Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. Coincidence? I think not! ~Author Unknown
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This is how we pull it... you can’t get this sticky & velvety texture in ordinary ice-cream. Gelato is our pride.
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Last day!! The final push
It ain't no nasi lemak without nasi! Preparing Cielo Dolci famous NASI LEMAK GELATO for the flavour's 5th anniversary! Available this weekend! #cielodolci #nasilemak #gelato #since2012 #gelatoworldtour
Where the magic happens tomorrow

Indulge yourself with our artisanal gelato... each flavor is crafted in small batches only to ensure its freshness in taste & texture.

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Happy CNY! We’re open throughout CNY to satisfy your cravings for desserts & coffee.
Drop by to indulge & get some CNY surprises from us!!

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Matcha gelato folded in with buttons of melted White Chocolate, now the texture is even creamier...

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Happy holiday! We’re opened until 11pm tonite.

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Eating pomegranates can be a messy venture, but not after we churned it into SORBET.
We’ve invested a lot of patience & love in seeding the tiny red ruby fruits & juicing them with cold-pressed juicer, before we could finally churn into a small batch of sorbet.
Swing by to taste while it’s still here in our store!
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Mojito Sorbetto — mint, lime juice, and white rum. A cocktail gelato flavor for a delightful Sunday!

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Whimsical - Gelateria & Caffe updated their cover photo.
January 4
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How’s your first day of 2018 so far?
Treat yourself & your love ones with a sweet start to the year!
We’re open today with 10 gelato flavors —
🌀chocolate hazelnut crumbs...
🌀matcha white chocolate
🌀baileys + chocolate sauce
🌀strawberry + raspberry
🌀rum & raisins
🌀coconut gula melaka
🌀salted caramel
🌀80% dark Belgian chocolate

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Goodbye 2017!
Thanks for all your love & support to help us continue strive as a Winner of Gelato World Tour. It’s been an adventurous journey & we will continue to surprise you with more new flavours as we keep our passion alive!

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Christmas is still in air... swing by to try out the “Frosty Christmas”, a smooth blend of white sesame & salted peanut butter.

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We’re so ready for Christmas! All the Christmas flavors are lining up in the pozetti. If you can’t decide on which one, get a triple scoop to enjoy at least 3 flavors! 😉

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Not your usual glass of Whiskey. Bourbon Whiskey Gelato is creamy smooth & fragrantly packed with flavor that lingers on your tongue. Available at a limited time only, grab it while it’s hidden here in our pozetti.

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