Proper highway lane etiquette - If everyone followed this, there would be less congestion, less road rage, and less accidents!
Runaway car in Mo. shows why left lane laws are important.
Maybe speed limits on our highways should be raised to a level at which police like in this video feel comfortable cruising at when not responding to an emergency. If the police are doing it and are supposed to be setting an example, then maybe it is a safe speed? That police driving instructor caught exceeding limit by 20+ mph at the end was a golden example of this.

Ah, they’re still citing that IIHS “researcher” named Farmer who was blasted by CATO for cherrypicking data. Take their safety claims with a large grain of salt. Not to mention the conflict of interest of the IIHS representing insurance companies that profit off speeding ticket surcharges.

Maintaining any rate of speed is harder than it sounds because faster and slower drivers must adjust to one another.

Nebraska wants to join a handful of other states in raising its top speed limit to 80 mph, showing how drivers’ need for speed continues to trump any worries that speed kills.

The trailer for the new Need for Speed movie looks promising.

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ABC News

NEED FOR SPEED: Police in Washington, D.C. are searching for alleged vandals who destroyed 11 speed cameras.

Just goes to show our speed limits are really for revenue purposes.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating after a state trooper was filmed racing a Lamborghini Aventador on a public highway.

Florida Man has fun on both sides of the badge.

Do we want it back?

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When federal mandated speed limits were repealed in 1995, Montana decided not to have a day time speed limit, which was the case before federal speed limits wer...e enacted in the 1970s during the energy crisis. In 1999, Montana imposed numerical speed limits and eliminated reasonable and prudent speed.

Why were speed limits reinstated? They were placed because of a Montana Supreme Court ruling that declared reasonable and prudent is “too vague.”

The case was brought by Rudy Stanko, who contested speeding tickets of 102, 117, and 121 mph. He asked the officer each time what a reasonable and prudent speed was, and never received a response on what that limit was. The ticket at 102 was dismissed, but the tickets of 117 and 121 were upheld and tied to reckless driving. The Montana legislature them imposed a 70 mph/65 mph speed limit on rural 2 lane roads and 75 mph on interstates. The speed limit on interstates has been raised to 80 mph since.

The New York Times article linked below is the source for this post and is linked below.…/montana-s-speed-limit-of-mph-i…

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$235 tickets are a good start.

The law restricting Oklahoma drivers use of the left lane has now been in effect for three months. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol tells FOX 25 they have not shied away from enforcement of the law, issuing both tickets and warnings to drivers. You may have see

Another call-in from the left lane to politely move over, this time from overseas. Seems to work!

“Arabs loooooool This guy saw the number on the van and called him to say switch lanes please because he's in a rush 🤣🤣🤣

Sometimes I question the true motives of the people behind these calls to further reduce speed limits...

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A new motorway in Abu Dhabi will have a defacto speed limit of 160 km/h, which is roughly 100 mph. The catch? Speed cameras flash at 161 km/h.

Police said cameras would detect motorists driving faster on Saudi to Abu Dhabi road

The hypocrisy from some people is astounding. The same people who constantly stamp their foot down and fight tooth and nail for having control of "their body" are usually the same ones who want to CONTROL the speed OTHERS are driving. "If we raise the speed limit to 80 mph, then people will drive 90 mph!" they say, without any factual basis for that claim (when we have numerous traffic studies that show the opposite effect - that people drive the same speed they are comfortable with).

We need to create a philosophical movement to counter this - it's MY CAR after all, and only I can control how FAST I'M driving, provided that it is reasonable and prudent for the given road conditions! Did you just ASSUME my driving abilities by saying I should be limited to 55 mph!? I WENT TO SKIP BARBER!!!!!!

Sign the petition for 75 mph in New Jersey, a more realistic speed limit!

The petition calls for raising the parkway's speed limit to 75 mph|By Spencer Kent

Cannonball run idea, anyone?

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The Grand Tour

Filling up with petrol on the move is theory.

Backed by the governor and other lawmakers(!), Nebraska could see a raise to 80 mph (from 75) on I-80 from Lincoln to Omaha along with other speed increases under a new bill and the DOT even says that it's a safe and reasonable move after studying it (it's Nebraska... of course it's safe).

Under a new proposal, speed limits on some Nebraska highways and part of I-80 will increase by 5 miles per hour.
Get the story behind Dwight Eisenhower’s grueling, 62-day cross-country road trip that inspired the creation of the Interstate Highway System.