A man was tackled Monday in downtown Milwaukee after getting caught in the middle of a potential bomb threat. STORY:
Look for the steady evening rains to slowly taper to drizzle then to sprinkles and mist with fog by dawn. That damp type weather will be around for Tuesday morning. We will be looking for the winds to turn to the northwest in the afternoon. Winds will not be all that strong so it will be tough to get breaks in the clouds later in the day. We see temps in the mid 60s on Tuesday. The weather does a quick turnaround on Wednesday and for the rest of the work week. More sun and getting warmer with upper 70s Wednesday and low to mid 80s for Thursday and Friday. Storms return for the Memorial weekend. Join us on the WILX Weather Authority Forecast at 5PM,6PM, and 11PM for details on the holiday weekend.
Stolen dog returned to owner

Mostly cloudy today with the chance of a few showers passing through the area. Highs today in the mid to upper 60s. With the return of some sunshine Wednesday temperatures climb to near 80.

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Do you think they're taking it too far?

A couple in upstate New York is taking their 30 year-old son to court because he won't move out.
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David Gemmel
· February 23, 2018
I can just check my phone for the news, wilx news 10 just repeats the same story's every 30 minutes.... If that's all they can do then I no longer need to tune to that station. I'm no longer watchin...g a news channel that just repeats itself over and over and over and over and over.. Find news! You get three story's and beat them to death.. I'm out. See More
George Salvi Jr.
· May 12, 2018
How can you call yourself a news station and let people blatantly speak such utter lies about this... without fact checking , sources, maybe doing a little research on your own maybe?????�... you shou...ld be ashamed of this one way smear-piece.... 0 deaths have been caused by Kratom and only Kratom... maybe you can fact check that!!! That’s if you don’t have a bias interest at hand!!!� See More
Brian Proctor
· November 25, 2017
Not quite sure to believe anymore when post after post fails to correspond to the included source. With the younger generation following these pages instead of watching broadcasts I'd highly recommend... working on getting factual information from actual sources. That's day 1 of Journalism class in high school guys. Maybe once you clean up your posts and actually report something with truth to it I'll add more stars, but this page is terrible. See More
Sherry Jenkins-Cardwell
· April 30, 2018
Wilx I recommend you get your facts straight before posting an article. Especially when it will effect a business or a persons reputation. I was reading the reviews and I see that this is typical for ...this news station. See More
James Miller
· January 12, 2018
I live smack-dab in the middle of Downtown Lansing and can't get this Lansing station on antenna, and yes, my antenna is VHF compatible. This has been an issue with your station for years! Why not fix... it and go UHF??? How the heck am I supposed to watch the Super Bowl??? See More
Will Dunlap
· December 16, 2017
The adware on your mobile site make it borderline unreadable. As of 12/15/2017 you can read the top story, bordered by some random adware until a full screen Santa ad pops up. You then exit that TL go... back to your main page which is now locked up. Then once I reload it’s 50/50 it’s gonna send me to a pop up page trying to scam me with an amazon gift card lottery. This kind of advertisement monetization is predatory. Especially since half your consumers are older folk who don’t know any better. If it wasn’t for this terrible scam page that pops up every third time I go to your page I’d actually respect your station. See More
Helena Dodds
· February 2, 2018
Think Wilx sports blitz is terrible. When they are a station for Lansing an Jackson they only cover Lansing schools and only see one or two Jackson schools which are Jackson an lumen christi. There ar...e other schools here in Jackson besides those two an it should not matter what division they're in. They should cover all like how Western girls an boys teams are doing very well in the I-8 division an that we be some pretty tough teams but you guys never do. Think channel 10 should just stick to covering Lansing cause its obvious they don't care about the entire viewing area. Tired of hearing about Lansing. 😔 See More
Christine Peffer
· April 26, 2018
Just happened to catch a segment in which anchors attempt to humanize the "misunderstood" AR-15. Someone should probably tell the network that guns don't have feelings. Verbatim from the segment: "The... gun *only* fires as fast as you can pull the trigger." I'm sorry, but that's hardly a ringing endorsement...y'all are gross. See More
Miranda Amy
· December 10, 2017
WILX posts incredibly biased articles, that often lack any real news. There are real problems in this world that could use reporting, but instead they choose to write some persuasive essay, that not e...ven my high school AP English teacher would waste ink reviewing. Month after month, for the past year. I’m tired of their petty priorities and sub-par information. See More
Matthew Farr
· October 19, 2017
Alani Letang posting pictures of the Lansing party bus guy's house is just ridiculous! No standards or accountability at WILX anymore apparently. I have no idea who that guy is an no affiliation with ...him, but just because he made a mistake doesn't give a news company the right to slander him and give the public the opportunity to harass him at his home. Have you no descency! You are part of the problem. See More
Rosa Hunt
· October 18, 2017
Joe came to my place of employment today. He interviewed a young woman about an experience she recently had that lifted her faith in humanity. A POSITIVE story. Joe was a very nice gentleman that even... sang to us! (You're awesome, Joe!)

