Experimenting with different sounds, thoughts?

Hey everyone long time no talk, if anyone's wondering what iv been doing, iv actually been making house music under Philip George.

Iv had a little breakthrough with it releasing a single under the same label as matrix and futurebound AND Sigma, 3Beat

I know its not drum and bass, and this doesn't mean i won't be producing drum and bass anymore either, im very open when it comes to music.


Please help me thought by support both this page and my new Alias.

Cheers everyone!

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Can anyone recommend me some monitors to buy that are all around great quality?

I guess this is a little bit of a risky track for me, i like to try everything when it comes to producing, then when it actually comes to a bright moment, i can make something my own. I made this one
VIVa110 /// Italoboyz Feat Durant - Water Sport
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Minimal dnb is actually quite fun to make!

Is anyone having trouble downloading the album btw? or still want to buy it? im still getting a few messages. Hit me a private message!

So with what I made from the album, this is what I brought 😀😀😀 so happy! You guys did this for me! Can't thank enough from each an every one that helped me reach the goal! So chuffed. I hope you liked the album!

If people are having problems or still haven't received the album yet and have contributed then send me a private messaged via this page,

If anyone still wants to buy the album personal message me via this page,


Cheers everyone!

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GIRL COMES UP TO ME AND SAYS "WHAT YOU DRIVING?" I SAY "BUGATTI" <​b>Out now on Turbo Recordings:<​/b> Beatport: iTunes:

Hey there guys, the last few albums will be sent out today and tomorrow,

If anyone still wants to buy the album email me at
tell me if you want the standard Album or the Deluxe,
And if you have paypal


Cheers everyone!

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Deluxe album has been sent out! Sorry for the delay, check your emails deluxe buyers ;D Still a few more to be done, hold tight the people who are waiting, the sample pack buyers!

Any problems don't contact me on here, contact me via:


thanks again!

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Everyone who contributed £8 for the full album, you should have received an email, hope you enjoy! Anyone who contributed for the Deluxe album, ill be doing yours in the next few days, keep it posted!

To everyone wondering when you'll receive the album, do not fret, the album will be received via an email in the next few days, iv had to change a few things on there due to copyright. I apologize for the delay, and hope to get the album to you soon!

If anybody has any questions, give me a direct message via my page, ill be happy to answer them personally!

Cheers everyone

Big thanks to everyone who supported my album, means a lot how much we raised! Everyone should start getting emails in the next few days with the download link or which ever perk you chose. I really hope the album will satisfy your ears

Cheers everyone!!…/woody-moonlight-album/x/7419564 just over 3 hours left to grab the album!

Hey there, I'm Woody and I make all kinds of melodic electronic music! I've produced an album with only a limited amount of copies.

LAST PUSH! Its the last day for the campaign, please help me raise it a little higher if you havent already!. really pleased with how much money iv managed to receive, i can't thank you everyone enough the album will be live as soon as possible, keep checking for more!


No automatic alt text available. the project ends tomorrow, common!!!! push, anyone not brought it yet? treat yourself haha

Hey there, I'm Woody and I make all kinds of melodic electronic music! I've produced an album with only a limited amount of copies.