Kernel boot message: Whitebox Charlie mapped to address 0x31000000 !!! Now to just boot up the rest of the hardware.

I am proud to present the new Whitebox Charlie prototype. If your a Hamvention this week come to the Algoram booth in Hara Arena to see it in person, with a cool demo of the Bravo design! I will also be speaking on Friday @TAPR and Saturday @DigitalModes. 73, Testa

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Interview with Bruce, myself, Mike Ossmann from the HackRF, and TAPR president Steve Bible is up on HRN's YouTube channel

It's the opposite of Black Box - open source hardware and software. It just may be the "Future of Amateur Radio." Chris Testa KB2BMH and Bruce Perens K6BP ta...

Interview with Bruce K6BP & I by Gary KN4AQ from Ham Radio NOW @ the TAPR booth. Thanks Mel K0PFX for the pictures.

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Hey everyone; I'm speaking at Four Days In May sponsored by QRP ARCI tomorrow. They will be live streaming it from at 9:10AM EST. If you are at Hamvention this year, I'll be demoing at the TAPR Forum and TAPR booth so stop by. I promise there will be a huge update after Hamvention; I've been a busy code-elf this year!

I hope everyone enjoyed the TAPR DCC this year, it looked like a great one! I put together a new Whitebox website, video, and mailing list for you all; lots of new content to share 73, Chris KD2BMH

The Whitebox Bravo is an embeddable software radio framework with a small footprint and power profile, similar to the requirements of a smartphone cellular radio architecture. At the core is a customizable System on a Chip with both an ARM Cortex-M3 running uClinux and a Flash based FPGA. Paired wit...

Whitebox creator Chris Testa KD2BMH will be talking about evolving SDR architectures at SWHAMCON in Santa Barbara, next Friday. If your in SoCal, come join us for some fun & learning.

The Division Convention will be held at the Marriott - Santa Ynez Valley Convention Center and Hotel Friday September 6th through Sunday September 8th 2013. Hotel Reservation should be made directly with the Sponsoring Hotel.

Part 2 of the update on the synthesizer, showing a functioning Whitebox Bravo. Now we're cooking with gas! I've also added a comment section - please join the discussion.

If you missed my last installment, the summary is that I left for Hamvention with a partially working Whitebox Bravo. The device turned on and all the chips responded to my SPI commands and other...

New Amp Hour covers MyHDL after we trumped it up last week. Nice! We'll have to satiate Dave's skeptic; and fill the very necessary void between SystemC and Simulink.

Dave soldiers on despite being sick in order to tell us about this new solar power system. Also online tools charging, chip companies charging and new ways to design FPGAs.

Part 2 of the interview with Bruce Perens @Hamvention gets into his concepts for the Handy Talkie of the Future. The Whitebox is a contender for the radio modem chipset. What do you want to see a handheld SDR be capable of? What OS & what features do you hope it to have?

Episode 81 Part 2: Why The Heck Would Anyone Want To Operate Digital Voice from HamRadioNow. Like this? Watch the latest episode of HamRadioNow on Blip! http...

New: version 0.8 of MyHDL is available after 2 years of development. Think you can't describe Register Transfer Logic using Python? Check out the principal author's slides from PyCon last week for shots of real ASICs designed this way.

New changelist is up that turns the Whitebox into a CW transmitter, using the FPGA based signal generator

Its been a bit of a chore getting the Bravo board fully operational. Join me for part 1 of the story on the way to a fully operational Whitebox Bravo

This tale starts with me wanting to make 10 radios for Hamvention. I had done an Alpha board for fun, to see if I could do it. And some things worked, but others did not. In order to make 10, I had to...

HamRadioNow: Why the Heck would anyone want to operate digital voice? pt 1. of interview with Bruce Perens K6BP. My response is why would anyone want to operate analog once they get a Whitebox? (even though of course, AM/FM/SSB can & will be supported!)

Many (most) of you say you wouldn't. Same thing you (or your grandparents) said when SSB (and CW) were introduced. And the pros and cons have been endless de...

Wow it feels good to get the IF PLL to lock and say 180.000 MHz, what I asked of it.

My original Droid lasted until this weekend when Kayaking killed it. What's your favorite radio/tech (amateur or not) for the backcountry?

Whitebox is described as "the most interesting radio at Hamvention" on the ARRL's website!

This week, Surfin’ checks out a ham who is developing a handheld radio that’s a cross between a smart phone and an SDR.