That woman is my best friend, and her story should be shared!!! I really hope that WILX will share her story tomorrow (we were hoping for today at 6pm). I really believe it would show others how far kindness can really go.

I give this 5 ☆ because I know someone is listening/ watching.... at least I hope.
See More
Morgan Elisabeth Hagerman Cross
· January 9, 2018
Get your story straight before you create incriminating content of a boy who was in a near-fatal ACCIDENT. Friends and family do not deserve to see the horrible things people choose to say about those... “at fault”. See More
Corey-Joanne Campbell
· October 25, 2017
I don’t get the chance to watch the news on TV so I rely on using the internet. WILX is the worst page for news as there are so many pop-ups and then suddenly I’m on a page telling me I won a prize. ...I never get to finish reading the article. I have stopped coming to this page and get the news elsewhere. See More
Kristen Hallman
· April 27, 2018
Lost all respect for this news agency, when they broadcast a hit and run dog story and their go fund me, but ignore or crucify a local hero who was almost killed in an ambulance crash.
Peggy J. Hill
· November 24, 2017
The problem is not necessarily the news or the app or their Facebook page. What they need, DESPERATELY, is a proofreader/editor! I can barely read some of their articles due to the atrocious spelling,... grammar, and overall feel of their stories, as written.

For example, “...women grieves...! Women is more than one woman! I mixed that up before, too - when I was in 2nd grade! One woman. Two women. Just like one man. Two men! This entire article about the horses being shot was just embarrassing - for WILX. Get a proofreader! Please!
See More
Criselle Mann
· October 16, 2017
we have dropped back to antenna tv only and can't get any signal for this station and we live less than 5 miles from the station. I have tried 3 different antennas but the staff at Best Buy said I wou...ld be lucky even with the 1 I got today, to get WILX, as they have major issues with antenna tv. Guess I will be tuning into another station for my news from now on. See More
Erick Arzberger
· November 3, 2017
I always liked news 10 and I am not going to let one person change my view but I just hope all their employees are not this unprofessional my wife and children and I were just driving down Edgewood Bl...vd towards s. Cedar in Lansing and a woman driving a white chevy equinox news 10 vehicle with the number 3 on the back right side of it driving iradically and trying to brush her hair and do makeup while driving was not paying attention and thought my wife cut her off which she did not do but was not aware because of everything she was doing while driving which does not bother me much but what does bother me is the fact that she came right up behind us and flipped us the bird clear as day to see. I understand everyone gets frustrated but to act that immature especially when driving down the road with a billboard on the side of your vehicle is not too bright. And to add what really put the icing on the cake was when she proceeded to speed past us and realized she was in the wrong lane and then tried to cut us off to get into the lane she wanted to be in which happened to be the lane we were in from the start of all this. #StayClassyLansing See More
Craig Chapman
· April 18, 2018
I just watched morning "news" stories about a high raccoon and instagram photos about food but nothing about Barbara Bush. Sad. Time to start watching channel 6
Shane Loepke
· January 17, 2018
Keeps me updated all the time! I love waking up to more accurate weather update then the general weather app on my phone. Also I’m always aware what’s going on around my city with no mainstream bias
Jerry Binschus
· March 27, 2018
It's becoming biased and more opinionated. Most people are capable of forming their own opinion with all the facts. WILX no longer reports the complete details of a story.