Looking for a place to PARK YOUR RV or TINY?

We not just sell lots. Till the lots are sold, we RENT them out, on a month to month base. If that's what you need right now, talk to us!

Looking for a spot to rent for at least 6 or even 12 months? We may be able to get you in touch with some new owners. Also here, talk to us!

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Whispering Aspen Village

Good morning! Cool little Village, huh? And you can own a lot here!

Close to Breckenridge
Downtown Fairplay just 10-15 min walk away. Small but active
Ski-ing in Winter. Hiking, biking, fishing, off road riding, and what not in Summer...
Right next to the 285 (without noticing that while you're in the Village)
"Know your neighbor" style community
Some tiny houses on wheels. A few RV's. 20+ existing cabins.
A mix of second homes, renters, and full-timers
Some lots with gorgeous mountain views
HOA allows full-time living
Being part of the HOA is a choice
And, and, and...

Wanna own a RV lot? 1300 sqf? 4000 sqf? Both are available!

$26,900 for the 1300 sqf lots. $32,900 for the 4000 sqf lots.
As is, and zoned RV. Tap fees (water and sewer) are paid, a value of $16,000 per lot.
Last week 2 lots went under contract. The week before we closed on 4. See attached map to check out current availability.

Let us know what we can do for you! Simple send us a message here on this page!

#RVliving #tinyhouseliving #secondhome #tinyliving #tinyhouses #community #Colorado

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Tony Robert Heinz
· January 22, 2018
Love this place!!! bought our lot last year for our "Mountain Get Away". Put our Fifth Wheel on it, but can't wait to build a cabin after the annexation!!! Either way we couldn't be happier with o...ur decision. Affordable LARGE lots surrounded by trees with full hook ups?!?!?!?! What could be better!!! See More

Cool! Congrats!!

"I would guess people are pretty surprised I won."

He did it, Summit County.

Red is Gold.


And, as always, the 17-year-old did it his way.

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After he stomped his third and final run to become the youngest American male to win a gold medal at an individual event in Winter Olympic history, Red Gerard

We're proud to be a part of this. The owner of the remaining lots is the founder of this "tiny" party!

It's the place to be when it comes to living simple, smart, small, and sustainable. I myself would visit it for the 4th time! All the way from Holland! Ha!

What's keeping you? Hope to see you there!

National Tiny House Jamboree

The Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree is moving!

Austin, Texas here we come! August 23-26, 2018 at the Travis County Expo Center just outside of downtown Aus...tin.

August 23 & 24 will be the first of its kind tiny house industry trade show then we will open our doors to the public on August 25 & 26.

Our new venue has some amazing neighbors including Austin’s Original Tiny Home Hotel, Community First! and Farm Village.

Come out and tour an amazing collection of commercially built and DIY tiny living structures at the largest ‘tiny’ open house in Texas.

We are currently in the process of building an entirely new website so stay tuned. Tickets will be on sale in March.

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Oohhh, almost 600 likes! Time for a little gift! Read on!

Interested in the tiny house movement? Want to know more what it's like to:

live in one (with pets, or children!)?...
what a fun and / or not so fun challenge it can be to build it?
and why they matter in these times?
what type of other small dwellings are out there?
what businesses do in the movement?
and what it's like to live in small living communities?

Go read Turning Tiny! 60 + personal stories on all the above. 570+ pages! From the current pioneers and advocates in the movement such as Jay Shafer, Dee Williams, Andrew & Gabriella Morrison, Zack Giffin, Vina Lustado, and many more.

As a follower of Whispering Aspen Village you can have a 10% DISCOUNT on the hard bound copy (USA only)!! Yay!
Simply use the following COUPON CODE just before checkout on whisperingaspen

Have fun!!!

#turningtiny #tinyhouses #tinyliving

PS neat detail, the book is compiled by the owner of the remaining lots in the Village, Darin Zaruba. And I'm in it too!

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Spring in the air?

Interest increased in our lots! We closed on 4 lots just now and we have serious interest coming from every corner possible. Potential buyers are looking into 7 lots!

Check out the map for availability, and let us know what we can do for you. You can reach out to us by simply sending us a message here on this page.


4000 sqf lot, zoned RV: $32,900 as is
1300 sqf lot, zoned RV: $26,900 as is
(including paid tap fees for water and sewer, appr $16,000 per lot)

#RVliving #tinyliving #tinyhouses #RVs #community #Colorado

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Whispering Aspen Village

In case you don't know what to do this weekend, there you go! Amazing, huh?!? Go check them out!
(they'll be taken down I understand on Monday)

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

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GoBreck added 15 new photos — with Jack Haward.

