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Preview: Introduction to Wild Goose Qigong I

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While most qigong masters only teach the first two sets of movements (first and second 64 movements) in the wild goose qigong system, Dr. Hu's training offers a rare chance to learn the first NINE sets in their entirety.
The training videos are now available on several platforms. The DVDs are available on Amazon.... Renting and Streaming is also available on Amazon or through the VHX.TV service. Here are the links:
On Vimeo's VHX service you can rent or buy episodes or the entire set of training videos to stream:

On Amazon, the streaming versions are available on the same page as the DVDs:

Complete Set:
WG4 steaming or DVD
Flex Qigong

As always – Enjoy your practice!

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It is much easier for Amazon Prime Video users to the find the Wild Goose Qigong training videos now that there is a dedicated page just for streaming those titles. Enjoy your practice!


This years retreat includes movements from many Wild Goose selections including WG 1,2,3 and 9.

Technically speaking, the therapy is based on the effective use of the practitioner�s Qi. In learning Wild Goose Qigong, you first start using the physical movements, and then together with proper breathing and specific awareness, you succeed in moving your Qi all over your body. This is the first s...

Dr. Hu's next monthly Qigong workshop in Kensington will be on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017 in Kensington, CA (next to Berkeley). The topic of this workshop is: "Leg Movement and Its Related Meridians".

We all know that "whole body movements" involve both arm movements and leg movements. But in our last workshop, we only emphasized the importance of training our arm movements. Why? It is because Wild Goose Qigong skillfully uses the "walking Qigong form" to naturally move our legs forward or backward.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi moves continuously through our 12 meridians. Here is an introduction to those energy channels by Dr. Hu from Wild Goose ...

Frome the archives: Dr. Hu demonstrates Wild Goose Spiral & Tripod Qigong (Wild Goose IV) on the beach in Santa Cruz in June 2001.

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VHX.TV is a new streaming service from Vimeo that offers the Wild Goose Qigong training videos.
With you can subscribe, rent, or purchase titles.

Now in HD! Wild Goose I Qigong is well known for its lovely and graceful movements, which are suggestive of the image of an innocent and carefree wild goose. As a "movement-oriented" Qigong, Wild Goose style includes tai-chi and yoga like movements and postures to naturally open up our twelve me...

What is "Tong" in Qigong?
April 8, 2017 in Kensington, CA (next to Berkeley)

Dr. Hu's coming one-day Qigong workshop in Kensington wiill be on Saturday, April, 8. The topic of this workshop Is "What is 'Tong' in Qigong"?


"Tong" is a Chinese character, which means "through" or "un-blocked". When it is used in Qigong practice, it usually describes how someone's body is in an un-blocked state. Or, to be more specific, the word "tong" describes that the Qi-flow in one's meridian lines is flowing smoothly and continuously inside one's body.

Why do we prefer to use the Chinese word "tong" instead of saying someone's Qi "is flowing in the right direction"? It is because the vibration of the sound "tong" is considered is be conducive to the vibration of the Qi-flow. Therefore, technically speaking, we use the word "tong" as a "mantra" to help improve the free flowing of our Qi and blood in our body. Just as we all know that in Wild Goose Qigong there is a basic mantra of "gong-cheng", which is for helping you to practice "micro-cosmic Orbit" (MCO). Now in this workshop, we are going to teach you how to use another mantra "tong", which is for helping you move your Qi in your specific meridian more freely.

Many Wild Goose lovers still have the wrong concept that "it is easy to learn the Wild Goose movements, but it is hard to feel the flowing of your own Qi inside your body." Personally, I do not agree with this statement. I believe that if you can do your Wild Goose Qigong movements correctly, you will naturally be able move your Qi inside your body correctly. A good example is the movement-induced MCO".

In this workshop, we will teach you how to add the mantra "tong" to the movements selected from Wild Goose Qigong -1,2,3 & 4, in order to open up your related meridians. In this way, I hope it will be easier for you to be able to feel the direction of your Qi-flow.

And you might like the Wild Goose Qigong training videos too!


Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017

Time: 10am-5:15pm (break for lunch 1-2:30)

Location: Arlington Community Church, 52 Arlington Ave., Kensington, CA map

Cost: $85 pre-payment by mail, postmarked by Sat, April 1 / $95 at the door

To get your discount, mail your check right away to:
Dr. Bingkun Hu
2114 Sacramento St.
Berkeley, CA 94702

For information & registration, please call 510-496-2728 or

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Wild Goose Qigong with Dr. Hu is the most comprehensive video based training available for this wonderful exercise and healing system. Dr. Hu is a medical qigong master and he has made nine sets of the wild goose system available to the general public, as well as special qigong video just for flexib...
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Bird migration has begun. "We are fortunate to live in the flight path of migrating snow geese," writes Laurie Muench Wanner in sharing this spectacular sight f...rom Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. "This blizzard of birds shows what it looks like when most of a flock take off at the same time." About 100,000 northbound snow geese pass through the area each February and March on their way to breeding grounds on the Arctic tundra. During stopovers they often feed on the stubble in grain fields to fuel up for the rest of the journey. Many thanks to Laurie and also to Dave Brooke and Carol Lee Elliott for sharing their snow-geese photos from Pennsylvania.

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New workshops posted:

Oppositional Pairs vs. 3-Beat Rhythm
Nov 19, 2016 in Kensington, CA (next to Berkeley)


Nov 26-27, 2016 in Soquel, CA (next to Santa Cruz)

Dr. Hu's coming monthly Qigong workshop in Kensington is on Nov. 19, Saturday. The topic of this workshop is "Oppositional Pairs vs. 3-Beat Rhythm".

