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Daniel Adams
· May 22, 2017
We absolutely loved the Airshow. Unfortunately we had to leave unexpectedly for a family emergency. The only suggestion I would make would be in the way that the various squadrons sell their I would put them all in a row in a designated section. In no way is this a gripe because this is honestly my favorite part of the shows interacting with the squadron members. There just seemed to be a lot of units scattered out everywhere throughout the ramp area. NAS Oceana started doing this at their shows and it made a huge difference. Please try to bring the Blue Angels back they put on an absolutely amazing show! Loved the high number of F-15's flying!!!! Can't speak for everyone but the military demos are what I come to see! Thank you for a great experience and vastly improved parking than the past! See More
Melissa Weaver
· May 23, 2017
I wish I could give a 5-star review, but in all fairness, I can't.
We were very excited to attend our first airshow ever with you on Saturday.
I read all of the available information ahead of time, pr...inted maps & other information in order that we were best prepared & it was basically all for naught.
Traffic & parking was no problem with roadside signage erected & plenty of people directing us where to go. The problem was once we got parked & out of our vehicle, we had no idea where we were (according to your map) or which way to go. While I realize & appreciate that this is a "free" event that you put on for the public, some temporary directional signage on the base would be most helpful. We came prepared with some spending money, chairs & clear refillable water bottles; no large umbrellas, liquids or outside food in tow. We were prepared for the walk (which was good because we never saw the first shuttle), but by the time we arrived on the airfield, we were parched & unable to locate any water refilling stations. I checked my map (water was not marked, but I see you revised the map marking the water buffaloes for Sunday) & we asked 3 different "official" people. First one said "there was one over behind that coffee vendor." The 2nd one said "I don't know." And finally the 3rd one pointed in the direction of one of the planes & told us it was a beige tank on wheels that we needed to be looking for. Sorry, but as civilians, we had no idea to look for a "water buffalo" or even what a water buffalo was. We finally found the one, but that was the only one we saw. Again, some flags or some other signage marking the water refilling stations would help A LOT. Also, we noticed plenty of people with their Yeti cups or other water sources, but I did not receive your late Friday nite notice in my FB news feed that outside water was allowed due to the excessive heat.
As first time attendees, we really did not know what to expect. I was quite disappointed to see plenty of people with large golf umbrellas that they brought with them (we even saw a couple of large beach umbrellas). Had I known it would have been permissible, I would have brought my own, as it was not in my budget to spend $42 for the ones being sold on site. We sat down for the Tora, Tora, Tora show, but by then end of that, I was unable to take the heat & we pulled up to leave, both highly disappointed. Needless to say, we did not partake of any of the extremely overpriced offerings of any of the food vendors. On the walk back to our vehicle, we were able to observe some of the jets in performance & that was awesome.
I am not sure if we will be of the frame of mind to try again 2019 or not, but I am offering my comments only as constructive criticism. We appreciate the awesome jobs that you all do serving our country & we appreciate the opportunity to have you entertain us, as well.
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Misty Debutant
· May 22, 2017
I loved the air show. In the advertisements, they bragged that thanks to sponsers the show is free. However, the reality is that those on limited budgets were neglected with highly priced food and dri...nk stands. It is difficult to be out in the heat from 10am to 4 pm without eating or without cold drinks. Water was provided in water buffalos. I feel as though if they want to make this event more hospitable to those with tight budgets, allow them to take in a small cooler and some snacks. See More
Tammie Denton-Offield
· May 22, 2017
Really had great time at Air Show as always. My only criticism is to have buses load and unload closer to hanger. Also as a civilian I asked about the water refill stations and I was told where they one buffalo was, but sorry I didn't know what a buffalo looked like so I chose to buy drinks all day instead of continuing to search. When leaving I finally learned what they looked like and it only had a small funny picture on the end to tell you it was water. Please next time put some flags or something to indicate water stations. I know it's a big event and everyone tried their best so in no way is it a complaint just couple of suggestions. Thank you for the wonderful time!!!!!! See More
Shannon Still Chewning
· May 22, 2017
This was my family's 2nd time at Seymour Johnson for Wings Over Wayne. We absolutely love it! Everything was organized great and seemed to run pretty smoothe. The heat was a little crazy and I was ver...y glad to see them handing out waters toward the end of the day and the water buffalos were much needed and I'm sure appreciated by those who used them. Thank you to everyone who helped in any capacity to make this an awesome day! See you again in two years! See More
Carla Kraus
· May 27, 2017
This was our second time attending the air show at Seymour Johnson and we absolutely loved it!!! Everyone from the parking attendees, shuttle drivers, vendors, and to the ones that gave away water bo...ttles at the end were truly amazing! I'm always impressed by how well organized everything is and look forward to attending each time! Thank you for your service and for taking the time to let civilians enjoy a day on base!! See More
Amber Dunigan
· May 22, 2017
First time ever see an airshow. Blue Angels were AMAZING!!!! Check that off the bucket list. Loved the Pearl Harbor demo as well. It was a very hot day but that was to be expected.

