Xiaojing Kou

Spring is so hesitant this year, but I am already attracted by the beautiful Japanese terms for Summer! Look at them and feel summer around you! Beautiful ideas... are under the veil of language. My most favorite terms:
Natsumeku (夏めく): beginning to look like summer
Natsubate (夏ばて): summer heat fatigue
Shochu mimai (暑中見舞い): Japanese summer greetings cards
Natsu matsuri (夏祭り): Japanese summer festival
Yukata (浴衣): cotton summer kimono
Hanabi (花火): fireworks (This is as beautiful as the Chinese term 烟花)
Kakigoori (かき氷): Japanese shaved ice dessert (Who can resist this?)
Suikawari (スイカ割り): Japanese watermelon splitting game (must be really fun!)

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Team Japanese uses affiliate links. Japanese summer is coming, and it’s going to be a hot one! As you probably know, the four seasons are very important in Japanese culture. In Japan people love to honour the flowers, plants, events and weather of each season. Summer is no exception. Summer in Jap...
Last week, on the 2-3 March, an international symposium titled “Teaching Mandarin in the Baltics” was held at the UT College of Foreign Languages and Cultures.
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