Adam Jumper. I encourage anyone else that has the means to do so as well. Love you buddy.

“More and more, when it comes to ongoing music events in Austin, we learn that simply having transparent discussions with stakeholders can alleviate concerns and provide solutions for all involved. People just want to be heard and respected. AMP is instrumental in making this happen."James Moody, Tr…