All of the sculptures from this year's International Snow Sculpture Championships are completed as of this morning! Be sure to text to vote for your favorite sc...ulpture (970-300-5677)! These beautiful works of art will be on display throughout the weekend so be sure to head on up here to see them before it's too late!

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From our neighboring county, great news on tiny homes! The news was out there already, now more info on video.

Great job El Paso County, Colorado, on stepping up and create opportunities for smaller living. On wheels. Legally and full-time.

PS we think that a tiny home is not just a low income living option. In fact, we see all sorts of income, background, and ages in tiny homes. It's a philosophy and a way of life more than anything.

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El Paso County, Colorado

Video of the Week - Tiny Homes. We showcased some Tiny Homes shortly after the Board of El Paso County Commissioners changed the County land use code to offer Tiny Homes as a choice for low income housing.

Whispering Aspen Village added 10 new photos to the album: Lots for sale!
January 19

Currently zoned as RV (tiny houses on wheels, RV, camper, motor home, trailer) and soon to be changed into a zoning that also allows more permanent structures such as cabins, park models and tiny houses on a foundation.
The HOA allows full-time living year-round.

We have 1300 AND 4000 sqf lots available.


Send us a message for more information and current availability.

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Not much snow so far huh? This winter.

January 22 to 29, in Breck, you can watch snow!
Snow sculptures to be exact!
At the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championship.


Have fun! And have a good weekend!

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Facts on The International Snow Sculpture Championships

The International Snow Sculpture Championships Presented By Breckenridge Brewery and Toyota USA begins on Monday! Artists from all over the world will transform these 25-ton blocks of snow into incredible works of art! Don't miss this magical event come alive next week, January 22-29!

Wow! This is huge!

Still in the works and they're looking at the late summer.

Let's wish them luck!

Summit Stage may soon be making stops in Park County, where many in the Summit County workforce live.

Summit Stage will soon be rolling out a bus route from Breckenridge to Alma and Fairplay in neighboring Park County, part of an emerging five-year operations plan that could

Check out our ABOUT section on this page!

And learn a little more about:
The type of community
Fairplay and Park County...
The amenities
What the TV show South Park has to do with all this
And more...

Wish to join us and have more questions?
Send us a message and we're happy to be of help!

#tinyhouses #tinyliving #Community #Resort #Colorado #RVliving #secondhome

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Whispering Aspen Village's photo.
Whispering Aspen Village
10 talking about this

Ha! We have new stuff to show you!

9 cute lots of appr 1300+ sqf in the community. With a view!
Perfect for a tiny house on wheels


$26,900 each
This includes tap fees of $16,000 per lot

zoned RV
A tiny house on wheels is allowed!

Go check them out and send us a message for more info.
Five are still available: lot numbers 119, 120, 121, 122, and 123

(This is besides the already listed 4000 sqf RV lots of $32,900 per lot)

#fulltimeliving #rentinvestment #tinyhouses #tinyliving #RVliving #resort #community #Colorado

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As you may know, we want the Village to be annexed into the town of Fairplay soon. With it, we want the zoning to change (from RV to both RV and more permanent structures) and we wish to put the full-time living on paper as well. It was said to start this January. It may actually be February or even March. We rely on the town here. On outcome and on timing. We keep you posted as soon as we know more!

The price of the RV lots for $32,900 stands till the annexation is a fact! So you can still own a RV lot for this price right now!
Be aware that when the annexation happens, it can happen fast and the price will go up right away, to $42,900.
Under contract just before the annexation but the closing of the lot is after the fact? No worries, once under contract the price is fixed at $32,900!

We closed on lot #10 about 2 weeks ago.
Lot #2 is under contract as of today!
See attached map to check out available lots.

Whispering Aspen Village is actually a separate water district. The water district is owned by the bank. And the bank does not want to be an owner of a water district. The Town is really interested though! So they're talking and are about to close on it.
In order for the Town of Fairplay to become the owner, it has to be annexed into the town. Hence the annexation.
We've always wanted this, so does the HOA. So we're excited and anxiously awaiting this process!

On owning a lot and becoming a member of this community? SEND US A MESSAGE. We're happy to be of help.
Also, more info in the ABOUT section of this page!


#tinyliving #tinyhouses #RVliving #cabinliving #resort #community #Colorado

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And our wish for 2018 is that Whispering Aspen Village continues to grow and will be called (second) HOME for more who wish to live smaller.


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