Hello and welcome to my business fan page. I mostly post about my everyday web development work, interesting articles about programming, online marketing, search engine optimization etc. If you need a reliable web developer and php expert send me a message. Enjoy! #web #developer #php #expert

I love learning new technologies. There is no better way to relax for a seasoned developer

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Another page from my "kitchen" has been published. This time it's a multilanguage page for slovenian magicians.

Spletna stran kluba slovenskih čarobnih umetnikov.

Another page from my "kitchen" I'm proud of. Beautiful design made by AJ was ported to flat file CMS system. Site is mobile and seo friendly, runs on php 7.2 and is extremely fast.

Carmen Levovnik - strokovnjakinja za čustveno inteligenco in humanist.

Server has been updated to the latest php 7.2.0 version. All projects are running faster than ever! This month we introduced ForceSSL policy for ALL domains which was not a problem as all customers received a free SSL certificate from us

If you never tried nanobox now is the time. This great service just became free for developers.

Yes, that's right. Free. If you're a developer working on your own apps, deploy and manage them with Nanobox at no cost from us. That's likely the detail most are going to remember from today's pricing announcement. You probably have questions. Hopefully I can answer them. Why? It's simple really.

I love this quote: "WordPress developers" are no more PHP developers than people with Instagram are photographers."

Words to "code" by: "Always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live."

To "get things done quickly" is a mindset of a typical mediocre developer. Here's why I don't do that.

Solving problems with dirty code will bite you at a later point. That's why clean code is so important - for yourself and your co-workers and clients.

Just a quick update. My new/old page is up. I've ported the old theme to my favourute CMS and updated it a bit. Also I've added ssl certificate to my page. Last month all my customers and their domains were migrated to new servers which includes free ssl certificate by default. I will soon open the source code of my page to public...

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week summary: fixed one #bug in #gravcms, 2 bugs in #semanticui, evaluated #pinegrow ide, started using #bem structure in my #scss development,made few #customers #happy 😁 all in all any week I learn something new is a great #week #developerslife

Sierra has become one of my favorite go to micro css framework. It is modern, light and helps me get the job done + the end result looks great 😎check it out. #css #webdevelopment #developerslife #sierracss

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I've decided to ditch Bootstrap for any new project because Bootstrap 3 was released 8 months ago and Boostrap 4-alpha-6 was released almost a year ago. A lot of things have changed in that time and if Bootstrap doesn't want to move on - I will Luckily "Semantic UI" blows bootstrap out of the water in every aspect (except one: not meant for beginners and amateurs like bootstrap)

Not so sure I'm a fan of this proposal to introduce generics in PHP.

So everyone is talking about this hip “new” kid on the block for PHP: Generics. The rfc is on the table and a lot of people are getting all excited about it, but you don’t fully see the excitement? Let’s explore what it’s all about!