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D Hamdorf Schwartz
· February 16, 2018
Talk about why it's always so cold and there's never any sun and why there's giant axes and boxes in the Texas skies and it sits for days and days look up operation Popeye also cloud seeding it's our ...own government military doing this to all of us and no I'm not crazy See More
Mike Stewart
· November 3, 2017
Jeff Ray is on the app now telling people we were in the mid 70s today! I have one word for that....BULLSHIT! 63 for a high here in Sanger after a forecast of sunny and high in the high 70s. This guy as bad a Evan Andrews! See More
Scott Maxwell
· October 30, 2017
Wow! All I can say is as technical as you are, you can't even get 3 days ahead correct. It's cool, I get it, it's science. Do us all a favor and make 3 days your max forecast. Always wrong! Last week,... no chance of rain on Halloween, today...... What's the forecast? See More
Susan Smith McMahan
· January 15, 2018
Okay, Pete Delkus, I'm back from the grocery store, stocked up, got my firewood...bring on the day and a half blizzard you've promised!!
Pam Hippler Hathcox
· August 23, 2017
So thankful for you guys. I literally don't leave home without you...the app on my phone has kept me safe more than once. Keep interrupting shows if it will keep people safe. I'm far more concerned ab...out lives than I am about shows. See More
Charlotte Boeker-Burris
· January 15, 2018
Pete is the bomb! Hes on target more often that the others. Quick wit adds to his persona! He was an awesome choice.
Amy Ginsberg Sanders
· December 30, 2017
Colleen.....if you want it to be 70 degrees, then MOVE!! Sooooooo sick of hearing you whine about this weather!!!! Some people ENJOY our couple days is winter!! Moving to FOX4.
Tom 'n Carlene Oliver
· May 15, 2017
Love the broadcast and am a Delkus Weather Fan!. Since barometric pressure is a dynamic force and condition that is indicative of potential weather change, would you please show the indication of that... force for the broadcast display of the barometric pressure by adding the letter R for rising, F for falling and S for steady. It's a Delkus Weather Nerd Squad request. Please advise that you have received this request and when it will be implemented. See More
Randall Mains
· December 16, 2017
I'm giving you a one star rating for really poor reporting on Gospel for Asia recently. If you want to badmouth a really fine organization, don't try and act like a legitimate news organization. You l...ose my vote and positive rating for a rotten job of journalism in this regard. What a bunch of media bullies. See More
Sheryl Sullivan Loehr
· December 15, 2017
Watch every night but tired of hearing about snow. No snow. Tys. Keep up good work
Jeff Tyler
· August 12, 2017
I rely on WFAA weather because it's accurate and as a Motorcycle rider I need accurate forecasts to plan my short trips as well as my all day rides.
The WAPP is my go to weather info for riding.
Great... job Pete and crew. See More
Mark Tate
· August 27, 2017
An absolutely stellar job by Pete Delkus, David Schecter and company filling in for Houston's KHOU 11 today on channel 8.2 WFAA2. You guys absolutely rocked it.'re still rockin' it as I type. ☝
Mercy Boutchyard
· October 21, 2017
I like Jesse! He has great personality, fun attitude, and comfortable on air. WFAA weather rocks!
Kelly Weaver
· September 19, 2017
Love Delkus ! The news coverage is great and everyone seems to enjoy what they do !
Diana L Hinton
· August 2, 2017
Great Weather Team. I love the way y'all break it down and talk at our level, the non-weather peeps out here. :)
Retha Spencer
· April 22, 2017
I love storms. I fact, I was at Win last night and my daughter called me and suggested that I come home to avoid the storm. As I was driving south on 35 I looked toward the west and the clouds were ...beautiful. I thought about parking and watching the storm, but I knew better. I got home in Frisco barely before the rain started. See More
Demeka Carter-Merritt
· January 21, 2018
I have watched this station all my life. I love � it!!!!!
Shawn Peterson
· April 27, 2017
Don't know what I would do without Pete and the team! I'm very grateful for my Friday live updates and most importantly the live stream when storms are in the area. Thanks Jesse, Colleen, Pete and the... rest of you that go unseen for keeping us safe. See More
Jason Kramer
· September 3, 2017
Most reliable meteorologists wffa in Texas and professional and new cast and reporters channel 8 Dallas is the bar for greatness love it
David Lines Jr.
· February 11, 2018
Thanks, you help keep me safe at work and home!!
The circled are can expect heavy rain and pea size hail over the next 1-2 hours with this cluster of storms. #wfaaweather
Another quick burst of heavy rain, thunder and lightning moving into Dallas County. No reports of frozen or freezing precipitation in Dallas or Tarrant County at this time. #wfaaweather
Here it comes! Watch how temps fall tomorrow behind the cold front!

