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Tiffanie Nilsen
· January 30, 2018
Have a previous good experience with A.R.C but today I have been waiting for with duck for 45 minutes that has been attacked by some sort of animal. Not impressed.
Diana Manister
· December 5, 2017
I tried to donate a custom amount but kept getting an error code. I verified my registration. Diana - USA
Dee Bliss
· October 27, 2017
Thank you so much for your prompt response to rescue a bat and it's baby tonight.
It's great that there are people like you helping our wildlife.
Treeni Bracey
· November 20, 2017
Thankyou so much for your quick response with a baby flying fox we found in our back yard early this morning. Leslie was fantastic!
Anne Fitzgerald
· January 29, 2018
Thank you for your assistance tonight. Very helpful.
Yvonne Marie Brown
· November 30, 2017
Been looking for a worthy cause� I'm sure I've found it!
Amanda Thomson
· January 31, 2016
Thank you so much for coming to the rescue so quickly of a red belly black snake who found his way into our garage. You guys are the best!
Jayne Mateljan
· August 21, 2016
Thank you to Julie, Simone and Ali for all your help this week. I had a terribly sick possum that needed help. ARC carers were the most supportive and caring people I've ever met.
Thank you from the ...bottom of my heart � See More
Wendy Watts
· December 28, 2015
Fantastic response! Thankyou so much Natalie Finch for your support and advice about what actions to take with with 'little lost bird'!! Couldn't wish for a better Service in helping the community to our precious wildlife until they arrive!! Thanks again!! See More
Rina Russell
· March 15, 2017
Thank you so much for coming so promptly to remove a diamond python from my bird aviary this morning.
Michelle Brereton
· January 24, 2016
Having met about half of the volunteers and carers so far, I am honoured to be a part of a group who care about our beautiful wildlife as much as hey do!
Narelle Cass
· January 23, 2017
Wonderful service to help our injured/ orphaned native birds and animals. Thank you for everything you all do!
Shane Hunter
· September 7, 2015
What a great bunch of people. A big thank you to Helen for coming and picking up a cuckoo shrike who's mother was hit by a car this afternoon.
Terry Fotopoulos
· January 5, 2017
Very helpful, very caring people.
When my time comes, I'm leaving the lot to them.
Thank you.
Kayla Quigley
· January 17, 2015
You guys do an amazing job helping these poor animals :) 100%.
Shannon Beaumont
· November 16, 2015
Great people that volunteer their time to help the animals ♡
I see you! The Central Coast is blessed with Tawny Frogmouths but don't mistake them for owls, they are actually related to Nightjar and lack the strong clawed feet of raptors. They are nocturnal aficionados of tasty cockroaches so thank them when you see a fleeting glance of their wings, off to gobble up more cockroaches for us. If you find an injured Tawny or a fallen baby which cannot be reunited with its parents, please contact us at 0243250666 Wildlife A.R.C for assistance 24hrs.
This chatterbox is a juvenile Dollarbird. These birds breed here in Australia during the Summer, before migrating to New Guinea and surrounding islands in March or April. They're quite noisy, as you can see!
The incredible Lyrebird is a spectacular animal! Not only does it have an amazing courtship display, they are masters of mimicking human noises such as chainsaws and camera clicks. But do lyrebirds in the wild really make these sounds? You bet they do! If they hear it, they can copy it!! I wasn't able to capture Mr Lyrebird on camera as he had just ducked behind the tree, but all of these bird songs are from the one bird!! I was lucky enough to capture this as I was out with my horse in the Olney State Forest at Jiliby.
Wildlife A.R.C Society Inc updated their cover photo.
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This tiny Crested Pigeon is eating well and growing strong for his upcoming release on the NSW Central Coast. Yes he might be small now but his goals are large and his determination relentless (when it comes to eating!)

His nest mate was too sick to survive and due to illness he was not reunited with his parents but he won't give up (eating..)

If you find a sick or injured native bird around the NSW Central Coast please contact us at Wildlife A.R.C 0243250666 for rescue or care.

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Animal Referral Hospital West Gosford congratulations your turtles are hatching!🐢

On 22/11/17 ARH West Gosford teamed up with Wildlife A.R.C to remove eggs from a Eastern Long Neck turtle who had terrible head and body injuries from a car. The eggs have been incubated by a Wildlife A.R.C carer and after 67 days they are now hatching.

