Kyana started working in construction alongside her dad when she was just 3 years old. See how she's defying stereotypes and building a fun, successful and rewarding career for herself at Progressive Ventures! If you’re looking to build a career in the trades yourself, our Best Practices Guide has stats, tips and tools for women and their employers:
We’re inspired by Shannon Sejbjerg’s perseverance and work ethic. #WomenAtWork can do amazing things with the support of their co-workers. Kudos to the team at Southgate Electrical! Women just want to be treated the same as men. Our Best Practices Guide helps you make that a reality. Find it at
Check out the infectiously happy Scotchman Sisters, superstar welding apprentices! “The best part of welding is laying down a bead, knowing that it looks good and you did it.” – Adrianna Scotchman #WomenAtWork rock! Help them succeed using the checklist in our Best Practices Guide:
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Parveen Sharma Ji
· August 12, 2017
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Tawny Fortier
November 15, 2012
I took WITT in Kamloops and have only gone up and forward since then. The lady coordinating the program is excellent and right from the program I got into my dual trade program, industrial electrical/...instrumentation mechanic foundation after signed up with electrical union and now am working up Dawson creek three weeks on and one off. The program made everything fall into place for me as long as I stuck out the hardships and did the legwork. I was fortunate to access other programs for help for living allowance while taking the training. Anything is possible as long as u put your heart, energy, time, effort and commitment to it. I was also just sent an email for the ITA saying am a registered apprentice. I am a single mother able to support my daughter without worries now :) I am very happy with women in trades an fully support it and believe it will change your life if u want it to See More
Jamie Linnell
· May 29, 2016
Two trades journeyman in both, beautician and meatcutter. Meatcutter was a very physical demanding job. I also could work as many hours as I wanted I was able to attain everything I needed. But ended ...up developing spondylosis in cervical and lumbar spine. Three spinal surgeries now, lost everything I worked for and a lot of parallisis in arms and legs from the compression on spinal cord
Trying hard to make a come back and accept what has happened . Be different if WCB gave the benefits you think you'll receive if you are injured on the job and it arises out of occupation.
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Tina Kuiack
· November 19, 2015
This is a great program to create jobs and money for the ITA and the colleges. It's also great for government employees and agencies to use when they submit their budgets for approval the upcoming yea...r.
Totally useless for those with actual boots on the ground.
All fart and no sh**.
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Brittany Nicole
March 2, 2013
I'm shocked at the hospitality and kindness that the people at camosun have its an amazing school with amazing teachers so hands on I love it learning so much useful information I didn't expect it to this good I would recommend it to anyone this is the course for you ! See More
Karynn Alida Scott
· July 16, 2014
I attended women in trades October of last year, and started welding level C only two weeks after the program. 7 months later I have now graduated and am so excited to start my new career! I have foun...d a passion in welding and it was all possible thanks to women in trades. See More
Lisa Smith
· March 25, 2014
I Just finished the WITT program. I am so grateful for the opportunity it has given me to change my life. As a single mom of two pre-teen boys, I have always struggled to pay my bills yet alone get ah...ead in life. Now, I'm excited to be able to provide for my family and get my red seal in Electrical. See More
Marie-Eve Harvey
· November 13, 2013
Trades give me a change to go back and finish my Education. I am French from quebec. I am going to shcool in english with learning disability : dislexia. I am a mom working as lift Mechanic ( apprenti...ce Millwright level 2 at BCIT Burnaby) contact me for anything! Love my job and the opportunity i have! See More
Greg T Wong
· June 21, 2017
Interesting stories and comments, would like to hear more details on challenges and/or barriers to success/completion of Journeyperson status in chosen trade.
Jill Drader
· July 31, 2015
Love the resources and links! Thank you for providing so much support on the journey that isn't an easy one!
