Magic Cupboard - Teaser Trailer
100 repeats later, you know the short film's a success. The full film will be up for voting 25/7. #stimming #focusonability #focusonabilities #autism #autismawareness #autistic
Some of our students running on with the soccer players at the Woollies vs Woodbury game yesterday.. the kids enjoyed being spectators!
Thu 1:00 PM UTC+11Balcombe Heights EstateBaulkham Hills, NSW, Australia
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This was a great night last year and we will be following the same format with professional Trivia Masters running the show. Please save the date

Sat 7:00 PM UTC+11Balcombe Heights EstateBaulkham Hills, NSW, Australia
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Woodbury Autism will be cooking the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on Saturday July 21st! Come support the school and grab some lunch!

Sat 8:00 AM UTC+10Bunnings, Castle HillCastle Hill, NSW, Australia
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We are currently seeking applicants for a full-time suitably qualified teacher to commence Term 1, 2018. Please LIKE and SHARE this post to spread the word 🙏

For more information, you can email Lauren Chapman -

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Woodbury Autism Education and Research

Imagine not being able to describe your emotions, to put words to them.

This is alexithymia (pronounced ‘al-ex-ee-thigh-me-ah’), experienced by approximately 85% of people on the autism spectrum, and up to 10% of the world’s total population.…/neurodiversity-takes-cen…

Theatre is a valuable tool for encouraging empathy. A new production aims to provide neurotypical audiences with insights in living with autism.

It's always nice to see a fresh take on autism in popular culture!…/the-good-doctor-freddie-high…

“There’s a huge amount of responsibility with this role.”

"Difficulties with face processing may contribute to social deficits in autism." But, could this improve over time?…/face-processing-may-improve-tim…/

The activity of the brain’s face detector, the fusiform gyrus, in response to faces is greater in adolescents with autism than it is in younger children with the condition.

It's always fascinating to see this hypersensitivity represented visually.

*Please note: this film is intended to simulate sensory overload and so features loud, repetitive noises.*

The National Autistic Society's amazing film on sensory sensitivity. *Please note: this film is intended to simulate sensory overload and so features loud, r...

"This new study suggests that treatment may one day come in the form of a probiotic — live, beneficial bacteria like those found in yogurt."…/autisms-gut-brain-connection/33302

Autism is one of medicine's most perplexing mysteries, but groundbreaking research suggests a treatment may come in the form of...

"Children typically learn language in part by connecting objects and images with their names and other related words, a process known as word-to-world mapping."

"The results suggest that this process is disrupted in nonverbal children with autism."…/missing-brain-wave-may-explain-…/

Nonverbal children with autism don't show the typical wave of brain activity involved in linking objects with their names.

Wow, this is a great piece, really engaging!

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ABC iview

"People with autism shouldn't be underestimated." - In 'Employable Me', job seekers aim to prove that having a neurological condition, such as Tourette's or autism, shouldn't make them unemployable.

We are looking forward to an early Christmas party this year with our new friends from Sathya Sai.

There will be games, crafts, food and goodies for our little ones to enjoy. Santa may even make an appearance!

It will be a great time for our families and friends to come together and celebrate the start of the festive season.

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On the spiritual path, the first step is selfless service. Through selfless service, one can realise the divinity that is all this creation

Interesting article on the relative merits of auditory vs visual learning - "one study in adults with autism found they are masters at learning visual patterns."…/grouping-people-autism-masks-va…/

Some young children with autism excel on tests in which they must learn to connect visual cues.

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Time to shine everyone!

Also, Hills Shire Times we have an amazing event tonight, free tickets for members of the media

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