Amazing!!!🤩 I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning of a new Red Faction era! PS4 and XB1 owners will know what real destruction is!…/gamestop-lists-red-faction-guerrilla-…

Various European GameStop stores (Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark) have listed PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Red Faction: Guerrilla. Red Faction: Guerrilla first launched for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in June 2009, followed by PC that September. THQ Nordic is known for re-releasing ga...

Amazing! (A lot in late, sorry)

Europe's PEGI system releases a rating for Red Faction for PlayStation 4, indicating that the game is probably on its way to the console as a port or remaster.

A quick survey made by Tristan Dickinson...

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Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time. The game that killed the franchise. Red

I'm sure you've got them all, but maybe you are looking for some gifts.…/promo/redfactionfranchise/

Red Faction Franchise Sale

It's time to discuss a bit about what we expect from the multiplayer of Red Faction 5. I've wrote few lines about a possible multiplayer design, and it could grow merging our ideas, so please let me know how you image the multiplayer of Red Faction 5 should be, and if you agree with my draft of design.…/Red_Faction_5_MP_ideas0_1.pdf…
I want to thank Miguel Romero Diaz that has asked Nordic Games when we will see another chapter of Red Faction and they answer...check it out!
Don't forget to sign the petition, to make Nordic Games and the rest of the world know what we want.…

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I'm a bit late with this news, but it's very interesting. I'm very thankful for all the support Nordic Games is giving to this old, amazing game and I'm pretty sure they're preparing also something new. Brace yourselves E3 and Gamescom are coming!…/six-years-after-rele…/142765/

Six Years After Release, Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Three New Maps By Thomas Ella on April 2, 2015 So, OK, Red Faction: Guerilla, as we’re all aware, was a fantastic, fantastic game with seriously some of the best destruction in any video game to date. It came out in 2009. Two years ago, Guerrilla‘…

We are 200!!! Congratulations!
It seems we grow a hundred people every year. It's good but we can do better so call all your friends and your parents so we can achieve RED FACTION 5 faster and don't forget to sign the petition.…

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The Beta testing is over, the new improved version of Red Faction Guerrila has arrived, featuring:

Added Steam Trading Cards
DirectX 11 Render Backend instead of DirectX 10 (DirectX 9 still available as fall back)
Matchmaking and Multiplayer via Steamworks


And lots of other improvements, check it out.…

Please sign the petition if you haven't yet and tell your friends about it. It's really important.…

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It's a good time to get back into Red Faction Guerrilla. The game's destruction tech holds up well and, now that Games for Windows Live has ...

Our petition has started.
Nordic Games has given us many clues that something is burning under the ashes and the debris, but nothing has been announced yet so we have to do our part and all the gamers that love Red Faction must rise and sign the petition.
Please spread the news to all your friends so we can achieve our goal. Red Faction lives.…

Red Faction has been a great videogame series, which introduced revolutionary gameplay so it must continue and evolve. Each chapter of the series is a...

Hi everybody, few months has passed since the last post and our community has grown a lot, I'm very proud of us.
I invite you all to read the post and to play the refreshed RFG multiplayer, maybe these changes will revamp the interest in all the RFG owners, but mainly it's very important to let Nordic Games know that there are still lot of people who wants to play RFG unique multiplayer game modes.
Soon I would like to start our petition on, the main reason for ou...r community to exist. I think we are enough and the time is come, but first I would like to know from you
1)what I should write in the "Why is it important ?" section?
2)How big should be our goal? 50'000 signs?
Please give your opinion and keep fighting.…/red-faction-guerrilla-steamwork…/

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Volition launched today the public beta of Red Faction Guerilla with full Steam Support and complete Games for Windows Live Removal.

Finally, I'm glad to annouce you all that the first part of the story which we will propose to Nordic Games is finished. It has been written considering all the input you gave through "The RED QUESTION". However this is just a background, a base for all the events of the main storyline, that will be written in the next months.
Please read and give all the advices and criticism you need to, I will try to listen to all of them. If you like this story, many other gamers will pr...obably like it as well so your opinions are very important.
I beg your pardon if my written eglish is poor, feel free to correct me, thank you.

If someone has any kind of artistic talent, I invite him or her to make any kind of art concept based on the story. (sketches, renders, sculptures) to make our idea more exciting.

Keep spread the voice that Red Faction will come back!…/Plot%20concept%20p1.pdf

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THQ seems to be still hide somewhere deep into gamers hearth.
By the way I'm still working on some material to give to Nordic Games, or maybe I should say THQ, to make them know what we want from Red Faction next chapter. I hope to be able to give you something in a month.
Hold on, keep fighting.…/thq-trademark-acquired-nordic-games

A representative from Nordic Games revealed to Polygon that they have acquired the THQ copyright and will be publishing games under the THQ name.