As you may know, Wild Goose Qigong, in many places, uses a mixture of both 2-beat and 3-beat rhythm. The 2-beat rhythm, or "oppositional pairs" of movements, is mostly for balancing, while 3-beat rhythm, is basically for dynamics.

During this workshop, we will first use Wild Goose-1, or the "First 64 Movements" as an example to demonstrate and practice how this Qigong starts with the very balanced oppositional pairs of movements, and then gradually develops into the more dynamic 3-beat rhythm type of movements.

Also, during this workshop, we are going to analyze why we often come across 3-beat rhythm in Wild Goose movements. Some of the reasons include:
Wild Goose Qigong has more circular movements than linear movements, and circular movements fit more into the 3-beat rhythm
Ex.1. "Windmills" (selected from WG-8)
Ex.2. "Wild Goose is Playing" (selected from WG-2 and 8)
Circular movements also include "figure 8" movements and spiral movements. These movements all naturally fit well into the 3-beat rhythm.
Ex.3. "Circular and Figure 8 Movements" walking Qigong.
Ex.4. "Spiraling Movements (No. 22 and 23, WG-4)
Even in some center-peripheral movements, if we use 3-beat rhythm appropriately, it can add some delightfulness to our stretching
Ex. 5. "Dragon Steps" (selected from "Creating Flexibility" DVD)
Last but not least, let's conclude this workshop by practicing together Wild Goose-5, a short set well-known for its lively and continuous use of 3-beat rhythm. Prepared to be mesmerized by the enchanting rhythm; lifted by the high spirit of the innocent and care-free Wild Goose; and dance together to your heart's content.

Everyone who is interested in the lovely Wild Goose movements is welcome to attend this workshop. No pre-requisite is required.


Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016

Time: 10am-5:30pm (with a break for lunch)

Location: Arlington Community Church, 52 Arlington Ave., Kensington, CA map

Cost: $85 pre-payment (received by November 12) / $95 regular

For information & registration for Kensington, please call 510-496-2728 or

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Wild Goose Qigong is the safest way to make your body stronger, your mind sharper and your mood happier.

Some exciting footage of Dr. Hu demonstrating Healing Sounds Qigong from 2003! I've restored the video to HD for easier viewing, but I was not using a tripod so the first few minutes are a little shaky but improves for most of video.
Enjoy this found footage and enjoy your qigong practice!

Restored footage of Healing Sounds Qigong as demonstrated by Dr. Hu in 2003. This footage has been upscaled to HD for enhanced viewing but was shot without a...

Now you can Download copies of the Wild Goose Qigong videos (as well as Stream and Rent)!
Although Amazon Video offers a great way to rent and stream the wild goose qigong videos, it does not allow downloading for offline viewing -- a feature many customers have requested.
As of today, you can now download (as well as stream and rent) all the the videos! The videos are available at VHX (which is now owned by Vimeo, the popular video sharing platform). Another feature of VHX is that you subscribe to the whole series (all 9 wild goose qigong videos) for a monthly or yearly subscription as well purchasing each title individually. Here is the link and as always; enjoy your Qigong practice!

Here you will find a rare complete teaching of 9 full sets of Wild Goose Qigong taught by Qigong master Dr. Hu for the first time outside of China (Most training in the west only includes Wild Goose Qigong sets 1 and 2). Qigong is one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); these a...

Next up for the teaching segment previews: Wild Goose Qigong IV -- featuring the first set of movements from this spiral and tripod style practice in the wild goose system. Information on this training video here:

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Wild Goose II Qigong -- Teaching segement preview. This is the first teaching segment of the Wild Goose II training video. Movements are repeated slowly with commentary from Dr. Hu as well as a scene of him teaching at a workshop. Enjoy your practice and learn more about this video here:

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In this teaching segment from the Wild Goose I Qigong video, the first 36 movements (out of 64) are demonstrated and repeated. This shows how Dr. Hu teaches wild goose qigong both on video and in his classes. As always, enjoy your practice!

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Wild Goose Qigong One, Two and Four Qigong DVDs are on sale!
As the world moves towards digital streaming, this is a great opportunity to own and learn these three foundational sets of movements in the wild goose system on the original DVDs. Wild Goose One and Four are $7.99 and Wild Goose Two is $9.99 for a limited time (until inventory runs out) at Amazon. Find out more at:

Enjoy your Qigong practice!

Here is demonstration of much of Wild Goose Qigong Nine (which you will almost never see on video) with Dr. Hu's commentary. Practicing this advanced and powerful qigong in the Wild Goose system allows you to open up all your meridians, to mix your own Qi (hun yun Qi), and to start making the coveted "inner elixir" using the olfactory sense in addition to regular Qi energy.

If you are studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture or Acupressure you will want to learn this qigong. Find out more about learning this advanced qigong here:

As always we wish you great health and joy in practicing Wild Goose Qigong!

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Wild Goose 8 Qigong demonstrates how martial arts and the five traditional Chinese elements are incorporated into soft Qigong movements to enhance Qi effects. Learn the secret of how quick and linear movements can stimulate Qi to permeate to the body surface, and how soft and gentle movements can stimulate Qi to run deep to nourish internal organs. This is an advanced Qigong in the the Wild Goose system.

This Wild Goose 8 Qigong video has been remastered and upscaled to HD size. Learn how to purchase or rent the video training for Wild Goose Qigong 8 here:

As always - Enjoy your practice!

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