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This post isn’t for you - it’s for the next person reading this..

It’s interesting how you’ll spend all day looking for that perfect recipe, tweaking it, making substitutions to shave a point here and there.

You’ll research the closest gym schedule, build a schedule of your gym time - spend hours finding the latest running shoe, or other fitness apparatus.


You’ll make a graph or chart of your weight loss to give you a visual reference to remind you. You’ll even drive to the store at midnight to get the markers and poster board.

You’ll determine the best time to weigh in - before dinner, before breakfast etc, you’ll do all the research to trick the brain into finding success.

It’s amazing how much focus we can devote to HOW to follow the program, but you won’t take 30-45 minutes to sit quietly and write out WHY you’re doing this. A why so powerful it brings you to tears - that’s what you’re after! A why that you can never forget - but you will forget if you don’t capture the emotion now!

My weight loss journey failed when I focused on how. (Sure you can find great success following your HOW) but when the how becomes boring, you need to find a new how. Eventually you run out of tips, tricks, hacks and fall back on the lifestyle that lead you here.

It wasn’t until I switched my focus to WHY that I truly transformed myself. The Why part carries me from how to how. It’s the glue that keeps the whole thing going. It’s the why that forced me to change my lifestyle and ditch the bad habits, not suppress them.

As I opened I said, this wasn’t written for you, it’s written for the person who reads this right after you!

Help them find their Why! ❤️

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I just checked my weight again - October 17, 2017 at 08:06AM 194.02 lbs. 18.14% Body Fat. On 3/8/16 my weight was 263.5 lbs. See the transformation at

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