We are taking the much of the first half of 2018 off to give attention to various other musical projects, but we do have some shows booked and are looking forward to playing. We’ll keep this post updated as it changes.

May 18 - Pittsboro Road House - Pittsboro NC. 8pm.

June 9 - Blue Note Grill in Durham NC with guests The Mannish Boys. 8pm.


July 7 - The Station in Carrboro NC. 7:30pm.

Sept. 9 - ALS-apalooza - Greensboro NC. Time TBA.

Sept. 15 - Pittsboro Road House - Pittsboro NC. 8pm.

October 13 - The Station in Carrboro NC. 7:30pm.

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Hope a cross-post is ok with everyone. Secret Monkey Weekend are attempting to get across the ocean to where these Kinks songs came from. See below.

You may have heard about our big news of an invitation for Secret Monkey Weekend to play in England this fall. Here’s how YOU can help. The fundraiser link belo...w is now live and we plan to play at Blue Note Grill on Sunday June 17 to help celebrate where we are with our progress and simply entertain our marvelous fans, family and friends. All of the Secret Monkeys would be humbled, touched and honored by your support.

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The dynamic family rock trio have the exciting opportunity to have been asked to play their hip-shaking music in England this fall! Papa Jefferson, 10-year-old drummer Lila and bass playing big sister Ella have been saving their pennies to exchange for pence and pounds. But to make it all the way...

I Need You.

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Posted by Dave Davies
Dave Davies was live.

Dave Davies LIVE in New Hampshire NOW

The Well Respected Men are saddened at the passing of Jim Rodford, bassist for The Kinks 1978-1996, as well as founding member of Argent and bassist for The Zombies' most recent reincarnation. Thanks for the great music, and rest in peace.

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Hoping 2018 will be kinder to us all. Till then, enjoy this.

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Posted by Ray Davies
Ray Davies

Watch The Kinks perform “Lola” on ‘Top of The Pops,’ which aired on this day in 1970.

Some nice images of The Kraken Dec. 1st show from the camera of John Bare. He’s on instagram at @rtvmp…/troubado…/The-Well-Respected-Men

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These two songs could not be more different. I think this is the best version of Waterloo Sunset we've done in our two years as a band.

From December 1, 2017 at The Kraken Bar in Chapel Hill NC. The Well Respected Men are a Kinks tribute band from the Triangle Area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill...

Something we like to play at this time of year and it serves as our goodbye to 2017 and a fun year of shows. See you when our hiatus is done sometime next year.

Kinks tribute band works in a little Ventures at this great little roadhouse past Chapel Hill NC.

Tonight’s closing set of Kinks favorites at The Kraken will be our last for a fairly long stretch, possibly the summer. So if you’ve been curious about The Well Respected Men and what it is all about, here’s your last chance for a good while. We’re taking time out for other projects and we’ll catch back up to you in the summer sun (a sunny afternoon perhaps).

From the pen of Kraken’s Captain Kirk Schmidt. By the way, we’ve decided to take some time off for other projects, so this is likely our last Kinks show till Summer 2018. Come Dancing!

“Friday you're going to want to stay at The Kraken all day and all of the night! The Well Respected Men bring the music of The Kinks with the true spirit of Christmas. And that's not all, folks, if you come out tonight, you get two more great acts for free! Local favorite Glenn Jones joins us a...

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Fri 8:00 PM ESTThe KrakenChapel Hill, NC
41 people interested

Friday, your last chance of 2017 to catch the Kinks extravaganza known as The Well Respected Men.

Fri 8:00 PM ESTThe KrakenChapel Hill, NC
41 people interested

The Knights of The Kinks’ Round Table. Sir Jody Maxwell, Sir Jefferson Hart, Sir Glenn Jones, Sir Andrew Snee, Sir Peter Holsapple. It was a night of adventure and heroism. We will sleep well. Photo by Laura Hart.

A fine re-working of this tune from Low Budget by our friend Randy Dean Whitt.

Randy Dean Whitt is with David Dasher and 47 others.

And in a move that will surely piss off everybody, both domestically and abroad - I give you my re-interpretation of this classic Kinks tune. I feel like the has a certain poignancy that is relevant some 30+ years after it's original release on the Kink's Low-Budget record. Whether you're a commie-pinko lefty like me, or you wear the righty whitey tighties - hell even if you're like that cartoon cab driver in the early 80's flick Heavy Metal ready to "give her the star's and stripes forever;" I'd hope we could all agree that the old gal has gotten a little outta whack as of late. Here's hoping for a brighter tomorrow

PS. Nero get's a bad wrap - Rome was on the way out no matter what so why not strike up a fiddle and play it hot?

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This is my re-interpretation of a Kinks tune from their Low-Budget record from the late 70's. I felt like this needed an update for the 21st century. America...

Our final Durham show of 2017. We always have a blast at Blue Note Grill and this time we bring our pals from Orange County, The Doug Prescott Band. Make your reservation for dinner soon. Tables will be gone fast. Show is 8pm, with DPB and we follow a little after 9pm.

Unless another gig falls into our lap, this is our last scheduled show of 2017. Hope you can attend.

Doors at 7pm. Show at 7:30pm Two sets with the wide ranging sounds of The Kinks. $7 cover.

Fri 7:00 PM EDTThe StationCarrboro, NC
38 people interested

One of our two October gigs, our only hometown one (and we're done for the year). Our final Durham show of the year as well. Saturday Oct. 14 at Blue Note Grill with The Doug Prescott Band.

I'd love a whole solo show of this approach by Dave.

The Kinks legend visits Paste to performa new song and a beloved old one.