Only problem I had... was the pricing of drinks and food. Totally outrageous. Could have been half what they were charging and with all the people there they still would have had huge profit margin.

I would like more info on what can be brought in as far as outside snacks/drinks for the next WOW airshow. I know certain bag sizes can be brought in but can they contain food?

Overall we had an absolutely awesome day!
Shout out to all the Angels that signed autographs.
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Maryann Tia Engel Miller
· May 22, 2017
I took over 4000 pictures. For me, that sums up my fabulous day! I thought all the airmen were polite and helpful. We made good use of the water refills. The entire Saturday show was fantastic. was my 4th airshow in NC.

Two bus stops for green confused a few people. I saw some people get off at the wrong stop and have to walk needlessly at the end of the day over to the other stop.
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Matt Goforth
· May 22, 2017
This is my second time at this air show. The busing from parking to the event was perfect. Security has quick, yet effective. The variety of food and aircraft to view were great. My only complaint was... that the events were a little out of order. But it's an air show so it's fair that maybe a few planes are out of place. See More
Victoria Jones
· May 22, 2017
Had a blast at the Air Show, despite my sunburn. The food was great. The Air Force was a patient host while a bunch of random civilians traipsed all over their lovely base.

A shout out to the crew of... the C17A from Charleston. Brad, the pilot & Bryan, the, informative guys.

Another shout out to CSM Adams of the base. He was very kind & informative to an inquisitive civilian, once married to the Corps.

Will return for the next show in two years.

Would like to see the Thunderbirds.
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Laurel Julian
· July 5, 2017
It was what an air show is expected to be. Hot and expensive food but entry is free. It's nice that they give back to the community like that. There was good communication about the weather and they r...espond quickly to messages. And can I just say the f-22 is AMAZING.

My only complaint is that people were allowed to bring chairs. From what I saw this caused a huge problem. In the area I was in I witnessed three different arguments about people standing while others were sitting down because they couldn't see. The announcer even said hey the show is starting time to stand up there's no bad seat at an air show.
An adult male probably twice my size even got in my face screaming at me and a woman chimed in about how "this" generation is awful and we are the reason the world is going to crap. And I WAS SITTING DOWN on the pavement. My boyfriend was standing takin pictures minding his own business. We were at least 3 feet away from anyone in the area so it's not like we were on top of anyone.
I'm pretty sure I was the calm one asking them to not yell and I didn't understand why they couldn't have just asked us nicely to move so they could see. In fact, in all of the situations I saw it was the older people who were mad and the younger generation that was being rational about it. Instead they screamed cussing and calling us names etc.
But this generation is the problem. Yeah ok

