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Brian Cassell
· January 23, 2018
I have been in Memphis for almost a year now and most places I go out to eat at has good food but the service is lacking. I always get great food and superb service when I come to this hooters because... I always ask for Corbin and she never disappoints. She always checks to make sure your order is right and after a few minutes of getting your food she checks back with you to make sure everything came out the way you wanted it! I never have to ask for a refill for a drink because she is paying attention to her customer and before I get halfway done she is filling my cup again! She is very courteous and she genuinely seems to care about how your day is and makes an effort to make you smile. You guys should clone Corbin so every customer gets to experience what customer service in the food industry should be. I am sad that I will be moving to another state and will not get to have what I call the Corbin experience lol but I just want to say thank you and I wish you much success!! See More
Rick Bowen
· February 18, 2018
Food has always been fantastic. Took awhile to get seated. No-one was at hostess stand. All good though. Tavia was very nice, but she got about 20 people come in and went to the patio.
Someone else sh...ould of gone out there. Now she has the inside and the outside to herself. Took a very long time for two burgers and a order of boneless. I will be back as always. But those 20 outside should of got there own separate staff.
It slowed drink service way down. She was doing to much.
Still a 4
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Jasmine Michelle Johnson
· January 9, 2018
As being a certified trainer and Lead bartender at another hooters location, I decided to visit this one in particular to see how it was. Very displeased. I have an out of state license and was given ...the most embarrassing and rude experience in a restaurant. First off, the bartender just walked up to me and said “yes” and didn’t greet me accordingly. If I were a secret shop, she would’ve failed miserably. Upon that, that id was under scrutiny in which afterwards I decided to ask to move to a table to receive better service. My waitress Shelby was a sweetheart. However, the manager was rude in asking to see my id AGAIN, goes to the office, comes back and walks the restaurant and then tells the bartender to make my drink. Never talked to him again until I asked for a manager. The situation was handled piss poorly and I will not be returning. I canceled my order and asked my waitress to charge me for a soda to tip her. Heavily disappointed.

The manager was Chris I was told and one of the two bartenders was Charol.
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Dytryce Havercome
· November 6, 2017
I loved it. Me and my sister tried to go to the new one on Winchester, but they had kitchen problems after only being open for about two to three weeks. We arrived there at 11:45am then was informed a...t 12:05pm that they couldn't open until 2:00pm. Thank GOD for the Wolfchase location. We truly enjoyed our service and watching football. Our server's name was Rachel and she was awesome. See More
LeAnn Baum Carter
· September 17, 2017
The food was great. The only issue I had with this location was I don't understand a bigger location can't seem to clean the tables to seat your customers instead of them waiting. When we arrived ther...e were 2 empty tables. They both remained empty. There were people waiting and we waited as well. We waited 30 minutes to be seated. After being seated approximately 10 minutes the lady who had been also waiting with us said something to the hostess and was seated at one of those two empty tables. We frequent Southaven store which is smaller and very seldom wait. It seems busy I am not sure of numbers as this would be a marketing question as far as volume to tables but maybe the whole process of seating needs to be reviewed. There were people that left because of waiting. The waitress and food was great. The tv placement to view the games excellent. Although I sure hope the guy behind us having ice tea taking up a full table watching the game at least had dinner and tipped the waitress. � See More
Thomas Hughes
· October 20, 2017
Absolutely fabulous place to eat & meet up staff go that extra mile for you nothing is a problem for them.
Our only regret is we never found this place sooner into our trip great food very reasonable ...priced & fantastic friendly staff what more do you need See More
Tom LaGesse
· September 23, 2017
I haven't been to a Hooters in years. Tonight, I figured, "Why not?" as it was walking distance from the hotel. Got in, got seated, and that was about it. Sat for 10 minutes at a hightop table with...out anyone coming by to take our drink order. The wife and I bailed and told the hostess they could have their table back and why. Went next door for an outstanding meal and service at O'Charley's.

I'm guessing it will be many more years before visiting a Hooters.