Auntii Bacon
December 2, 2012
Im interested in taken this, where can i get the aplicatins, or any fundings.? Also the bestndaycar and pre school for my handsome 3yr old? Private msg me please
Janet Grant
March 26, 2012
I think Women in Trades is more hype than help. I went through this program in Vernon with Okanagan College. It was to help women get into better jobs that pay much better money. However, when you ...are going through it, you get very little support. The concept is good but as women will attest to there is no support to make it happen. You are not allowed to work more than 16 hours a week or you do not qualify, you cannot be able to collect UIC, the only help is welfare and they give very little. Women want to help themselves, get away from 10 an hour jobs, but it is almost impossible when you have no monetary support. The program I was in , was a three month program to see if you were even worthy of a scholarship, however, you were to be told to eat properly, sleep properly, be on time, show up everyday or 3 strikes you are out. For some people they were having trouble getting there as they could not afford it, plenty of girls were sick alot, probably because they could not afford to eat properly, some had no money for childcare, and many other issues. These issues are real for women who struggle with money in the first place. It is such a shame that these women wanted to pursue a career in the trades to step up from the ghetto and they were unable to because of issues only monetary support would have helped them through. When women would tell the program directors, they basically said too bad, we cannot help you, some had to quit and go back to low paying jobs, some were living off 100 a month only-and were sick alot-some had to worry constantly how they would pay their childcare, some could not afford gas and were driving over 60 minutes a day to get there, and that is why some could not even get their shcolarships. There is no support for women to advance to better paying jobs. I recieved a full scholarship and was unable to use it. I jumped through all the hoops, had perfect attendance and could not use my scholarship because I would have had to endure another 6-10 months of starvation, worrying how I was able to get to my course, be able to study 4 hours a night with an empty stomach or full of cheap noodles everyday, no nutrition, live in my car because could not pay the rent with nothing, so where is the support for women who make crappy money to be able to step up and feel a sense of pride?? I would have become a carpenter, a home builder and god only knows where it may have lead me-perhaps to a project management job, however I will never know as i was not able to find out. Some people who had support outside such as a husband were able to go forward, and good for them because they had support, their family was able to sacrifice for that time, as well there were people in there that were given money because they were from the native community, and as well they told us how they get all their education funded through their native bands, so they would be ok no matter what there situation, because they really didnt need the funding like we did, but for the rest of us women who really needed it, really tried, and gave it our all, endured the hardship have been allowed to fall through the cracks. when i told the program director this was not fair she said I was just jealous??? I wish that women could get the true support they need, we do want to be independant, we do want to be proud, but we have no support. Some women could not afford to accept the scholarship program at the time it was offered because they hadto SAVE UP to be able to go-are you kidding me, how long is it going to take to save up when you make 10 an hour-the very reason you signed up to make this wonderful change in your life-and then once you do save up, there may not be any funding left for you to use your scholarship in the first place-WTF?? Where is the benefit then?? Is this support for our women to change their lives and help themselves?? As well the program was very unorganized and frustrating and in fact the head of the program took me aside and indicated to me that if she was in the classroom i was in, she would be really pissed off-well we were but who could you tell that would give a shit??? Believe me there is alot of work to be done to these programs to truly be able to say they help these women. It is truly sad and I would be ashamed to say I was part of this type of program that could care less how we get from poverty to pride. Eitherway, what good is a scholarship, when you cannot use it. As I did further research it turns out that some of these colleges have very little enrollement and they are using these women to get funding for their programs to stay alive, not caring what these women have to endure to get through it. Just making sure they have the money to keep their failing colleges open for business. Meanwhile they tell you to sleep well, eat well, and then in full hypocrasy the program director tells me to get two jobs if I have to, to make it, (cannot work more than 16 hours per week to qualify) part of the reason you came to the course was because there are no jobs out there and the ones that are are only 10 an hour and expect at least 4 hours of homework per night and get lots of rest so you dont get hurt using power tools, and still be able to score high-maybe even make the Dean's list???? What message is that for our women?? It sounds like greed to me, make sure the government bails you out when you cannot get enough people enrolled to pay your bills and keep your job, but who cares about the women you are not supporting, who are suffering,to make that happen for you-yet you feel no shame in bragging about how much you do for all these women to change their lives-it has been a complete waste of time for the women you say you care so much about-all you have done is put them back to square one again with no hope for a brighter future. Shame is all you should feel, SHAME! See More
Anna Alfred Johnston Chelsea
February 10, 2012
I done Aboriginal Women In Trades in Kamloops TRU . It was great and to meet new people was awesome for the Instructors to be there to help you along the way
Riekie Armstrong
February 17, 2012
We HAD ITAC. Industry Training and Apprenticeship Commisssion but the BC government did a study and decided it was not needed. Many people lost their jobs due to this decision. Now they need to bring back with a slightly differnt name??WTF See More
JustJo Lloyd-Smith
November 12, 2012
would be great to have something like this in smithers....
Debbie Thomas
February 11, 2013
I'm doing the program right now and am loving every minute of it!
Lisa Arlin
February 24, 2013
This is really interesting and some mentioned the steps program would like more infonplease
Mj Dickson
February 14, 2012
It was the best choice I ever made-I love welding!
Ganhada McMahon
October 28, 2012
Has totally made a difference in my life
CP McGaraughty
December 16, 2012
Any words of widsom for Safety jobs? Taking the CSO next month

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