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CUSTOM GI Review from Roll Bliss Kimonos!

Happy Friday, Homebrewers! We had a BLAST recording this week's episode with Stephen Becker from CMB Schankanlagen --…/an-interview-w-cmbs-ste…/

We’re so happy to welcome our friend from CMB in Germany, Stephen Becker, on today’s show! CMB (also known as CMB Schankanlagen GmbH) is the European presence of CMBecker products and manufacturing of all the wonderful CMB products you guys know and love. We were very fortunate this week to b....
Homebrew Happy Hour

We'd like to buy a beer for the marketing guy who bought the 2nd ad's placement in this display 🍻🍻🍻


Start your day off with a brand new episode of our #homebrew podcast! Episode 74 is here, friends! 🍻🍻🍻…/whats-point-secondary-f…/

Welcome back to one of the top 1000 shows about homebrewing! We don’t actually know if there’s even 1000 podcasts out there about homebrewing, but we are confident that we’re in the top 1K if there does happen to be. Kidding aside, we have a wonderful episode to present to you today. Todd is o...

We're BACK this week with a proper episode! Check out ep. 73 of our #homebrew #podcast --…/valentines-day-love-bre…/

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, homebrew lovers! In case you didn’t listen to last week’s “episode”, we recently ran a giveaway for $50 gift cards to SIX lucky winners! Thank you to and for providing the gift cards and congratulations to the winners: C...

Audio production is, easily, one of my favorite things to do and I'm fortunate that I've worked it into how I make a living. Too much fun, friends

It's FRIDAY! You know what that means? It means another fun filled episode of your favorite #homebrew podcast! (Even if we aren't your favorite, just humor us and let us pretend)…/todd-james-trip-recap-e…/

Welcome back to your favorite homebrew focused podcast! I mean, we’re assuming it’s your favorite. If it isn’t your favorite, just let us pretend because it really does wonders for our ego. Joking aside, we are PUMPED to have both Todd and James back on the show after their return from the old...
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Homebrew Happy Hour updated their profile picture.

I was on a cruise ship with my wife so I couldn't publish this on our Facebook last week, but I know the majority of you have already listened in because my inb...ox was flooded with "Here's what TPS reports are" emails from you! 😂😂😂 - joshua

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Happy Friday, Homebrewer, and welcome back to the Homebrew Happy Hour! For today’s show, Joshua, James, and Todd discuss step mashing and calculating yeast pitching rates. James and Todd also give Joshua a hard time, despite today being his 10th wedding anniversary (he is literally on a cruise shi...

Much to the chagrin of Joshua's ego, today's show did get published. You'll understand what this means after listening to today's episode! 😂🍻…/starting-homebrew-club-…/

Howdy Homebrewer and welcome to another fun filled episode of our podcast! We’ve got another Q&A episode lined up for you that we had a blast recording. We take your questions today on starting a homebrew club, tips and tricks for preventing boil overs, and a discussion on aluminum vs stainless st...

This is what happens when you leave Joshua in control of things...…/message-favorite-co-hos…/

Can you tell who came up with the title for this week’s show? It’s true, it was me (joshua). The reason I’m in complete control right now is because I’m solo and here to announce that, unfortunately, we don’t have a new episode this week. It’s been CRAZY busy with the usuals on the show ...
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Homebrew Happy Hour

This kit is live!




It's the most wonderful time of the year! This "Gear Overview" video showcases a special bundle from our friends and sponsors at Homebrew Supply and Kegconnection that will let you begin your homebrewing journey as soon as you're done unboxing the kit, available on Black Friday! 🍻

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It's Friday and that means a brand new episode of our #homebrew podcast is here! Enjoy and let us know what you'd like us to discuss on a future episode --…/excess-yeast-fermenting…/

Howdy friends and welcome back to another episode of our homebrew podcast! You may not have noticed (Joshua sure did) but Todd hasn’t been on the show for a while….and that all changes today! Todd graces Joshua and James with his presence and the guys discuss your questions regarding what to do with...

Today's show was SO MUCH FUN to record! Joshua traveled south to San Antonio to meet up with Michael Ferguson of Taprite and BeerGeeks TV!

*side note: I call on "Steaming Pile of E.coli" for my new heavy metal band - joshua (go to the 7:29 minute mark for reference)

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Craft brewer extraordinaire and host of "Beer Geeks" joins us on today's episode of the Homebrew Happy Hour podcast!

You can check out my latest work for Homebrew Supply in the November/December issue of Zymurgy magazine!

Designing print ads is still one of my most favorite things to do for work. I often hesitate to even use “design” when describing what I do because I view it as more of organizing existing elements. I’m told that’s still considered “design” but I sometimes think it’s just high-level organization! Ei...

It had been way too long since the last time I listened to "Hell or High Water". This week, it consumed my workflow music --

An 8 year old album has taken over my earbuds, once again. Whiny emo, post-hardcore music consumed a good chunk of my late teens and early twenties. Something about a minor chord struck with an abundance of distortion and lyrics sung in vocal fry really tugs at my heart. As Cities Burn was one of th...