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Are you craving more movement and freedom? Join me this Thursday @Espace 215 for a 5Rhythms dance exploration facilitated by the wonderful Lynne Adams. No dance experience needed, I promise!

Besoin de bouger, d'explorer et de te laisser aller ? Rejoins-moi ce jeudi @Espace 215 pour un cours de danse 5Rhythms facilité par la merveilleuse Lynne Adams. Aucune expérience en danse requise, promis !

Thu 7:00 PM EDTEspace 215Montreal, QC, Canada
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"Growth can only be gradual. The seed that is sown today does not sprout into a tree the next day. It does so only in the course of time, at its own pace, and by its own order."
Swami Kripalu

Le changement est toujours graduel. La graine semée aujourd'hui ne deviendra pas un arbre demain, mais seulement avec le temps et à son rythme.
#sundayvibes #yoga #kripalu #wellnessalamaud

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When I discover my favorite #raw #vegan cheese brand has a store and makes ice cream 🍧🎉 Glaces #végane #cru de Rawesome, un délice !
#yum #wellnessalamaud

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Exploring taking more #selfcare time while my family visits so that I can be more present / plus de temps pour soi = plus de présence pour les autres
#mindfulness #lifepractice #wellnessalamaud

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Nourishing #veggie #plantbased ramen soup 😋
J' les options végé @Yokato Yokabai Ramen House

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Eating rainbows 💚💛 un arc-en-ciel par jour
#local #foodie #wellnessalamaud

Eating rainbows 💚❤💛 a rainbow a day #local #foodie #wellnessalamaud
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"Shifts can begin when we recover the truth that we are all born in a state of perfect fullness, already imbued with the majesty and vast capabilities that are so evident in the natural world."🌟
- Danny Arguetty
📸 Julian Haber Photography

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Do you want to try yoga in a safe, fun, and accessible way?

Do you want to deepen your practice with classes specifically tailored to your body and needs?

I'm offering bilingual private Kripalu yoga classes in Montreal for people of all ages, experience, and mobility. My focus is on connecting breath, mind, and body and helping to reverse postural imbalances through warm-ups, postures, breathwork, relaxation, and meditation.


Private message me for details and pricing ॐ

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"Understanding fascia (the connective tissue network that holds us together) is essential to the dance between stability and movement – crucial in high performance, central in recovery from injury and disability, and ever-present in our daily life from our embryological beginnings to the last breath we take." - Tom Myers

➼ Try it out: Vary your movement and exercise to keep your fascia healthy and enable the water you drink to reach all your tissues!

http://PrimalHealth.Training Anatomy Trains author Thomas Myers explains fascia, water, and ageing.

Mudras are gestures that promote physical health and psychological balance. They are wonderful tools to enrich your yoga practice or ground yourself throughout the day.

➼ In this photo: Samputa Mudra (or Gesture of the Treasure Chest) helps us connect to our inner voice of truth, enabling us to communicate with clarity and integrity.

📸 Julian Haber Photography

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I suffered from chronic digestive issues for years, brought on by a combination of poor diet, stress, and unsupportive lifestyle habits.

This post by l'Académie Végétale par Crudessence (French only) offers a few simple tips that can help bring your digestive system into balance.

➼ My favorite: Deep breathing for 20 seconds before eating, which activates the parasympathetic/rest-and-digest system.

Posté : Décembre 2, 2016 Par laurab in Le blogue 1327 0 2 Selon le proverbe chinois, « les racines de la santé se trouvent dans les intestins », souvent appelés…2ème cerveau. Non, ce n’est pas normal d’avoir le ventre gonflé ou de piquer du nez après le repas…ce sont souvent les signes d’une mauvais...

“Self-observation brings us closer to truth. When the mind is steady, we can see a little truth. When the mind is disturbed, we can’t see anything. Growth allows a portion of the mind to remain an objective witness even in a disturbed state. The witness is always there, if one can keep a wakeful attitude in one’s self.”
- Swami Kripalu

📸 Julian Haber Photography

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Yoga Nidra, a type of guided meditation that is practiced lying down, has become one of my favorite tools to cultivate greater ease and vitality each day! 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equated with 3 hours of sleep 💤

➼ Try it out: Grab a blanket, lie down on a mat or your bed and let Jennifer Reis' track guide you into deep relaxation.

www.JenniferReisYoga.com This easy to follow journey is appropriate even for beginners. Experience deeper levels of inner freedom than you ever imagined poss...

“Breathe in spaciousness and acceptance of what is. Breathe out resistance. Breathe in possibility and optimism. Breathe out fear and doubt. Breathe in ease. Breathe out the need to change the way this moment is unfolding.”
- Danna Faulds

📸 Julian Haber Photography

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Thanks @Julian Haber Photography for catching sunrise with me and sharing the more candid shots (beer+yoga anyone?!)

Merci @Julian Haber Photography d'avoir saisi la magie de ce lever de soleil, et surtout de ne pas cacher les photos les plus insolites (bière et yoga font parfois bon mélange) !

A sunrise photoshoot with Wellness à la Maud July 26, 2017Julian Waking up before the sun rises is usually worth a photographer’s effort because of the special quality of morning light. If you’re not an early riser naturally (which I am not) it can also be painful, but I have Maud Urbas, founder of…