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Davin Wilson
· February 6, 2018
It sucked went in and waited to be seated and stood there for 10 minutes finally seated ourselves and no one ever came to take our order go to the front to ask some one to take our order for the smart... mouth bitch to tell us no one was working that section the hostess was very rude and disrespectful and the waitress had no clue what she was doing it looked like to me it's just a hangout out spot for the staff and waitresses friends that's all they where doing standing around and waiting on there buddy's See More
Matt Woods
· August 29, 2017
I love this hooters!They must have some good cooks because my food is always great.I must say I'm a big fan of Mondays and Wednesday,I mean who doesn't love unlimited wings.When I go up there I always... ask for Heather because she's the best.I mean she's got a smile that's just contagious.Shes a very sweet girl who's always on top of her game.When you ask for Heather your basically asking for phenomenal service.Highly recommend you check this hooters out. See More
Anum Adnan Hirani
· November 11, 2017
I loved hooters wings and its service. I used to visit it every now and then. However my recent experience with the floor manager Joanna floors at the Winchester hooters was very bad. She was very rud...e and was continuously arguing. First I asked her about half price appetizers. She was mad at someone or what, she literally shouted and said we have never served half price appetizers. I told her i have had it last week so she said i am the only manager here and i know what we serve. I didn't argue with her because I couldn't shout like her. Me and my friend was very hungry thats why we continued our order. Then when we had our check, she charged me two dollars more for the extra ranch and buffalo sauce that i ordered. It was the first time i was charged extra for the sauce. It wouldn't be surprising if it was a regular thing. I again called her and told her about it, she continued arguing and it was embracing, i gave her the money and left,however you have lost a regular customer because of inexperienced managers you hire. See More
Kenneth Paterson
· October 5, 2017
Well I come into the country every 6 months and spend a few days at Hooters today I was abused by another customer who accused me of being disrespectful to the bar tender who said no he is the nicest ...person here then he kept abusing me I was asked to leave however I waited and the person who abused me was not asked to leave.
I feel Annoyed at the attitude of the management.
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Selena L Williams
· August 21, 2017
Poorest service ever. Our food took forever to come out. I ordered a shot of alcohol and it took longer than the food did and I ordered it with our drinks. My old man asked for a refill 3 times and it... never came but the waitress stopped at the table 10-15 times asking is everything ok. I had a string of hair in my unsweet tea. When my shot finally came out, it was in a glass that was sticky and dirty. I will never visit them again. See More
Carlos Mendoza
· August 13, 2017
Do NOT get the chicken tacos!! The good - three tacos. The ok - $9.83 with no side items. The bad - each taco only had a very small piece of chicken that was maybe two inches long. That makes taco over $3 each with hardly any meat. Next time I'll just stick with the wings. See More
Becky Thomas House
· October 24, 2017
It sucked. I went in there to watch the game and they had the game on all tv's but no sound . They played music. Who wants to here music when the game is on every tv.
David Samuel Gray
· December 18, 2017
Shoutout to our beautiful and cool waitress Anna at the Wolfchase Hooters. She was wonderful tonight. The wings were amazimg and our service was great. And she should have been in the new calender
Kevin Bowers
· June 28, 2017
Dear Hooters. Today I visited the Wolfchase Hooters in Memphis. First it took forever to get our food and then when my sliders came there were not good at all. They were very dry and the kitchen didn'...t even care enough to put the pickle and mustard on it like they were suppose to. I went to meet a large group of friends that meet there every Wednesday night for bike night, Needless to say I doubt I will be back again and my wife even worked there once. It is so bad now. I don't know what is going on in that kitchen but management needs to get on it fast. See More
Susan Bowles
· June 25, 2017
Worst Togo order ever. Order simple thing fried pickles with ranch, buffalo platter 3 mile island with ranch, shrimp appetizer buffalo with ranch and med. none in 3 mike island. They took my mom gave the bags and rushed me out the door! Once we got home not one thing I order was correct. I live 20 minutes away and the manager asked if I mind bring the old food back and picking up the correct order and very rudely! At this point it was to late so we trashed the food that we paid a pretty penny for and ate peanut butter sandwiches. Something need to be done to fixes this and investigate your staff!!!thanks Susan See More
Dennis Pitts
· June 9, 2017
Best Hooters in the Memphis area! No shortage of beautiful waitresses here!
Stopped here this past Wednesday night (June 7) for the first time since May 2012 and had a wonderful time with Season ser...ving me. Although they were on a wait by the time I left at 7:30, I was so happy with my visit that I decided to come back one more time in the morning for lunch before leaving town and wrapping up my 10-day vacation trip. Emily was my HG for the lunchtime visit and she did a wonderful job, too! I plan on coming back again soon! See More
Lester Sue Lash
· September 18, 2017
Where to start. It took them 20 minutes to figure out they didn't have the craft beer I wanted. Ordered nacho appetizer, never got it. Ordered onion rings with my meal, got curly fries instead. But th...e foot ball game was great. See More
Kim Huff Richey
· July 16, 2017
The food was great but the service was terrible. We sat with empty drinks for 20+ minutes with our waitress was missing in action. The lights weren't turned on on the patio and the table next to us wa...s smoking while we ate. See More
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