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Carl Hatter
· May 21, 2014
It is a moment that you will not be able to recapture, I'm speaking of course of that most glorious event that is called the rapture. Also known as the catching away, it could happen next year or it c...ould happen today! you can scoff if you want but that would not be wise, I pray that the LORD will open up your eyes! the church age is soon to end we are seeing its conclusion! and once the believers are gone GOD is gonna send upon this world a strong delusion. so I'll say again the hour is late! ACCEPT JESUS NOW DO NOT HESITATE! See More
Jimmy Denson
· February 4, 2014
The Church of the Bible (Orange Book) is a great teaching tool.
Florence Nona Priscilla Camiluz
· August 9, 2014
Part of it (world evangelism team south india- Madurai
Isaac Faniyi
February 6, 2012
what a spiritual publication for thirsty soul!

Dear Ones,

Did I ever tell you that from our early years J.C. and I made the promise that our commitment was to God, to His word, and to His church -- regardless of what others around us did? We have seen situations that were discouraging, situations where truth was being abandoned, situations where compromise and apathy hindered spiritual growth, but to let those things hinder our own spirituality would have meant only that we were giving satan another victory. Yes, Jesus ...said that only a few will be saved, compared to the many that will love walking the broad way; and, sadly, many who think they are on the narrow way are being killed by satan's seeds of inactivity, lukewarmness, and compromise. We can do all in our power to warn against these hidden dangers to Christians, and some will listen and some will not -- but we can't afford to be swept into discouragement and surrender with them. We have to stand, even if we stand ALONE! OK???

So do what you can, when you can, and keep a positive spirit in your heart. As you maintain that attitude, you will be able to share it with others, though that may require patience and time. I'm sure you remember that Elijah reached the point where he felt that he was the only one left who revered God, and he asked to die (1 Kings 19). But God told him there were thousands in Israel who had not bowed the knee to Baal, and that he would raise up a prophet to take Elijah's place. So, take heart, and keep on keeping on!

Yes, many changes take place in a family with the birth of a new little one, and there is much to be thankful for. You and Jennifer have the privilege of shaping young souls for God's service. Don't ever forget that that is your purpose, every minute of every day, and pray toward that end. If your goal is to be able someday to devote your full time to evangelizing the lost and building up the church, then use your time now in studying and growing in your knowledge, in preparation. If that is God's will, He will bring it about.

I have attached my latest report on the work. I don't remember -- did I share the report about the 3-month trip with you? Please do pray for us and for the many responsibilities we shoulder.

God bless you with strength and endurance. Love in Him, Betty

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Dearest Ones,

Please don’t think that I am getting old and that “retirement” must be right around the corner! No! Not so! Yes, I tripped and fell the first of September, tearing two tendons and fracturing the right rotator cuff (but anyone of any age can trip; it wasn’t just a “fall”, as such) — and then the last of September I was sleeping on a high bed in some slick nylon PJs and slipped off the bed when I was getting up, landed on the corner of a hassock and fractured a r...

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