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Child Custody Q&A: Will my children get a say in child custody in Texas?

Child custody in Texas works in the best interests of the child. But Plano courts may consider a child’s preferences if the child is old enough.

Did you know that parents can be guilty of kidnapping their own children? If a parent takes a child and does not have legal right to custody of their child, or if they know that taking the child violates the terms of a custody order, it may be considered a criminal offense.

Parental kidnapping is when one parent takes a child in violation of a court order. Warren & Migliaccio helps Dallas parents with family law matters.

Bankruptcy Q&A: Where can I get online bankruptcy forms for my Plano bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy in Plano involves several forms, many of which are available online. Learn how you can access those online bankruptcy forms.

What do Texas parents do when there is a disagreement in a child's religious upbringing after divorce?

Child custody and religion disputes in Plano can be contentious, especially when the parents do not agree on a child's religious practices after the divorce.

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to those who have served and are currently serving!

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10 brands of baby wipes sold nationally online and at brick and mortar retailers have been recalled due to bacterial contamination.

Recall affects some baby wipes sold at major retailers including Walgreens and

Bankruptcy Questions of the Day: Can one spouse file for bankruptcy? If that spouse has a lot of debt, will it affect the other’s credit?

Yes, one spouse can file for bankruptcy. But it will only appear on the credit report of the spouse who files it. It may affect the other spouse in other ways.

Could a history of violent behavior or criminal arrest cause your child visitation rights to be revoked? In many cases, yes, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hire an attorney to review your parental rights to child visitation.

Parents with a history of violence can get visitation in some circumstances. Dallas courts consider multiple factors in parents’ visitation rights cases.

Are debt collectors harassing you? What do you do about it? First thing's first, don't get intimidated, get help! Our attorneys can help you find relief from debt collectors and get back on track to a stable financial situation.

Know your rights if you’re facing debt collector harassment in Plano. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you can stop collection calls.

Dating after divorce - is it ok? No one can tell you yes or no except yourself, but adding kids into the mix may make things difficult. If you're a newly divorced parent considering getting back into the dating game, check out our tips on introducing the idea to your children.

You should introduce the boyfriend to the kids when the relationship is serious. Follow the Warren & Migliaccio blog for more advice on divorce issues.

The rules for the requirement of a paternity test to establish child support differ from case to case. To see if you'll need to worry about establishing paternity in a child support claim, check out our article.

In certain circumstances, a biological father in Dallas must complete a paternity test for child support. A legal affidavit might suffice.

Question of the Day: What is marital property?

Barring some exceptions, the marital property definition in Texas includes property each spouse acquired during the marriage. Talk to Dallas divorce attorneys.

When a divorce is necessary due to domestic abuse, there are special circumstances where the abused spouse may not have to appear for otherwise mandatory court or mediation appearances. Due to the sensitive nature of the case, the abused spouse may have his or her attorney represent them in the hearings.

The mediation rules for Plano divorces provide that a victim of domestic violence does not have to go to mediation with an abusive spouse.

Collaborative divorce is the simplest form of divorce if handled properly and it can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. But it's not for everyone, so before you make a divorce decision, read up on the facts.

Collaborative divorce is an alternative dispute resolution. If interested in collaborative divorce, family law attorneys, Warren and Migliaccio, can help.

The first thing to know about abusive marriages is that you need to get help as soon as possible. Removing yourself and your children from an abusive relationship is important both for your divorce case and for your own family's safety.

Learn some important protective measures to take if you need domestic abuse help. Also consider how family violence could impact a divorce.