Developing a manageable lockout/tagout program starts with identifying essential safety elements and using this base to continuously improve.

Developing a lockout/tagout machine safety program is more manageable than you might think. Get started with these six key elements.

Base 8 fiber eliminates historic capacity waste and drives down project costs. Learn how in this new article by our partners at Legrand.

Over the last four decades, traditional 12 fiber based connectivity has served the market well. Data centers built to 10G specifications in that time most likely used that traditional method. As bandwidth requirements continue to increase, data center managers have started seeking a new solution.
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Ajit Kumar
· March 8, 2018
Came to pick up the load on March 8 at 7:45pm for Panama City, FL but load is Heavey on drive and requested to shift last couple skids but night shift supervisor Robert is not helping out and totally ...non professional with drivers Nd their legal issues but rear handover is going over 1/3 if inside more and he is not trying to understand. And very disappointed with his attitude. He says he is doing for almost 20 years and will not help to fix the issue. Sitting for 3 hours here. See More
Doug Ales
· July 26, 2017
I joined WESCO in January 2016. Its an exciting, fun place to work. Clients come to me with challenges then I work with colleagues and vendors to develop solutions. The logistical, technical and per...sonnel resources WESCO provides give me the support I need to help my clients succeed.

Recently, a original equipment manufacturing client of mine had a unplanned need for a unique component. The vendor needed six weeks to make the part yet the client needed it in one week. Our team rallied then came up with multiple options including having a local fabricator make the part or substituting a alternate vendors part that was in stock. Our team compaired vendor C.A.D. drawins between the standard vendor and the alternate vendor, noted differences, then provided this information to the client. The client decided to use the substitute product. We got this item to them with two days to spare.

Another client identified a electrical arc-flash risk within their manufacturing facility, but replacing the equipment was going to be costly. Working with our power distribution application engineer and a technician with a supplier, we were able to offer a upgrade to my clients current equipment at a fraction of the cost of replament. This alternative solution provided the safety they wanted at a cost they could afford.

Another client was getting penalized by the local utility because they had rare moments of high power usage. Our motor control specialist identified the issue. As a motor started, the peak occurred. The specialist determined a variable frequency drive could reduce this issue. The clients lower power bill soon paid for the equipment. Now the client is enjoying lower utility bills.

Yet another client was experiencing lighting falures due to a challenging, high temperature, dirty area with constant vibration. Our lighting application specialist and I worked with multiple vendors to offer the client choices that had long term manufacturer warranty in their environment. We worked with their preferred vendor to offer a special fixture trial so they could confirm the fixtures will work for them.

The pattern I am experiencing is a team of people with specilaized skill in areas such as power distribution, motor control, lighting, vendor managed inventory, logistics, pricing, and more that work together like an NFL football team so our clients get the results they are seeking.

Getting "Thank You's" from clients is what drives me and why I'm proud to be part of this incredible team.
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Jason Bondra
· April 4, 2018
Principled and value-driven organization that leverages its talent. The extra-effort company truly represents it and the running man logo couldn’t be more appropriate. Always moving forward.
Robert Whitlock
· June 13, 2017
Can someone from your corporate office tell me why I have been calling your office as well as your Louisville, Kentucky Office for the last 3.5 Hours and have gotten nothing in the way of an answer? ...Feel free to give me a call at 502-229-9724 See More
Derek Junior Kelly
· February 29, 2016
wesco was my client when i worked at anixter wire and cable great service
Mary Tan
· December 6, 2016
When we search Packaging,but come to WESCO Distribution,feel it is good company with big range product
Pierre Dumais
May 1, 2013
Can't wait for our new Hybrid DC in Montréal; it looks AWESOME !
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