Widespread showers and storms will continue this week. Locally heavy rain is possible and flooding could become a concern in some areas.

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Here's the latest rainfall forecast through mid-week! Locally heavy rain is likely is some areas and flooding is possible. #wfaaweather

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Rain chances will increase later today and tonight. Locally heavy rain is possible, especially on Tuesday. #wfaaweather

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Posted by WFAA Weather

Don't forget your umbrellas today! Rain chances will be on the increase! #iamup #wfaaweather

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A few showers Monday, widespread rain (heavy at times) Tuesday, and lingering rain (heavy at times) on Wednesday. When all is said in done, here are the forecast rain totals for the three days combined. Widespread 1"-3" of rain is expected. Even higher totals are likely to the south and east of DFW. This is where the isolated flooding risk is the highest. #wfaaweather

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Here's a look at how the rain on Tuesday will play out. Plan on rain for the Tuesday commutes both to and from work. Severe weather is not a big concern. A few storms are expected, and one or two could become unruly with some gusty winds and small hail. Heavy rain and isolated flooding is our primary focus. #wfaaweather

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The coverage and intensity of the rain goes way up on Tuesday. Widespread rain, heavy at times, is in the forecast. Not every hour of the day will feature rain, but plan on most of the day being rainy. We'll carry heavy rain chances into Wednesday for areas just south and east of DFW. How much rain? Combining Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's rain, we're expecting widespread 1"-3" totals with even higher amounts possible especially south and east of DFW. #wfaaweather

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A lot of rain to talk about in the forecast. Join in!

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Posted by WFAA
WFAA was live.
12 hrs

Your favorite song with the word 'rain' in it? Mine's Fool In The Rain by Led Zeppelin. Make a rain related playlist tonight, because we're about to get a whole lot of rain this week! Let's discuss the forecast.

A few showers and a few rumbles of thunder are possible Monday. Not everyone sees the rain! The scattered light rain won't amount to much #wfaaweather

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Rain, rain, rain, another chance of rain, a little more rain, maybe a dry day, rain. An unsettled 10 day forecast! #wfaaweather

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A few showers and storms are possible tomorrow, but not everyone sees rain. That changes in a BIG way Tuesday and Wednesday. Widespread rain is in the forecast and it will be heavy at times. Meteorologist Jesse Hawila has the latest in your forecast.

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Posted by WFAA Weather

Temperatures will hardly budge all night. The clouds remain with a little bit of drizzle possible. Patchy fog tomorrow morning could slow down the commute in some areas! #dfwwx #wfaaweather

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Rain continues to move from west to east across parts of DFW and North Texas. Could even hear a rumble of thunder, but NO severe weather. Track the rain yourself here ->

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We couldn't buy rain chances earlier this winter, but now we've got plenty to go around. Healthy rain amounts possible now through next weekend. Maybe even a little too much in places. #wfaaweather

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Widespread rain returns to North Texas Tuesday into Wednesday. Severe risk is low. More concerned with heavy rain that could lead to localized flooding in some places. 1in to 3in for most, but higher amounts possible especially to the east of DFW. #wfaaweather

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