"With Exogenesis, I try to bring music that affects people in ways they thought music couldn't ever do. I want someone to feel something they havent felt before!
I spend a very long time on each piece to really put in my full love, and that's really what this project is about!

This means so much to me as this happiness and love is coming after a very bad depression, and I want to help those who struggle with it! Hopefully just a wave of my music will help them feel to change their day, heart and life

I love each and everyone one of you!

Ill be releasing a new original, very soon! So keep your eye out for radiance!

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if you haven't heard the new project:

our wonky flip of " Griz - Smoke that - feat PROBCAUSE" p.s shoulda exported so this was 4:20. follow @griz @probcause

Words simply cannot describe how fun this project truly was. MUCH LOVE TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU LOVELY BEINGS and with that i present the final sega to exogenesis:…/kosmos-nw-prject-inbnd

----> <----- ]it was a blast working with this project, but new paths lie ahead[ much love to all of you, thanks for making exogenesis what it was ♥ ..dfsbwoke
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Posted by Exogenesis
If you like it, click the [Repost] ↻ button so the rest of the world can hear it! ♥ Hello lovelies, lots of stuff in store for 2017! Get ready with my new single "THE GATE" Download while you can!

Hey lovelies, Im writing new music again. Stay tuned

An exciting journey awaits in, "Sands Of Time"

Be sure to also catch the Spectric remix which also dropped for freeeeee!!!! FREEEE?????? Say what......?!!!!!

If you like it, click the [Repost] ↻ button so the rest of the world can hear it! If you like it, click the [Repost] ↻ button so the rest of the world can hear it! ♥ ☆☆S P R E A D T H E L O V E ☆☆

Progressive. Heavy. Ambient. Melodic. Glitch. Tempo and Key Change.

Are you guys gonna be ready for SANDS OF TIME??????????

Feel all of the feels with my new tune, "RADIANCE"

Hey guys, after 10 months I return! These past few months have been an emotional ride and this track is for everyone out there who needs a boost! ♥ SPREAD THE LOVE ♥

So, who's still here...

Radiance/COMING SOON........

Hey guys, here is something new! I tried a new style and hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Thanks for sticking with me ,
Spread the love!

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If you like it, click the [Repost] ↻ button so the rest of the world can hear it! ♥ Something new. ☆☆S T A Y A W E S O M E ☆☆ EXOGENESIS: Facebook: Twitter: www.

Tycho remix dropping soon!

stay awesome guys ♡

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In this re-look at my single "Spire", MAGIIC put's his own spin and creates a whole new story of love, adventure and bass!

Here is the original:
MAGIIC's remix:

Magiic: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Souncloud: @magiic Exogenesis: Souncloud: @weareexogenesis

More happy music in the works! ◕‿◕ ☆♪

Stay Tuned! ♡

How are you lovelies enjoying my new single, S P I R E?