Looking good Ranchester, WY! - Now offering speeds of 10Mbps and 50Mbps internet for business and residential customers!
Call us at 1.888.682.1884 or request a line of sight at

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Evanston, WY! - Wireless internet is now available for business and residential customers.
Now offering speeds of 10Mbps and 50Mbps internet!
Call us at 1.888.682.1884 or request a line of sight at

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Jamie Fowler
· July 24, 2017
Spreading the word down here in Cheyenne, WY to help make this business succeed. Levi Grizzle did and amazing job with installation, programming, and making it is a top-notch installation. There are technicians that will make sure that you are getting 50 mg down at the end of their equipment and then stop. Anything past that is the customer's responsibility. Levi, went so far as to make sure that we got the speed that was promised all the way to the equipment. A true professional. See More
Barbara Millett
· July 21, 2017
The office staff and technical staff are very polite and very helpful. It is also a big plus that you get to talk to someone in person and not have to go through a list of instructions and/or questions without ever reaching "live" assistance.
Bridget Paich
· August 10, 2017
I have had very few problems with VCN. The times I have called they have been very polite and try to fix the problem. I did get someone with less experience and he wasnt able to fix problem but the next day another person was so overall great customer service.
Nancy Nehl
· July 20, 2017
There is a problem in Gillette today and a lot of people are without internet service. I have Visionary wireless so my internet is working fine. I have been a customer since the dial up days, then switched to dsl and now wireless. I have always been happy with the customer service.
Aleasha Villeme
· June 14, 2017
Amazing! Customer service to installation...... everyone was polite and helpful and very knowledgeable about the company and what is offered. The speed is so fast. Best deal and internet service around. Big city speed in a small town. Love it!
Marion Dozier
· July 11, 2017
Colin was awesome on May 27th when he helped me with my computer problems. He was so extra patient with me as I struggled to find the connections or the right keys. I don't know who trained him but he is an exceptional employee and deserves a good raise.
Tamara Blesi
· July 31, 2017
We got the upgrades router today and the staff was amazing and very helpful!! The technician was able to make it to our home today as well. Thanks for taking such great care of us!!!!
Sheila Miller Coe
· April 17, 2017
I want to thank your staff for the professional service we received in setting up our service. The technician was on time, extremely knowledgeable, and very fast! Instantly worked without issue. We are so happy we made the change! Thank you again.
Chad Cox
· August 8, 2017
Levi did a fantastic job installing our service! He took allot of pride in his work, he explained how everything was coming together, he answered all my questio...ns - I could go on and on. The service itself is very fast: I just downloaded an entire album in under a minute. I'm not used to this speed! I hope the rest of my neighbors will take advantage of this! Thanks Visionary! See More
Jean Haynes Kingan
· May 13, 2017
Visionary was our first provider back when we used dial-up. We have stuck with them because of their fantastic service people. I just pick up the phone and expl...ain my problem or what I am needing and they SLOWLY go through each step. They are incredibly patient and knowledgeable! I strongly recommend them! See More
Donna Mathis
· June 16, 2017
I love this company! We have been customers for a little over two years ,and have recommended you to countless others! Always great customer service and excellent internet! Keep up the great work!
Jason Frye
· April 27, 2017
They went above and beyond to fix a problem that almost made me cancel everything all together. I went from mad to happy pretty quick. Aside from the early communication issues they have great customer service. Thank you for fixing the problem quickly.
Julie Aldinger
· February 12, 2017
We live out in the country in a low spot just above Force Draw. The service (if you can call it service) that we had before was a nightmare! VCN put in a tower east of us and it is absolutely the best! Thank you for great service.
Dee Waltman
· July 13, 2017
I was unable to receive emails and was very frustrated. The gentleman at Visionary helped me and was so understanding and patient while doing so. Thank you for your assistance.
Bobbie J. Harris
· December 19, 2016
If I could give you less I would. You making me agree to pay for a service call to fix my internet is something that should be included in the monthly payment. ...The company who owned our service before you purchased it never charged for that service. Our equipment hasn't been upgraded in a while and our internet currently isn't working properly. I would think you would want it up and running as part of your basic fee. This isn't like calling a plumber when a pipe breaks. I don't pay a plumber a fee every month. I do pay you and expect that the service you are supposed to provide actually works without paying an extra fee on top of what I already pay you. See More
Tim Ellis
· July 24, 2017
From the first phone call, to my installation - Everything went great. Was especially impressed by the installer (Levi) who did an incredible job. He is incredi...bly knowledgeable and was respectful of my home. Very clean installation and made sure all was well before he left. Top notch install job! We hope to be long term customers. See More
Robert Avery
· March 24, 2017
I very rarely have problems with my internet service, but when I do, it's handled professionally and quickly. Customer service on the phone is spot on, Grade A! Couldn't ask for better.
Hallie Boggs-Bell
· July 6, 2017
I am very happy with the service I received. They put my cord and router where I wanted it. I haven't had a problem with the internet and loading is fast.
Leatha Trigg
· April 21, 2017
I've been with VCN for a very long time. They've resolved every PC problem I've ever encountered. They've always been respectful, friendly, and knowledgeable. W...hen I moved from their service area, I asked them if I could keep my email service. They set it up and I still get an opportunity to communicate with them periodically.
Brian helped me today and as usual, AWESOME service. You guys are great - from Customer Service to Tech Support.
See More
Justin Davis
· May 8, 2017
Excellent crew. Friendly Technician. Ladys in billings and Sales top notch..salt of the earth folks!
Wyoming Broadband Summit

Nice shot of the field tech office in summer

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Thanks for the note! A fiber cut has affected many things in the state today including phone service and 911

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Visionary now has direct connectivity to Microsoft Azure in Denver. Business customers can now rock Azure!

Visionary is one of 40 ISPs that has partnered with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to oppose the FCC's stance on Net Neutrality and Broadband Privacy.

Visionary doesn't gather information about your Internet use, and we certainly wouldn't sell your information!

Read more here:…/isps-across-country-tell-chairman-pai…


We got your back. Just sayin'...

See More

Newcastle, you're looking great! We just added another 50Mbps tower to cover more of town. Go Dogies!

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Ranchester - you look fantastic nestled under the snow-capped Bighorns! Here is a picture our tower guys snapped while working on the tower last week.

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Beware of scam emails! This is not from us. Notice that the From address is not us, and we would not send an email with a link like this!

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What a great picture of our tower at Aspen Mountain in Rock Springs! Our guys just completed an expansion in Sweetwater County, and braved the elements to deliver 50Mbps Internet! Call 888.682.1884 to get 50Mbps at your home or business in Rock Springs today!

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Hey Torrington! Would you warm up already? Our installers have braved the cold all winter to get you 50Mbps Internet!

By the way - we just built a third direction into town. Fiber cut? No worries! Visionary builds redundancy because you're worth it!

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Congress voted yesterday to allow ISPs to sell your browsing history. You KNOW that large ISPs will be doing that. We won't sell your data. We don't even gather your data! Call 888.682.1884 today and switch to Visionary!…

The Senate voted to repeal the FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules, and the Act is before the House of Representatives currently as S.J. Res. 34. This act would allow ISPs to monitor your usage, what you click on and how you use the Internet.

Visionary does not, and commits to you we will never gather data on how you use the Internet. I've sent a letter to the EFF showing support to keep the FCC Broadband Privacy Rules in place.

The Internet was intended to be a neutral form of c...ommunication. In recent years, lawmakers and the FCC have strangely supported things like two versions of the Internet (one faster for paid services, one slower for free services) and the idea that Internet users benefit when marketers have unfettered access to what you view online.

Visionary will not compromise your privacy as a source of revenue. We've got your back.

Brian Worthen, CEO, Visionary Communications

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Hulett, you are looking good! This is the view from our new 50Mbps site above town. 50Mbps of Internet! Call Keli in our Sheridan office at 307-674-4923 to get on the list.

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Looks like you might have to get some work done during the day. The horror!