So, Update ~ the video speaks for itself. :-)
Occupy Medical refuse to let unhoused go without medical care; Truck may be stuck by the cold, but not THESE warm hearted people!!
In order to get this out, I've had to strip the music because of copyright laws which seem to be interfering with the upload. But we need this out Here goes ...

Chico CA needs homeless action. Maybe we can help them


We must keep fighting the good fight... Let me hear ya say WHOOOOVILLLLEEEE!!! ...

Jen N Ifer recommends an article on KVAL News.

here is the video version if the story if you haven't had a chance to catch up on Whoville Unhoused Sanctuary, Eugene news today.....

Homeless advocates and community groups handed the City of Eugene a counter proposal, opposing the city manager’s proposal for the third “rest stop” site at the southwest corner of Northwest Expressway and Chambers Street, intended to take in the people living at Whoville who have been asked to move by April 1.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO HAVE STEADFASTLY KEPT WHOVILLE GOING! Seem, "they" may be finally getting it, if they've now agreed to let you stay UNTIL something for certain/better, is established!

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for Lane County but I'd continue to concern yourselves MOST with the RIVER folk ~~~ upper Oregon rains and snow melt offs into tributaries, are going to keep the Willamette high. to you all, Tzed [aka "Momma Bear"! LOL]…

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So hey all ... Tzed again ... and I've confirmed, this is TRUE! I'm sure Mayor Kitty has her EYE on this; Or, at least, she NEEDS to! Because from what I could tell of the supporters of Whoville in Eugene, they just might LOVE to do likewise!!…/portland-homelessness-illeg…

HELLO everyone ~~~ It's Tzed.

I'm writing to IMPLORE the fabulous folks who help the Whoville Family out to let you know, Eugene's weather is NOT going to improve over the week. In fact, it's looking like rain to snow to ICE to rain again, through next weekend!

PLEASE please do everything you can to get to the Whoville residents, the Fed Building residents and the camps of any/all unhoused you know of ... remembering ... everything they have will get soaked and they'll hav...e NO way to get stuff to laundry mats to wash and/or dry them.

They'll need an EXTRA extra amount of LOVE, sacrifice and dedication to the hope of ALL unhoused, from each and everyone who can!

And may the One I serve give to you all, ALL you need plus MORE so you can continue to FREELY give to those with the direst of needs! I love you all ... MISS you all ... and support you, always!!

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Nice week end at whoville...we all love to see the all happy.
.making a nice place to feel safe.

what a good day to be a whovillian

hi everybody i am keegan a 10 year old boy that is trying to help feed the homeless. anything you can do to reach out to the homeless would be greatly appreciated. just because they are homeless does not mean they should not eat.
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KOST 103.5

This man saved these two dogs on a very cold night, I guess you could say it was the kindest hug of all. It doesn't matter what your circumstance is, hugs are f...ree and they always put a smile on your face....and in this case......they keep you warm♥
Karen Sharp♥♥♥

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Opportunity Village Eugene

Beginning to think about denser villages to fit more people on smaller sites... here's an idea for a 4-unit bungalow under 200 sq. ft.

OH Whoville ~ I was looking for another video on my computer when I stumbled across this one. This is the one I had made for the October City Council which, they never saw. As I watched it, I went, "WOW ...", remembering when we were that rag-tag unorganized bunch!!

LOOK back now to see how FAR you/we've ALL come!!! u all, Tzed ~

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