We love this little video that was put together documenting one of the #whenfriendscomeover nights we had. These occasions are all about connecting with friends while eating food and having fun, and having life giving conversations. Thanks so much @tayfo we love the video! #connection #conversation #community #goodfood #goodcompany #gamesnight #atlanta #mexicanfood 🥑🥙🍉

When friends come over presents...

Saturdays have always been a day that should be spent hanging out with friends, making new ones, sharing ideas and dreams whilst eating good food and drinking good coffee.
At the heart of When Friends Come Over is to create atmospheres where people can connect with others, have great conversations and be a part of an inclusive community.


We want people to enjoy life and have so much fun whilst they are on this great journey and we want you to build the kind of friendships that are with people you can have intentional conversations that will encourage and challenge you!
Sometimes that's not easy to do, so this event is where we want you to invite your friends to a brunch where there will be great food, whilst listening to our friends The Coopers.

We won't want you to be on your phones to much as we will want you to be whole heartedly present...but there will of course be a photo area where we do expect the phone to come out and share with friends along with taking photos of the food.

So we invite you to come for what will be a great time together, so gather your friends and come join us for brunch!

This event is for ages 18 to 30ish...
More about The Coopers -

You can arrive from ​10.30am and music will be commencing at approximately 11am. We will also have games, and other things to enjoy throughout the brunch. We hope you can invite your friends for a great time together!

**Please note that this is a FREE event (donations accepted at event) but you do need to register for catering.

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Sat 10:30 AM UTC+01Life CityCity of Bradford, United Kingdom

Spending afternoons with friends where you can put your feet up, relax, chat about life and dreams is always a great way to develop long lasting relationships.
We should all find the time each week to spend with those we care about.
#whenfriendscomeover #friendship #goodcompany #chillathome #connection

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