Flight Records Disprove Trump’s Claim About ‘Pee Tape’ Weekend Whereabouts

The president insisted he didn't spend a night in Moscow. Records show he did.

For someone who claimed he LOVED leaks, Trump was obsessed with finding leakers and protecting his reputation

Trump was obsessed with finding leakers and protecting his reputation.
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The Real Donny
Lock Him Up !


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Whether or not the Syrian leader used chemical weapons in Douma or Khan Sheikhoun, he is still a monster for torture, bombing and much else.

the end is near..

Now we know how Donald Trump is planning to handle his downfall

That face when you just wanted a faster way to rank girls by looks and ended up installing a fascist government in the most powerful country on earth

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Who does the FBI raid...

Nikolas Cruz? Nope
Hillary Clinton? Nope
Clinton Foundation? Nope...
Fusion GPS? Nope
Boston Bombers? Nope
San Bernardino terrorists? Nope
John Podesta? Nope
Susan Rice? Nope

Michael Cohen? Yep

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Did I miss anything?

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Idiot Trump Semantics just don't add up ( no matter how hard you try )

Does anyone here actually understand what Trump wants in this 2 tweets which are 5 years apart ?

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'Miserable little worm' remains in hiding

Julian Assange was called a "miserable little worm" on Tuesday by a British foreign affairs minister who said the WikiLeaks founder should leave the Ecuadorean embassy in London and give himself up to British justice.

Confirmed: Assange obtained hacked Clinton eMails from Russian hackers

DMs tie Assange to a Russia-linked hacker — and raise new questions about his Seth Rich conspiracy theory.

Assange remains in hiding, refuses to face justice for rape allegations

The WikiLeaks founder is being treated like a grounded teenager. He should hold his hands up and leave the embassy, says James Ball, a former Guardian special projects editor

Ecuador Embassy wants Stinky Assange out ASAP

In a bid to revamp its economy, Ecuador unplugs WikiLeaks' founder.

Putin and Assange in joint attempt to launch new gas attacks onto the Syrian people

The United States strongly condemned an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria's eastern Ghouta late Saturday, saying if proved Russia would bear some...

Animal Putin aids animal Assad over gas attacks in Syria

Syria denies ever using chemical weapons during the seven-year civil war

Russia involved in gas attack atrocity in Syria

The Latest on the Syrian conflict (all times local):

Russia has a lot of explaining to do

A chemical attack on a rebel-held town in eastern Ghouta has killed dozens of people, medical services reported, and Washington said the reports - if confirmed - would demand an immediate international response.