We understand that they have all been named Paris, so far Paris 1 and Paris 2 are fully hatched with Paris 3 on its way.


We send a big thank you to ARH for their hard work and dedication to the care of all animals.

Wildlife A.R.C 0243250666

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Image may contain: food
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The Dollarbird is a migratory bird from the Roller family and the only one we are fortunate to have visit the NSW Central Coast.

These skilled flyers mainly feed on flying insects during their visiting months of September through to March.

You may have them around and not even realise, watch this short clip and laugh along with their cackle!


Wildlife A.R.C is available 24/7 for any injured or orphaned Dollarbirds around the NSW Central Coast 0243250666

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Wildlife A.R.C 0243250666 is available to assist with amphibian identification and we work closely with Central Coast Council and Department of Primary Industries when pest or exotic species are located. Please have a read and contact us or Central Coast Council when required.

THE Central Coast has welcomed thousands of visitors these school holidays but two guests to turn up unannounced this week are definitely unwanted — so much so they have been summarily executed.

Sunday will be approx. 40°C on the NSW Central Coast - hot enough to 🍳 on a 🚗

Please see below on what you can do to help our native wildlife during this hot day and Wildlife A.R.C 0243250666 will be available for any injured or orphaned native wildlife.

We will also be sending special crews to Flying fox camps to try and prevent their heat stress collapse 🦇

It's hot today on the Central Coast!

Here are some easy things you can do to help our native wildlife get through the heat.

Wildlife A.R.C 0243250666

Five easy things you can do to help wildlife beat the heat this summer!

Overeat this holiday season?

We got you fam, just lay out in the warm Central Coast sun and soak it up.

Someone have a problem with you doing 'warrior pose' in their yard? We got you fam, gentle relocation on it's way.


Wildlife A.R.C 024325066 for all your NSW Central Coast limbless triangle pose problems

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Merry Christmas from Wildlife A.R.C 🎄🐣🦇🦅🐍🦎🐢🦉🐁🦄

We are still open 24/7 over the holiday period for any injured, trapped or orphaned native wildlife of the NSW Central Coast 0243250666.

We hope you have a safe and loving time with family and friends. How about enjoying a nice tasty strawberry like this cheeky Brushtail possum!

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People of the Central Coast!
We NEED you!!!

The ARC hotline is the lifeblood to our group!
Without people manning the phones, our sweet little orphans and injured animals would be left to die. ...
We are PROUD to offer this service to the Central Coast but a few awesome people cannot do it all!!

Too busy to be a carer?
Then become a Phonie!
Too financially challenged to care for hungry babies?
Then become a Phonie!
No transportation to help rescue?
Then become a Phonie!!!

Even filling in one or two shifts a month would be a fabulous way to help the wildlife of our area!!

Come to our Hotline training day, join on the day and start saving lives!!!

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It's hot today on the Central Coast!

Here are some easy things you can do to help our native wildlife get through the heat.

Wildlife A.R.C 0243250666

Five easy things you can do to help wildlife beat the heat this summer!

Did you know that Wildlife A.R.C rescues and cares for frogs too?

Frogs are amphibians with a central nervous system and unique glands that can exude slime to even poison in some species. They feel pain and suffer from stress when injured or sick just as any other creature does. Due to the global devastating impact of the fungal infection, Chytrid, extreme care is taken in handling frogs and the exact location they came from must be known.

The NSW Central Coast is home to many endemic frogs, froglets and toadlets. If you find an injured or displaced froggo please don't hesitate to contact us on 0243250666

Keeping cats in your yard is easy thanks to this wonderful invention. Also helpful for escape artist dogs!

Please don't hesitate to contact us on 0243250666 if you find an injured or orphaned native animal around the NSW Central Coast

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This fence harmlessly (and humorously) thwarts pet escapes.

Dear Everyone
The ARC membership email is temporarily playing up at the moment.. please forward all membership enquiries to my personal Arc email that I’ve setup...


Thank you ☺️

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A quick guide to helping save our 'baby' birds!

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How do you know if a bird is learning or struggling? A guide to baby birds for #EarthDay: