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Hey now! Drunk History is covering the 504 sit-in at the HEW federal building in San Francisco, a major disability civil rights protest. (With crucial participation from the beloved Black Panthers, of course.) "Cheers to literally everybody."

This captioned teaser is from the disability history episode on tonight! Yes, #Drunk504, featuring the incomparable Ajani AJ Murray!

Check out the live tweet event with Longmore Institute and Disability Visibility Project here:

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Drunk History

Judy Heumann leads a protest in the name of Americans with disabilities. An all-new Drunk History airs tonight at 10/9c.

This event! Reject Economic and Ableist Limits, a forum theatre event from Disability Art and Culture Project!

[Image description courtesy of DACP: Five people sit on a chair and in a wheelchair, lay on a couch and the floor, and kneel on the floor, smiling and striking poses. Photo credit: Shannon Sullivan.]

Sun 7:30 PM PSTThe Headwaters TheatrePortland, OR
Art · 106 people

Thank you, Finn Gardiner and NOS Magazine for a beautiful profile of Harriet Tubman's #BlackNeurodivergentExcellence.…/

[Attached image: Harriet Tubman as an elder, sits in a wooden chair outside. She wears a white knit scarf over her head shoulders, and torso and gazes past the camera.]

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Editor’s note: This article is the first of a four part series highlighting Black and neurodivergent leaders and historical figures, in honor Black History Month. Each leader was selected by …

Written by filmmaker Reid Davenport:

"A few years ago, I started making a documentary about serial litigants who sue business that aren't accessible. The topic disturbed and filled me with ambivalence. Access is a right, but using that right as a means to make money seemed perverse.

In my research, I unsurprisingly found both earnest activists and sleezy litigants; small-business owners who tried to comply and those who didn't.


This is a symptom of the burden of enforcement that the Americans with Disabilities Act puts on people with disabilities. It leads to persecution of activists suing for rights and business owners not making their facilities accessible because there's no entity to make them do it. The only way to make a business accessible is through a private lawsuit.

HR 620, which the House will vote on tomorrow, will further dilute the Americans with Disabilities Act. The status quo is unacceptable, and this bill is a step in the opposite direction.

Please share if you're against the weakening of the ADA and the weakening of accessibility enforcement. #HandsOffMyADA"

Captioned trailer for Ramped Up.

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Thank you, Crutches and Spice by Imani Barbarin!

Imani Barbarin writes: "I have your back and I know you have mine. I feel your aching bones like I can feel my own and you don’t have to carry that weight alone. Where the world desires to put us away in homes, I see you and know you still exist. I know what it’s like to cry out of anger and frustration and I can hear you from blocks, miles and continents away."

[Attached image: Imani and another person smiling for a selfie.]

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The first post of the year took awhile for me to write. I could say this was due to a hectic holiday schedule, me winding up my graduate studies or starting a new internship, but that would be a li…

If y'all could put this much effort into fraud like how workers' comp "treatments" are reimbursed and leave disabled workers broke....

New WA State bill allows police to ticket Deaf and invisibly disabled people if they don't get adequate proof that their service animals are genuine. How do they propose to handle unplanned interactions with people with PTSD or Deaf ASL users? Remember Black stutterer Kylie SImmons, #DDDetained by TSA because she stuttered? They claimed her s...tutter was covering a lie about her travels. Why do we still think people with invisible disabilities are automatically lying??? Is fake service animal crap really and truly the most important fraud happening today? (Hint: Of course not.)

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In (even) more political news, Washington State’s House of Representatives just unanimously approved a bill that would allow the police to stop and fine people with service animals who &#8220…

I endorse this! In critiquing Bell's Let's Talk campaign to destigmatize psychiatric disabilities, disabled student Luke Galvani says this:

"It presents a very narrow view of mental health that's largely white, upper-middle class, and able bodied. We need to see other groups in there if we're going to actually destigmatize it."

Please note, there is a longer audio interview after the written portion, but unfortunately, I don't see a text transcript of the full interview for m...ore accessibility.

[Image description: Luke, a light-skinned person with bear, short hair, and glasses sits in a power wheelchair against a blue and brown tiled wall. He smiles for the camera.]

#Disability #SayTheWord…/brit…/lets-talk-more-inclusive-1.4511601

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Bell’s "Let’s Talk" campaign wants to start conversations about mental illness, but Luke Galvani said he has a hard time identifying with its message as a person living with a disability.

A must-read on policing families with an Autistic kid. Police encounters, especially for Autistic people of color and/or who are poor, do not necessarily go as well as this one did.

CONTENT NOTES: This is written by a parent, NOT an Autistic person. Also, there is mention of diets, therapies, etc. that the family has their child engage in.

