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  • Owner-operator2016 to presentDennis Port, Massachusetts
  • Co-founder2004 to present
    Circa 2004, after countless seemingly random and or direct lines of fire at myself personally and professionally with no clear direct responsive answers from anyone whom dared to tell the truth as I could understand, it became necessary to "let go and let God" and thus, after consulting with the V. P. of M2 Technologies Inc (I am a co-founder) I simply left a message within Google Groups and YahooGroups to form an investigative group and asked it to be known as "Anonymous". Following the request aka idea, Anonymous has become one of the biggest investigative organizations worldwide and I'm glad I am a co-founder.
  • Owner-operatorDecember 29, 1999 to presentDennis Port, Massachusetts
  • Co-founder1984 to presentCenterville, Massachusetts
    As a asteroid millions of light years away from Earth, circa summer 1984, myself and Mrs. Janet Ellen Morris each conversed in my South Yarmouth, MA. home in regards to September 11, 2001 and it's real life scenarios being the reasons then for the tragedy it became 09/11/01. M2 Technologies Inc. is the United States #1 Private "Non Lethal" contracting, development, procurement and consulting business and has been online circa 1995. As a co-founder, I myself alone spent just under 4 hours with twenty middle easterners, long before sunrise here on the east coast of the USA, 09/11/01, online in a private internet relay chat room, upon inviting several hundred middle easterners to join me. Within that four hours, one of the men left the chat. Coincidence to you perhaps but clearly not to me, later that fateful day, 19 terrorists died and 1 remains in federal custody. M2 Technologies Inc. CEO Janet Ellen Morris, V. P. Christopher Crosby Morris and my then wife, Leonda K. Pacheco (since remarried) were notified by me of said communications between myself and the terrorists that same day and within one week after the attack, all logs pertaining to the comings and goings aka traffic at my domain, mahlers.com were burned to disc and hand delivered to Janet & Chris by Leonda. Not less than hours after the attack, Vice President Cheney was in communications with Janet & Chris and soon after, President Bush was well aware of just who, what, where and why we, M2 Technologies Inc. were in his life in regards to the attack against my, that is our nation, the United States Of America. For perspective, Janet co-authored a sci-fi/thriller book with husband Christopher entitled "The 40 Minute War" (a idea of mine) and it was released twice in 1984. The first cover depicts the black body of a airliner about to crash into the capital building in Washington D.C. The second cover depicts the explosion of the same building as a mushroom cloud envelopes the entire city skyline, nuclear bomb detonation. 09/11/01 I respect to be like a long time coming beat down complete with bloody nose, broken ribs and a face first thrust into the dirt aka twin towers, pentagon and field of Pennsylvania. As a musican, my song "Leonda (I'm Coming Home) created, recorded and released August 29, 2001 before a audience in the Prodigal Son Coffee House, Hyannis, MA. has become also known as "Prelude To September 11, 2001" and "Defcon4". From the various usage of the lyrics "I am coming home again" to the final two words sang, "to you", much like the final moments of Flight 93, no doubt, perhaps undecipherable to the Department of Defense, FBI, White House etc. the song has over time, become well known as a defensive measure, similar to being fully aware of impending circumstances. ISIS has been captured on video and if you remember their recording of the 1st American journalist whom was beheaded slowly, he, our US citizen knew it was coming and perhaps begged his captor to get it over with. With that written, much like our journalist, I ordered twenty terrorists to do exactly what they did, 09/11/01. M2 Technologies Inc, of Centerville, MA. USA has been known to advocate, contract and deploy self defense "non-lethal" tools such as rubber bullets, EMP (electro magnetic pulse), lasers (to stop ballistic projectiles), weather manipulation, psychological tactics including but not limited to mind to mind communications sans electronics such as smart phones, cameras, computers etc. body cams, "hacking" and anything relative to the firm belief that life is sustainable without killing anyone, simply put "non lethal".
  • Singer/Songwriter, Performer & recording artist1967 to presentBoston, Massachusetts
    Professional musician, producer and distributor since birth (thanks to great grandfather & #3 all time classical composer Gustav Mahler). ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers) member since 2003. I have created for Adele, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Melissa Etheridge, Queen, Queen + Paul Rodgers, Audioslave, Beyonce, Chantal Kreviazuk, Van Halen, Kiss and many other notable musicians worldwide. Been ranked within the top 2500 performers of all genre's worldwide without touring (with exception to the occasional street performance or coffee house performance), without videos, broadcasts and management / representation other than myself. A real "Self Starter".
  • C0-Founder
    I actually met the most well known representative and owner of Wikileaks as I recall, before the internet became so widely accessible to everyone worldwide, probably before 1990 or so. As you know me as William K. Mahler, you will never ever know my secret identity only known to Assange.
  • ConsultantMenomonie, Wisconsin
  • Owner-operatorMashpee, Massachusetts
  • Owner-operatorMashpee, Massachusetts
  • Owner-operatorMashpee, Massachusetts
    For well belng & believing.
  • Owner-operatorMashpee, Massachusetts
  • Owner-operatorMashpee, Massachusetts
    10 Ocean Street Hyannis, MA. USA 02601
  • Owner-operatorMashpee, Massachusetts
  • Owner-operatorMashpee, Massachusetts
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