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Congratulations to our student, Amy Lyons, who's been making waves in China as a social media celebrity while immersing herself in Chinese language and culture.

We're looking forward to seeing her break out a few Wing Chun moves in a future video clip!

China's internet celebrities, known as Wang Hongs, are cashing in on their influence. Australian Amy Lyons is one of them.

Wing Chun is coming back to the Blue Mountains! Our newest Affiliated School, Inner Fire Wing Chun Kung-Fu, will be opening in Katoomba (NSW) in less than 3 weeks' time!

Orientation classes will run on 21/9 and 22/9, with regular classes commencing from 9/10. If you live in or around the Blue Mountains, this is an excellent opportunity for you to start learning the unique system of 'Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu'® from a quality school.

Once Upon a Time in 1973...
小念頭 Siu Nim Tau by Sifu Jim Fung
The Power of Wing Chun | Knockout Punching (Ep 7)
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Basem Abdelsayed-Salama
· July 16, 2017
I joined the Academy almost four months ago and the experience has been fantastic! Everyone from new students to the most senior instructors have been warm welc...oming and always willing to assist with abundant patience. The training itself is always vigorous but enjoyable where one is encouraged to push beyond one's own limit and so is always a rewarding experience. Beyond all that it is the sense of community and the passion for the art of Wing Chun, that will keep me coming back.

If you're reading this and are not yet a member, do yourself a favour and come on down - you will not be disappointed!
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Lorraine Wise
· August 13, 2017
I initially came in for their Women's International Day class earlier this year and had so much fun that I became a member and have been going since. Over a cou...ple of months I quickly developed a higher sense of awareness, presence, strength and overall confidence that I carry beyond the classroom. The instructors and community at the International Wing Chun Academy are amazing and I'd highly recommend anyone, young or old - age doesn't matter, to come and visit the school! See More
Tim Baggerman
· August 18, 2017
I began my training about 2 months ago and it has been a blast, from the most senior instructors to the beginners they all make you feel apart of the family ver...y quickly. Since i began training with them my overall well being, body posture, confidence and awareness has escalated dramatically. If you love wing chun or if you would like to learn self defence or even just to meet some amazing people, then look no further than this school you wont regret it. See More
Erin Phang
· August 2, 2017
Unleash your ability in Wing Chun with the help from their dedicated instructors. Combined with well structured program, it is a top notch quality. You meet people from different background and make new friends too. Train here for healthier mind, body and soul!
Melody White
· May 26, 2017
A really warm community and hilarious fun combined with the amazing teaching of the science, and art, of Wing Chun. My respect to the masters.
Jet Frichot
· July 18, 2017
To be the best you have to train with the best, 100% recommend
Jerry Chen
· August 15, 2017
I joined few months ago, and found this is the best place to practice Wingchun. Highly recommended!
Tony Muller
· December 13, 2016
I have been training here for 2 years now. The entire school and all the instructors are very knowledgeable and totally professional. The class structures are w...ell thought out, with each level of knowledge receiving it's own appropriate instruction. The classes are formal but still fun. The training is always thoroughly enjoyable, and every single class I walk away having felt like I had a moment clarity that something I didn't quite get before just became more clear. A great job by all the instructors. Thank you to all of you :) See More
Andrew Pineapples Klonaris
· May 25, 2017
A wide range of classes to attend and a friendly environment. Highly recommended to people who want to get fit and learn self-defence.
Diwã Venkata
· June 1, 2017
I joined Wing chun academy 2 months ago and attend classes regularly. It's fun and the instructors have a lot of knowledge to share. Highly recommend Wing chun if you want to challenge your limits. It's for everyone.
Stephanie Ramirez Rico
· August 4, 2017
Feeling so happy with my training, such a great experience.
Alex Ter
· January 15, 2017
I came to visit the place and the teachers were friendly and very efficient.
I recommend the place at 100% !
Thanks again for the lesson !
Nick Paxinos
· May 4, 2017
Absolutely love this Academy , defiantly for the serious Martial Artist.
If you want a traditional Wing Chun , you have found it here. Nick Paxinos
Sheldon Call
· December 5, 2016
I came down for a visit and found the teacher warm and welcoming the training fun and rigorous. As a teacher, I was really impressed with the kids class. There were 30 or so kids all quietly working on really great techniques that were age appropriate.
Michael Amiet
· November 15, 2013
I have had the chance to teach and also instruct at the Academy and found the school was like family to me. The team there are great and there are very high sk...illed Wing Chun Instructors there. Instructor Senior Instructor Tristan is one of the most powerful and knowledgeable practitioners I've had the privilege to train under. I can no longer train or teach there due to relocation but I have really enjoyed my time there and hope to see the School thrive and pass on the knowledge of Sifu Jim Fung. I highly recommend to train at the International Wing Chun academy. See More
Jason Taylor
· September 25, 2015
This week I brought my entire work team in for a private lesson. This was for a corporate team building day for us and the team (Michael, Simon and Tristan) at ...IWCK customised a training plan around our quarterly theme of Effective – also helping my team with some great tips on relaxation. My whole team absolutely loved the experience. Thank you! See More
Tyrone Terreiro
· March 14, 2016
A great place to learn Wing Chun. Easy and convenient without the compromise on practicality. Brilliant instructors and teaching methods combined with a friendly congregation of people. What more could you want?
Vincent Chan
· December 23, 2014
It's a very good Wing Chun school teaching students systemically with its unique programs, therefore students can achieve their short term and/or long term goals with the assistance of all dedicated and qualified instructors.
Neil Lee
· February 14, 2016
Great workout, very convenient from work and times, eco-friendly and great instructors. "TRAIN HARD OR GO HOME"
Vivian Ngo
· April 30, 2015
Inspiring self development experience! Awesome group of people.