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We need your help! WinMyCoins is raising money to expand our site to the IOS and Android platforms. If you love WinMyCoins as much as we do and are excited about the potential of adding thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of coins, please take a minute to view our IndieGoGo project and contribute if you can! Please share this status with your friends and encourage them to share as well. Together we can reach new heights. Once again we cannot say enough how much we appreciate your continued support! Make your own money with the WinMyCoins free phone application!

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There's a new sherrif in town...and his REGGIE HAMMOND...look it up.

Turned it over to a trusted man

Lets Get er done !!!

This could be the year

So, we got word that someone complained to PayPal that we are a gambling site and so PayPal apparently locked out some people. We are not a gambling site. It's totaly free to play. but anyhow... Looking into this now. Can anyone tell us what issues they are experiencing with Paypal on the site?. Maybe you guys can complain to paypal that they are unjustly blocking things, if that's the case. Thanks

Added another feature to site: scrolling latest coin wins on top right of site

WinMyCoins Demo table at Hollywood Crowdfunding Event

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WinMyCoins at Hollywood Crowdfunding Event

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Bug alert: Thanks to WinMyCoins fan Tom at…/a_users_coin_c…/271/pro579%40b___271 for reporting a bug where if you have multiple tabs or browser windows open, you may not be able to share or get credit properly for sharing collections and wins to facebook. Until we get it fixed, please play with no other tabs or browser windows open. Thanks Tom!

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Hi WinMyCoins Fans. What do you think what be good a good next challenge for competing in the UCC competition, where you could win up to half of all the other competitors winnings in the challenge? We were thinking maybe a Summer Grand Slam Challenge, ie Collect 4 of each mint letter A through Z? What do you guys think?

We hear and love our fans... Just added coin protector icon to the cash out coins page, so its easier to tell which coins you want to keep and not double up on. Thanks for this suggestion from one of our fans. sorry we missed your name, there was a bug in our feedback form.

As little as a $15 contribution would get us started and help us get to our goals. Please see our IndieGoGo fundraising project at the following link:

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