You don't sit at an air show, for one, and just because you set your chair up doesn't mean you own the 5ft surrounding your chair. Esp when you just set it there and walk away. There aren't assigned seats at these things people. I'm sure there were many more arguments about it around if I saw 3 myself. They have bleachers if you want to sit. Or if you're elderly or handicap. I can't even tell you how many times I heard "this is my chair! I was here first"
That's not how the world works at any public event. FREE public event at that. If you want to sit then pay. They should have a section for people with special needs and their family. And with a handicap pass can bring in a chair. Where everyone will be able to have a good seat to see.
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Jeremy Gardner
· May 22, 2017
Definitely not the best show I've been to. The water situation was ridiculous, $4 per bottle or stand in line for over an hour. The show itself was great, could feel the heat from Torra Torra Torra across the field. The worst was the seating. $30 per person for the stadium seating, no kids pricing or anything. That's just crazy. See More
Tina Reaves Morris
· May 22, 2017
This was the most exciting event I have ever been a part of. I loved each of the presentations. It was great to get to see and even go into some of the aircraft. I only wished I would have had gotten ...the bleacher seats. The service men and women that were on staff were all so helpful and very professional. It truly made me feel proud of the military that serves and protects us. Thank you for such a great day! See More
Tom Anderson
· May 22, 2017
I can't say enough about the Airshow and the men and women of Seymour Johnson. The heat was unbearable, but I'd like to thank you on behalf of all those goof balls writing disparaging comments about ...the show. I understand your base isn't an "entertainment venue." There isn't a 10,000 car parking lot on the base, nor is there a 20,000 seat stadium. I parked in handicapped parking which was a parking lot in front an office looking building. I get the fact that this morning (Monday) a bunch of men and women in uniform parked in that lot to go to work. I've read such ridiculous comments I've been responding to them. Someone needs to raise the BS flag to say the things you won't. The bus lines were too long...walk the two miles then. I don't think there is anywhere on base that is over two miles away from the runway and yet I saw some woman complain about a fifteen mile walk...did she walk in from Rosewood? The vendors should be ashamed of themselves for the food prices and the fact people think the base either was selling the food, profited from those sales, or was complicit in some way. Like the military cooks were out there all weekend making the food and selling it so the base could profit. The shows were great, the statics awesome, and everyone was so friendly. I may be biased because I'm a local resident, but I couldn't be more proud of our military members. I felt safe with all the security measures taken which if you ask me trumps any "shortfall" that could be levied against the base. Thanks again for inviting us into your home for the weekend!

P.S. Before you write a 1 star review, put everything into perspective and remember no one at the base has control of the weather, your lack of fitness/obesity, nor your lack of preparation (i.e. water, chair, umbrella).
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Lex Kapp
· May 22, 2017
Our 2nd time at WOW and it was much more organized this time. Appreciated the band playing for us in the heat while we waited in line for our bus. Loved seeing the soldiers lined up to see us out and ...really wanted to shake all their hands to Thank them.....Loved the Combo Arms Demo along with the Pearl Harbor show....Just trying to put yourself in their shoes watching this is still imaginable and makes me so proud to be an American...These Men and Women give their lives for our freedom and no words can Thank them enough
Overall I highly suggest seeing this and the only gripe is trying to have more shaded areas and the prices for the drinks were a bit much....Recommend bringing chairs and umbrellas and so glad we were able to bring our own water in this year....Great job again to all and thank you for the experience!!��
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Kim Jenkins Gregson
· May 22, 2017
Weather cleared up and we watched all the planes fly overhead performing excellently. Amazing show and to see the face of my 30 year old son still look up to the sky at those planes the way he did wh...en he was his son age was priceless. See More
David El Deek
· May 22, 2017
It was flawless , so much fun , I would recommend those attending next time around to use sunscreen lotion, as I've gotten a little tan which was ok 😁👌, Also bring enough water with you , it was well ...organized the whole family enjoyed it. Thanks for a well put show guys 💪👍 See More
Scott Summers
· May 22, 2017
It was an awesome display of airpower! Thanks to all the men and women, military and civilians who not only put it all together but worked hard and long in some extreme heat. So thank you, thank you, ...thank you! :) See More
James Garris
· May 22, 2017
Alway awesome to see the history and hard work of our American men and women. Thanks for the opportunity to share and teach my kids about our amazing military and expose them to the possibilities of w...hat they can achieve with hardwork and commitment. See More
Timothy Beckett
· May 22, 2017
I have nothing but nice things to say about my experience. The Air Force does it right! Traffic control was spot on and there were plenty of Air Force personnel on hand to answer questions I am l...ooking forward to the next one. Great job! See More

Proud to announce that WOW is officially an award-winning event!! Event of the Year, folks! Thanks to NCAF&E for this huge honor, and a there's not enough thanks in the world to give to Seymour Johnson AFB for their incredible efforts! #WOW17 was awesome, and can't wait to see everyone again for #WOW19!

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Event of the Year goes to...*drum roll*... Wings Over Wayne Air Show!!! The NCAF&E hosted its 2018 ShowFest Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina and awarded ...its top honor to our very own Wings Over Wayne Air Show on May 20th & 21st 2017. #WOW17 has grown to be the largest air show in North Carolina. This is a huge honor to our military service members stationed Seymour Johnson AFB, who dedicate countless hours to making the event happen. Thank you, Seymour Johnson AFB, for keeping our country safe and putting on one of the most significant events our state and community is so proud of!

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The verdict is out! U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds are coming back to Seymour Johnson AFB for the 2019 Wings Over Wayne Air Show. Save the date: April 27th & 28th 2019! #WOW19 #thunderbirds #savethedate

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