WILPF's Maria Bulter, High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein and Dr. Beate Rudolph at HRC37
Maria Butler Speaks About Economic Social Cultural Rights at HRC37
WILPF's Maria Bulter: Militarism statement at UN (26.02.2018)
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Jackie Beyer
· September 3, 2017
The work WILPF accomplishes is invaluable! They are able to get concrete results using a minimal staff and thru countless hours donated by dedicated volunteers. Women around the globe are safer and he...althier thanks to their work and although there is much to do they have done great things for women's rights and welfare around the world 🌎! See More
Vanessa Farr
· December 8, 2017
An incredible organisation -- how sad that after more than 100 years in existence, it's needed now more than ever!
Rose Trefz
· February 6, 2016
WILPF is one of the worlds most important organizations in existence today. Reading the herstory of this organization, beginning with amazing women, one being Jane Addams, who, in her lifetime gave much to so many in her humanitarian efforts, and she was just one of so many exceptional women. Women today must realize, that now, more than any time in the herstory of the world, we need to organize our efforts for peace, compassion and unity for all people. We must realize collectively the need for the female gender to be free and empowered. Women must let go of the us and them mentality, going beyond manmade boundaries and attitudes to realize and implement a Global Sisterhood.

Thank you WILPF for all your efforts. Know how grateful I am knowing there are so many who are working towards a better world for our sister's globally. #WorldPeacePlease
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Aurora Marquez
· November 25, 2017
There is hope for the world with organizations such as this.
Zahidul Jamy
· March 15, 2018
We r ready for women right where a woman can get freedom of choice.
Zahidul Jamy
Jonathan Isaac Rosenberg
· January 14, 2018
A world without war is something everyone will benefit from. Let's make it together.
Christa Perdue
· July 29, 2017
Solidarity, peace, & freedom, that's your morning cup of coffee. Just wait and see what's for lunch!
Nagako Sugimori
· January 13, 2015
I really think and believe that we, women have energy and wisdom to stop war of all kinds in the world. Let us try to realize to create peaceful world on this earth as soon as possible. Don't you
t...hink so ?
Now it is the time we, all women decide to do something better to create the peaceful society in the world as soon as possible at any place on the earth. Nagako Sugimori, member of the WILPF Japan and WILPF working Group of the 100th Anniversary
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Marie Elaine
· August 11, 2017
Since men are not doing a very good job at keeping peace I think it is time women stepped in to show them how.
Lucy-Mae Goffe-Robertson
· October 21, 2014
My granny was once the chair person of this organisation, years ago, I'm very proud and pleased to see it's still going strong!
Pocha Pagano
· January 5, 2017
Wilpf was my home from 1989. Only the best experiences we, argentinians women, lived with our wilpfers sisters. Their struggles are hope for all us.
Khan Usman
· May 26, 2017
Give Education. Give Freedom, Give Peace, Give Respect Women's & Please Respect Women's Rights. #WPIP
Deborah Garrick
· March 4, 2015
Excellent, amazing work done with a common goal....Peace and Freedom!
Heleen Kramp
· January 31, 2016
I am only in the beginning of exploring WILP, but it seems to be good.
Anna Ardens
· March 25, 2015
Thank you for your work for peace and freedom !
Albertine Harris Amahtullah
· March 25, 2014
Thanks for sending me the Women Stop War Pledge. ♥
Shilan Trgt
· January 30, 2017
Excellent work, excellent team
Rono Daniel
· February 28, 2014
This is Avery good program can you come to Kenya and implement the same?
Telma Murillo
· November 18, 2017
Importantisima labor sobre la paz y la libertad de las mujeres....Que asi sea el futuro de seguridad y libertad para las mujeres en todo el mundo
Elizabeth Buchmüller
· January 18, 2017

Dungeons of democracy...

Whatever the human law may be, and that is not the case, neither an individual nor a nation can commit the least act of injustice against the obscurest individual without having to pay the penalty for it.
( in Portuguese )
... Em meio ao charco moral que vivemos há mais de 20 anos, estamos levando ao Judiciário Brasileiro questionamentos bastante relevantes e oportunos sobre direitos e deveres constitucionais. Preceitos que devem ser respeitados por todos os brasileiros. Ou não ?????

- Um político, ou o "Legislativo" como alguns preferem (diluindo responsabilidades), está autorizado a usar o poder conferido nas urnas para interferir a favor de seus cupinchas na iniciativa privada, esfera totalmente estranha ao serviço público???

- A Constituição Brasileira confere a um homem público o poder de pedir a cabeça, prejudicar irremediavelmente um(a) jornalista independente, sem qualquer vínculo partidário e que, por isso mesmo jamais seria útil a projetos de poder ???

-Nesse mesmo cenário, inimaginável num Estado Democrático de Direito, um presidente da república poderia ignorar o capítulo das garantias fundamentais que asseguram direitos iguais para todos os cidadãos brasileiros ??? Poderia ele interferir a favor de profissionais de sua confiança, em qualquer segmento da sociedade, de acordo com suas conveniências pessoais e políticas, em detrimento dos direitos dos que recusam proteção dessa natureza, mesmo sofrendo violento assédio moral por parte dos que têm blindagem oficial e certeza absoluta da impunidade ???

No nosso entendimento, trata-se de um exemplo típico de abuso de poder, só possível em regimes totalitários como o que vivemos de 64 a 85.
Numa democracia seria o impensável. Uma promiscuidade entre o público e o privado, corrupção, um achincalhe.

Como nós, outros cidadãos brasileiros também devem estar buscando respostas para situações inimagináveis como essas. E há muito tempo.

Fica aqui a proposta para um amplo debate envolvendo todos os segmentos da sociedade sobre política partidária e o respeito (ou não) à Constituição Brasileira.

São os devidos, e já absurdamente tardios pontos nos iiiii.

Nobody can give us freedom. Nobody can give us equality or justice or anything. If we're responsible citizens, we take it. By hook or crook !
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These incredible #SyrianWomen activists and humanitarians are in Brussels today for the conference: "Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region." They are making sure that women's voices are included at the table during peace negotiations, and fighting for increased humanitarian aid in the region. #Syriaconf18

Individual photos (left to right): Oula Ramadan, Founder and Director of Badael Foundation; Rouba Mhaissen, Founder and Director of Sawa for Development and Aid and Sawa Foundation UK; Kholoud Mansour, consultant and founding member of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement.

Photos courtesy of Oxfam

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"It would take less than 0.1% of the explosive yield of the current global nuclear arsenal to bring about devastating agricultural collapse and widespread famine." From our recently released Ban the Bomb Toolkit which explains the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty and why it's so important.

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