Navigate to Appearance Menus. Look at the top right corner to find "Screen Options" wordpress menu open new tab
Technology used: Photoshop Banner Ad name: Jacuzzi Feb 23, 2015Santosh Shah
Google has introduce the lists of basics angularJS demo that will help you to figure out the basic need of your daily needed plugins.
create a third level navigation with responsive that support cross devices. With an increased mobility now a days its important for responsive.
reset window 7 login password. It may happen sometimes you forgot your window password or you might help some of your friends how to get rid of this trouble
People like me, who don’t have router for wifi connection and purchase 3G data for other devices to connect to internet, well this post is for you. Today I am going to place a small and useful tips how you can easily enable default window 7 wifi hotspot. You heard it correct, you don’t have …
Whatsapp introduce a whatsapp web that means whatsapp available in web. Login in to scan QR code from your whatsapp
Grunt is a very powerful resource managed by npm which is a nodejs package manger. Working with grunt requires a simple typical setup of files in project.

Learn how to install nodeJS step by step.

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