Hey Westknights crowd! Today I am starting a new project, and will be streaming Hearthstone on Twitch later this evening. The stream will start around 7pm Pacific -- please join me if you have time!

Friends, Kismet and I have started playing Black Desert Online, which is currently available on Steam for $10 (no monthly fee). It seems to be a pretty sweet game so far! We're on the North America realm, and for this game you can easily move between servers.…/582660/Black_Desert_Online/

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Looking to play some Lineage 1? Go here.

Lineage 1 private server
Westknights Online updated their cover photo.
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Dear friends,

The time has come to retire The website has been quite inactive for quite some time, and there is nobody "steering the boat" anymore.

Westknights has been a great way for many of us to stay in touch, and I hope we all continue to do so! Please continue to visit us at the Westknights Facebook page!


And finally, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in the community.


Westguard, aka Nicademus
Ken Rauhel

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Are you ready?!?! Windawood Castle on siege TODAY! 1800 game time, see you there!


Can you believe it, Westknights Online is already 5 years old!

To celebrate our March anniversary, please join us in the FIRST EVER siege of Windawood Castle!!!


Saturday, March 1st @ 18:00 game time

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Okay, almost all of us are guilty of real money transactions (RMT) in some game or another... but please don't participate in RMTs on the Westknights server, we don't want you to get ripped off or even worse, scammed!

As most of you know, Candle of Reminiscence was bugged and pretty badly so after server maintenance today it's been removed. Woot, happy gaming! #Lineage1

Hope you're not busy making mortal enemies with the intent to change your name later on! That might not be a good idea as we're temporarily suspending character name changes and account transfers. So happy gaming and have a wonderful evening!

Friendly REMINDER! Please remove your items off the AH before 2/28! AH data will be wiped shortly after. Pass this on. Thanks!

Meet the Founder of Westknights! He's been incognito for a while, and now he's back.…

Important announcement!

Retrieve all of your items from the AH before February 28th as the auction house data will be wiped due to some bugs.…

The server is currently down for some maintenance. Please expect it back up in an hour or so.

In case you missed it... let's give a big WELCOME to Gwen and Hanzo, our newest monitors!

@3shots: Thanks for your message! I can't reply to your message directly because of your privacy settings. I'm only handling social media here so you'll want to post on the tech support forum: about your issue!

Just a heads up... Linweb is currently offline for some maintenance. We'll keep you updated as we figure some things out. Thanks for your patience!