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See more of Woosh Kinaadeiyí Poetry Slam by logging into Facebook
Message this Page, learn about upcoming events and more.
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Sneak peek!! Selma and JR rehearsing for the April Showcase and they sound fresh fresh fresh! #pencils
G Yamazawa giving a shoutout to the Woosh Kinaadeiyí Poetry Slam community!!
Ryan Carillo Lost Reunion
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Season 7 at a glance, updated!

Please note a couple of date changes:
+ Summer Showcase will now be Saturday, 6/24
+ Grand Slam will now be Saturday, 10/21 at the UAS Student Activities Center.

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Also on the docket is the crazy talented Jacob Pickard!

Come watch as our house band, Jacob Pickard, shocks and amazes with his musical prowess.

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Last but not least in our lineup is Lily Lalanya Hope who brings her many skills to our stage tomorrow night. Her intrepid, all-in, storytelling is sure to transport you into a world of her making (and ooowee is she a talented world builder!). She brings us the words of her ancestors, and for that I'm sure we'll be forever grateful.

And thats our lineup! Doors open at 6:00 tomorrow at the Rockwell Ballroom. Be sure to get your tickets at Hearthside, Kindred Post, online (link on our event page), tickets will also be sold at the door. We're very excited to present one of our biggest events of the year!

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Tomorrow night. The magic returns. Hope to see you all upstairs at the Rockwell Ballroom.

Thanks to the Juneau Empire for the shout out and asking a little more about who we are and where we've come from. The Woosh Kinaadeiyí Summer Showcase is this Saturday!

"The group formed in 2010 when Eriksen and a friend, both local activists and poets, felt a need for 'shared spaces for artists whose voices didn’t have a place in mainstream literary spaces,' Eriksen said. '… The heart of our mission has stayed the same to really promote diverse voices.'…/woosh-kinaadeiy-adds-music-poetry…

Five local poets will take the stage Saturday for a unique performance at the Rockwell Ballroom for Woosh Kinaadeiyí’s Summer Showcase.
Woosh Kinaadeiyí Poetry Slam with Naawéiyaa Tagaban.

Naawéiyaa Tagaban is the next talented spoken word artist in our lineup. Naawéiyaa's writing is equal parts deep rooted wisdom and vast perspective. His pieces are full of juxtaposition of past and present in a way that leaves you soothing your goosebumps, knowing a little more than you had before.

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We are hot off the press! Let your ears and hearts burn with us this Saturday eve.…/woosh-kinaadeiy-adds-music-poetry…

Five local poets will take the stage Saturday for a unique performance at the Rockwell Ballroom for Woosh Kinaadeiyí’s Summer Showcase.

Introducing Ziggy Unzicker as our cohost for Showcase this Saturday. Ziggy's passion for music is so strong it like the sun bursting through the clouds on these long summer days. He's got one-up on the sun though, not even a solar eclipse can dim his voice. Join us at the Rockwell Ballroom on Saturday, tickets are available at Kindred Post and Hearthside Books.


Our fearless performer has morphed into fearless cohost! Dee DeRego delivers the powerful and memorable piece that plucks at our little heartstrings like they've been waiting for it. Its all love and loss in this poem: Grandfather.


Friends, family and folks!

It is almost Saturday which means the Woosh Kinaadeiyí Summer Showcase presented by Sealaska Heritage is almost upon us!

It brings us an incredible amount of pride and excitement to introduce y'all to the woman who needs no introduction, Christy NaMee Eriksen!


NaMee's poetic feats are more impressive than the physical feats of the Incredible Hulk. Anyone whose heard the strength of her words understands this. NaMee brings her love of words and the strength that comes from that into everything she does; Crime fighter, adventrepreneur, mom, friend, and poet, you won't want to miss her Saturday.

You can still purchase tickets at
And from Hearthside books

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Folks, take a second to meet the insanely talented, locally grown, incendiary wonder that is Cate Ross! Cate's poetic styling are known to ignite and delight minds from beginning to end. She is an incredibly passionate and talented performer in all things she attempts. It is an absolutely honor to welcome her to the Woosh Kinaadeiyí Summer Showcase, where she will be performing an original set of Poetry.

So come on down to the Rockwell, June 24th at 7pm! (That's this Saturday!)
If you haven't already, you can snag your tickets from , Hearthside books, or your friendly neighborhood Woosh Kinaadeiyí board member.

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All over the world, poetry is interacting with the people like family, like a long lost lover, like your favorite dessert, like a desert or a rainforest, or the moon. Or a hot air balloon, letting you float above the landscape to see it in a new way. Poetry wants to meet you, come meet poetry for a date at our Summer Showcase! It'll be a ride to new places while you still rest in this landlocked, beautiful town.

Freineds, family, and all the folk in between, are you aware that we are only 8 days out from the Summer Showcase?

I know y'all are ready to meet our first performer, so let's give it up for Woosh Kinaadeiyí's very own resident nomad, Erika Bergren!

Erika first wandered into the scene in 2015 and has been transmutin' hears ever since.


There are few who approach poetry with the energy and hear that Erika does. Don't take our word for it, come on down and see for yourself!

We are absolutely honored to have her on our list of performers for this years Showcase presented by the SeaAlaska Heritage Institute

Tickets are still on sale at

The event is on Saturday the 24th at the Rockwell Ballroom
At 7pm

Trust us when we tell you this is an event that you don't want to miss! Grab some dinner, a date and some beer!

Can't wait to see you there!

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Our next Showcase is only a week away! Here's a look at one of last years performances by Dock Hayward

Jonny Sun’s online personality — a sentimental alien — has attracted a huge following. Now he’s trying to figure out what comes next.

Hey friends, our next Summer Showcase is less than two weeks away and our performers are busy sharpening all their best words and stories for ya! Here's some footage from the last one so you know what's about to go down. Be sure to get your tickets at:

Woosh Kinaadeiyí Poetry Slam

Getting some major inspiration for tonight's open mic from this piece by Ryan Carrillo. Can't wait to see everyone at GonZo AK! Sign ups start at 6:30