Heathens "performance art" from Juan Montoya - Monstro

Ryan said it beautifully.
Anthony Guarino, we're gonna miss you.

As a lifelong proponent of waking no earlier than 10 a.m., I’ve realized that a phone call or text at 8 a.m. is never a good sign. And, last Thursday, I was reminded of this theory when my friend Viktor texted to inform me that another friend, Anthony Guarino, had...

So we have some exciting news. The show Horror's Hallowed Grounds which The Heathens provide the theme music for has possibly found a new home and that is at However this depends on the support and response of YOU the fans. They want to air full episodes in segments (like today's) starting with the ones we already have in the can. The good news is we are going to be able to run the uncut versions on some of these meaning footage you have never seen before. If the fan response is strong enough then the ultimate goal is to produce brand new exclusive episodes to air on the site. So please share this, watch the clips, comment on them and get the word out. Thank you! -Sean, Buz & Andrew.

I love what Sean Clark does with Horror's Hallowed Grounds. Happy to host this clip on today & with a surprise guest appearance! is thrilled to host this exclusive video from the awesome show Horror’s Hallowed Grounds. Synopsis: Horror’s Hallowed Grounds is a retrospective on classic horror filming locations. In each episode, host Sean Clark spotlights one particular film and retraces the steps of the filmmakers...

The Heathens on vinyl! Whaaaaat?!

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Nathan Hanneman

HorrorHound Presents: It's Only a Movie! Gets love on the Pirates Press "Record of the Week" blog – check it out! And be sure to stop at the HH booth during HorrorHound Weekend to pick up the vinyl in either popcorn yellow or soda-pop swirl!!!!!

well, here's some more Heathens madness.. very old footage, from 2004, but put together last night, while staying up way too late and trying to remember how to edit video. Audio is from the last batch of recordings, with Craig S. Waters on the drums, Video is from the show we played for the Discovery Channel's Biker Build-off back in 2004 (my camera footage, so please don't flag it). Rob Woods on the Drums, Ryan Ritchie on the bass, Gabe on Vocals, and me ( Al Function ) on guitar. This was Just Before Sean Clark joined The Heathens, but fear not, I'm working on another video or 5 with video footage from The Cincinatti Horrorhound Weekend 2016. ( if you have video footage from that weekend, please send me dropbox links, and I'll try to include it)

So, what began as a brief project to throw some Heathens music on Youtube, snowballed into what you are watching (or ignoring) right now. With the best inten...

here's the original demo of The Heathens - "Down With The Man" recorded way back in 2002, spread it around.

way back in 2002, there were 4 guys that hung out in a sketchy looking retail storefront next to a shady bar in Westminster, CA and wrote songs about motorcycles. This is one of the first songs kicked

Just when you thought The Heathens had ridden off the they come again....fresh out of the recording studio breaking out two cover tunes...The Cure's_Burn and Motorhead's_Hellraiser for a Horror Movie soundtrack compilation! What? They are also PLAYING A CONCERT? Shut yo' mouth! No. It's TRUE. The Heathens ARE playing in Cincinnati, Ohio at Horrorhound Weekend! March 18-22! If you are in the area....get OVER THERE AND DIG IT!

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In true Heathens fashion, we waited until 2015 to be interviewed for…/the-heathens-punk-band-california-int…

This biker punk band from Los Angeles and Orange county talk about how they got big in Japan.

Today, our very, very, very good looking bass player Ryan Ritchie wrote a top 5 best Rocket from the Crypt songs for OC Weekly. He's still recovering.…/5_best_rocket_from_the_crypt_so…

You know that old saying parents love to use about how impossible it is to pick their favorite child? Well,...

Oh boy! The final installment by Ian of Gabriel Griffin's Heathens breakdown...

DKS! is a series I'm working on about Koool people Doing Koool Sh*t!!........ Part 3 wraps up the Gabe Griffin interview and takes a look at original Heathens MF…

NOW HEAR THIS! It's record store day and FACTORY RECORDS in Costa Mesa is giving away a free copy of The Heathens new album...on cd. Motorcycle rock and roll in a format that is against what it is we are celebrating's a free cd. Suck it up. Factory Records. Costa Mesa

Part 2 of DKS...enjoy and share!

DKS! is a series I'm working on about Koool people Doing Koool Sh*t!!.... Part 2 takes a look at Roland Sands Design, building motorcycles wit...
Check THIS out! Heathens related!

DKS! is a series I'm working on about Koool people Doing Koool Sh*t!! Part 1 takes a look at The Heathens MF & the Rock n Roll band that spawn from the 1970's Motorcycle…

Anyone have shows coming up that The Heathens can jump onto? Contact us here!

Listen up everyone! The Heathens are playing a bunch of songs off of their new album Splittin' Lanes-Takin' Names this Saturday, the first of February, in Santa Ana, CA AT 8PM for the Artwalk! Don't trip! They don't play often so make sure you adjust your social calendars accordingly!