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About Joshua
  • 1969 began gay youth group.

    In 1979 biz mgr of TenPercent at UCLA, the first university sanctioned gay paper.

    Led Bisexual Center.

    Dx: AIDS 1985. One of first members active in POZ org Being Alive.

    Rescued and started training cats.

    In 1969 started first gay youth group at Gay Community Services Center in Los Angeles.

    In 1979 business manager of TenPercent at UCLA, the first university sanctioned gay paper.

    Maintained B+ average at UCLA. Dismissed March 1981 from UCLA due to groundless charges that I was a "big time drug dealer." No criminal charges ensued.

    Then I went to Northrop School of Engineering for certificate in computer science and helped teach incredibly intelligent severely disabled students.

    Led Bisexual Center.

    Diagnosed with AIDS in 1985. Buried a heartbreaking number of my friends over a ten year period and had been told that I would not survive. I was a contributor to POZ organization "Being Alive" when it began. I led their long term survivor group for almost three years. Being Alive continues to support the community.

    In 2000 I rescued an Abyssinian cat which came from the pound and started feeding stray feline. They have since become well trained and sociable.
Favorite Quotes
  • I am in a state of harmony and peace;
    I now project serenity into my surroundings;
    My thoughts are under my control;
    They are peaceful, loving, joyous, calm and confident;
    I love myself exactly as I am;
    and I seek health, wealth and happiness.