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Victoriya Rufanova reviewed Wizbots5 star

WizBots is so cool! My son enjoyed it a lot. It was challenging for him and he learned tons of new things. It is very stimulating and encouraging program for young minds. I was very excited to see videos with my son's finished projects in action. I would like to make a special Thank to David and his team. They are awesome teachers and leaders for kids! I am sure that after a week with this wonderful educators children will have a long happy memories and they will love engineering and coding!

Pam Fox Rollin reviewed Wizbots5 star

Our 9-year-old son has loved Wizbot camps for several summers, and this summer he kept asking to go back. He would up doing 4 weeks of camp, and he loved every day of it. He felt pride in solving progressively more difficult challenges he set for himself, and his motivation continued to ramp up. Now he's asked to do Wizbots during the year, and he can't wait for that to start.
In the meantime, he's dived into programming on Scratch, with markedly more tolerance for "failures" and sustained motivation for doing harder projects. I think Wizbots has been great for his development, as well as a lot of fun.

Taffy Dugan reviewed Wizbots5 star
June 2, 2016

David is an amazing teacher! I had the privilege of being the parent coordinator in the class and saw how patient he was. Somehow, he's able to keep the kids on track and still have fun with them. He's a keeper!

Thank you for the videos and the gifts for advancing levels - I think that helped the kids feel more motivated. It sure helped the parents who were not able to be in the classroom.

Shuba Majumder reviewed Wizbots5 star

Thank you Wizbots and Joshua for making coding so fun and engaging for young children ! I was glad to see my 7yr old excited every morning to be dropped off to the class. He definitely wants to go back to find out what else he can do abs learn.

Mira Marjanovic reviewed Wizbots5 star

Dani had great experience and loved all of his projects in his summer camp - Camp Counselors were very helpful and polite! We also loved the videos shared daily!

Mark Fish reviewed Wizbots5 star

Riley had a great time, and learned how to build robots and program well!

Marysol Schwindt reviewed Wizbots5 star
John Paul Yu reviewed Wizbots5 star