"I would even argue that while it’s fine and necessary to help autistics adapt to a world that they perceive as hostile, we should also be... actively trying to make the world a less hostile and more forgiving place for people who act and look a little different, and for those who love and care for them."…/we-had-a-great-day-at-the…/

[Attached image: A parent walking in the park with a toddler. They hold hands, and the parent guides the toddle in walking across a low stone wall.]

#InvisibleDisabilities #Autism

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The police were called on us because my son was having a bad hair day. What does this say about our society?

Thank you to Reverend Karen Pitt and Canon Dennis Dolloff for your survey and report on disability experiences in Anglican churches in Canada.

"Addressing the church, the report asks, “How effectively have you taken up the call to be ‘inclusive’ of persons with disabilities, including ‘effective’ policies and supportive framework that uphold these needs and enable the deep wounds of discrimination, exclusion and isolation to heal?"

[Attached image: A fair-skinned person sits a manual wheelchair wearing jeans and a button down. Their hands are clasped. As per most stock disability pictures, the person's head is not in the shot.]

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Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, says he’s considering creating a new position to advance accessibility in the church, after being presented with a report describing a number of challenges faced by disabled Canadian Anglicans.

THANK YOU, Rooted in Rights and Disability Visibility Project for partnering to publish #MeToo #Disability stories.

Click the link for info on how to submit your own story for publication.…/


[Attached image: A wooden table filled with wooden beads that have typed letters on them. Beads spell out "ME TOO" in the middle of the pile.]

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In partnership with the Disability Visibility Project®, Rooted in Rights will publish a series of stories to bring attention to the omission of disability from larger conversations taking place within the #MeToo M

New podcast episode with audio and transcript! Thank you to Disability Art and Culture Project for hosting Saara Hirsi and Abdi Mohamed's presentation on refugees with disabilities!…/pigeohole-immigrants-refugees-…/

#RefugeeswithDisabilities #DisabilityRights #Accessibility #DisabilityJustice

Listen to this post: [The podcast episode is at the bottom of the post.] Disability Art and Culture Project is the only disability and social justice arts organization in Portland, and every year, …

Have you signed yet? There is more than documented enough life experiences AND scientific research. Sign the petition to demand the CDC declare that racism meets criteria for calling it a threat to public health. Thank you so much, Right To Health and Leslie Gregory for your outstanding work.

Please click the link or image to sign and share this.…/racism-meets-criteria.fb52…


[Attached image: A blue background with small blue icons of pieces of paper. In white all capital letters: "Sign the petition."]

#BlackLivesMatter #RacismIsAPublicHealthThreat

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I just signed a petition to President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate: Force CDC/NIH to admit that racism is the true public health target impacting outcomes for ALL Americans. Cure the infection and not just the fever.
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CONTENT WARNING: Graphic description of anti-black hate crime, violence leading to TBI for Black Seattle resident DaShawn Horne. Article linked in the comments instead of here. Click with discretion, and do NOT think we're in a post-racial society. Photo in the article shows DaShawn in a coma in the hospital, his mother caressing his arm.

What a great 2-minute essay with audio and text called "Actually, I Am Disabled" by disability activist Lia Seth!

"Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm able-bodied. Not every disability requires crutches or a wheelchair or is obvious to others. Mine is invisible, hidden in my joints and muscles, and you wouldn't know that I hurt every single day if I didn't tell you. And there are many disabled people like me."

I don't talk about it much, but I'm also bendy, prone to strai...ns and dislocations thanks to the mostly invisible (for some people) EDS. Can you just trust us when we say we need the seat on the bus?

[Attached image: A head shot of Lia, a brown-skinned woman with long, dark hair in a red shirt. She smiles right to the camera.]

#InvisibleDisabilities #EDS #ThisIsWhatDisabilityLooksLike

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Lia Seth learns what can happen to the disabled when they don't fit stereotypes.

THIS Closed Captioned video "A Conversation With Native Americans on Race" by Michèle Stephenson and Brian Young: Native Americans challenge their invisibility in society.

A series of people talking directly to the camera, frankly, and honestly about Native identity, language, pride, settler colonialism, and resistance.

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A Conversation With Native Americans on Race
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Op-Docs added a new episode.

Native Americans challenge their invisibility in society.

H/T to Aras Autistic scholar and activist Sara Acevedo for sharing this article:…/new-r…/

"...the key problem with regards to autism is not autism itself. Rather, as autistic self-advocates have long argued, it is neurotypical society and the ableism so deeply embedded throughout."


[Attached image: Picture by Joan M. Mas shows two people in profile facing toward each other and in close proximity. They both have a jumble of tentacle-like threads stemming from the tops of their heads that intertwine in the middle and appear to connect to the other's head. The faces and threads are watercolored in a rainbow array of shapes.]

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Autism is seen, in popular representations, largely as a social and communication disorder. Formerly framed as stemming from an autistic lack of a “social instinct”, the current dominan…