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By Carol A O'Connor

The #questionnaire in excel format which you can find in wikiprojects resource page is an assessment tool designed to evaluate the overall management health of a business. It is divided into eight sections each referring to one of the management essentials described in O'Connor recommended book. The Health Check's results are interpreted so that a low total scor...e shows healthy management and a high score indicates a need for improvement. This assessment tool gives managers a starting point for reviewing the whole of their business by discovering where potential trouble may lie.

You can download the survey in excel format from the resource section of
or using this direct url:

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THE #MANAGEMENT HEALTH CHECK By Carol A O'Connor The #questionnaire in excel format which you can find in wikiprojects resource page…

The more I look into organizations the more I see the necessity of finding an alternative for management by email. In this article I would like to share with you some examples of unconventional uses of projects and project management applications.

According to PMI a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result, with a defined time span, scope and

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I would like share with you this simple but effective solution for minutes of meeting and action items tracking using the wikiprojects - the web based project management. Your comments and suggestion are appreciated.

One of chronic problems that face management in general and more critically in project management is that of taking minutes of meeting and the

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Be My Eyes' goal is to improve the lives of the blind by connecting them to a community of online volunteers.

One of the biggest challenges and success determining factors of project management is to be able invoice the client on a regular bases. For that we would like to share with you a brief presentation about wikiprojects recently developed invoicing module which can help you controlling your belling process in three easy steps. This module is available for you to test in our sandbox and as usual your comments and feedback's are encouraged.

A brief description of a new invoicing module added to wikiprojects, where project stakeholders can define project payment terms, invoice their clients, and ge…

Today’s organizations are flooded with data on their servers, desktop machines and other storage devices, but how can we measure the value of all that data? And does it help us in making informed decisions?

What is the value of a network? Interestingly that was a question asked to sales people trying to sell Ethernet cards in the 80s. The answer came from

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I would like to share with you my latest article on how can help you in your project management challenges. Your comments are highly appreciated .


Some years back, I read a very insightful book by Bernard Liautaud, the CEO of Business Objects entitled E-Business Intelligence: Turning Information into Knowledge into Profit. In his book, he makes

Greetings from wikiprojects and wish you all a happy and successful 2017.

Managing and observing others manage projects of different sizes and complexities, I noticed a common and dangerous disconnect between project planning and execution.

Usually the plan is developed to satisfy clients requirements and expectation, meanwhile on the ground project management is trying to execute the work based on other contains that might not match what is in the plan.


Adding to the above conflict control and monitoring is inefficient due to the fact that the plan is usually is in one of the traditional tools (MS project or Primavera) and execution records and reports are going back and forth in emails, excel sheet or word reports which makes the reporting of the project status a time consuming, challenging and inaccurate process.

Through I intend to deliver comprehensive, integrated yet user-friendly project management tool that integrates project planning, execution and control & monitor in one single portal, where all project stakeholders can collaborate and interact using the same data, improving the possibility of delivering the projects successfully within scope, time, cost and quality.

Discover wikiprojects by testing it in our sandbox:
user: demo and password: demo

Also feel free to visit our website to know more about our free and commercial offerings.

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