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Damon Workman
· January 31, 2018
Wiretap records is fantastic. Great roster of talented artists being brought to you by rad people.
Kamikaze Girls - "Berlin" (Official Music Video)
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Sons of Strangers - Fools Gold (Official Music Video)

Charlie from Breaklights answered a few questions about their new record “Don’t Try So Hard” with the folks over at Rock your Lyrics. Gonna have to hurry and pick up the 12” EP vinyl before it’s sold out. Only /100 pressed.

What inspired the verses of “Runaways”, the first song released from your upcoming album? I was tired of writing the same old bad breakup song over and over. I mean, this definitely IS one but I really tried to write a bit more of a positive spin into it. It’s like self-help for the jaded, thi...
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Rob Castellon to Wiretap Records Community
18 hrs

Always good hangs when friends / Wiretap bands visit SoCal. Safe travels wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves on rest of the tour. Go see them in San Diego tonight at Tower Bar with Allweather / Bad Idols.