Video of AMS 594 Lean Systems Class building Lego airplanes.
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Mark Stephen Perdue
· December 13, 2013
I was very proud to be a part of this program. Receiving my MS degree has allowed me additional growth opportunities that I may not have received. I am currently a Plant Manager, and have been able to... apply what I have learned to real life situations. See More

Study Abroad Opportunity at Reutlingen University, Germany! Travel and earn credits towards your master's degree. September 21-30, 2018. Interested? Contact Dr. Arbuckle or Dr. Doggett for details.

Hope to see you there!

Tue, Feb 20, 2018, 5:30 PM: Mark Doggett will be hosting. Mark is a Professor at WKU’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Graduate Coordinator for the Master of Science in Engineering Tech

Accelerating sensor and software technology are speeding development of autonomous machines, and contractors need to be learning how to implement technology and retrain workers

Nick Herdsman contends that recent advances in lidar, prefab construction and other technologies mean construction could be fully automated in 10 years. He offers a timeline of how that process could evolve and urges contractors to start now to retrain crews.

The ASQ group meeting scheduled for this evening (Jan 16) at the Holiday Inn Atrium is cancelled due to poor weather.

Self-driving is real, it works, and it’s coming faster than we ever thought, but convincing the public they have nothing to fear is difficult. That means building these robot vehicles so they look like the cars of today and act, well, more human.

If you're skeptical of self-driving cars, CES 2018 may change that.…/
New meetup group (Jan 16 at 5:30 PM in the Holiday Inn Atrium) for those interested in the American Quality Association (ASQ).

This group is for people interested in quality as a profession or the tools to manage and measure quality . No presentations, just a group getting together to share ideas, questions, and success stori

For all you aviation enthusiasts...just for fun!

How these aircraft avoid stalling is beyond me! Please subscribe to Ivan: Copyright: PDX Aviation: h...

Sometimes innovations are serendipitous...

New type of polymer glass that can mend itself when pressed together is in development by University of Tokyo after a student discovered it

Joshua was an MSETM graduate and also taught in WKU SEAS.

Read Joshua Ferriell's obituary/death notice, funeral and memorial service information. View images and share memories/condolences for Joshua Ferriell from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The Labor Department announced Friday that “US employers added a substantial 228,000 jobs in November, a sign of the job market’s enduring strength in the economy’s ninth year of expansion, and the unemployment rate held at a 17-year low of 4.1 percent."

U.S. employers added a substantial 228,000 jobs in November, a sign of the job market’s enduring strength in the economy’s ninth year of expansion, and the unemployment rate held at a 17-year low of 4.1 percent.

In memory of Josh Ferriell, friend, MSETM graduate, and instructor in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

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“The completion of a few college courses is not a sufficient education in the 21st century.”
Specifically, the report urges a three-part “national strategy” ensuring that students have high-quality learning experiences, that institutions increase their overall completion rates and reduce inequities among student groups, and that college costs are controlled.

Major study by American Academy of Arts and Sciences seeks change in curriculum and assessment, commitment to funding public higher education, new ideas about the faculty role, and more.

Boring, but very safe.

It doesn’t drive as a human does.

Flying cars and machines that can carry on a conversation are a just a few...

The new wave of artificial intelligence will reduce jobs, but will also improve your health and products like your smartphone.